Should I buy a Cat 8 Ethernet cable?

should i buy a cat 8 ethernet cable?

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Cat8 Ethernet is an absolute requirement for networks relying on data speed. You need a fast data connection when running a surveillance system with 20 cameras. If you employ the 10GB Ethernet, the question arises about the Ethernet Cable. This is where we consider Cat8 to be our priority in that case. Therefore, networking channels at the more prominent eCommerce places always require Cat 8 Ethernet cable.

Nowadays, the internet is essential. Whether you run a smartphone or try virtual systems, the internet can connect all the systems. With Ethernet technology, you can overcome data issues and operate a high-speed connection. In this article, we will explore the Cat8 Ethernet cable and the know-how it helps us achieve higher data transmission.

What is a Cat8 Ethernet Cable?

Do you know the different types of Ethernet cables? From Cat1 to Cat8, we have various options for choosing the required Ethernet port.

So, Cat8 is a Category 8 Ethernet port enabling a higher data transmission speed with greater bandwidth. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering has recently introduced it to dominate the data issues at higher data-requiring networks. Whether you have a Cat 8 Ethernet cable or Cat 8A, you will have better options than Cat 6 and Cat 7.

Let’s dive deep into the Cat 8 Ethernet port.

6 Fundamental Features of Cat 8 Ethernet Cable

Cat 8 Ethernet cable has different specifications when compared to its competitors, such as Cat 7 Ethernet. You can expect better features as follows:

Maximum Data Speed

Data speed defines how fast you can get your data. You need a high-speed data connection if you download a movie in 1080p or 1440p. That is the fundamental requirement in this world of technology.

Do you know where Ethernet technology has reached? Nowadays, you can get the 1 Gigabyte per second Ethernet speed and procure the 100 Gbps at ease.

The Cat8 Ethernet can support 10 Gigabit Ethernet and 40 Gbps. So, the maximum data speed with the help of Cat8 is 40 Gbps. However, you can use the Cat 8 Ethernet for 10 and 25 Gbps.

Maximum Bandwidth

In Ethernet cables, we usually discuss a parameter called bandwidth. In actuality, bandwidth is a technical term indicating the maximum volume of information sent from one device to another.

So, if the network bandwidth is maximum, you can expect better network support and data speed. Regarding the Cat8 Ethernet cable, we have a higher bandwidth of 2000 megahertz.

It is almost 20 times the bandwidth of the Cat 5e Ethernet port. Therefore, Cat 8 Ethernet cable is a better option for higher support networks with 10 Gbps and above speed.

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Range of data connection

The range of data connections defines how many extended networks you can procure. That means if you have an IP camera or public VLAN, it will determine how far your data connection will reach. If we take an example of a Surveillance system in data centers if we have:

  • Our monitoring computers in the office
  • IP camera at the doors

The distance between the IP camera and the monitoring system is 100 meters. The Cat 8 Ethernet cable will enable a fast data connection in this range.

However, the maximum range for the Cat 8 Ethernet cable is 100 meters, whether you have a 25-gigabyte per second speed or 40-gigabytes per double data speed.

If the distance between the monitoring system and the IP camera is more than 100 meters, it probably won’t get the data in that range. So, it would help if you had the PoE extenders in such cases, which can elongate the range to 800 meters or more in some cases.

Backward Compatibility

Can you define the term backward compatibility? Let me give a simple network example to understand backward compatibility.

The system works fine if you use the IEEE 802.3bt with the IEEE 802.3af or at setup. The IEEE 802.3bt is an advanced technology, but it works with the older PoE versions like the 802.3at. So, it is backward compatible.

Now, let’s define the term backward compatibility!

If the latest technology works perfectly with the old system, it is backward compatible. In the case of the Cat 8 cable, it is backward compatible. It is because it works with Cat7 or older versions.

Remember one fact here. If you use the Cat8 with the Cat 5e system, you will get the Cat 5e features, not Cat 8, because your system cannot support the higher networks. So, deciding whether you want Cat 8 or Cat 5e, cable is better.

PoE support

PoE, or power over Ethernet, has four fundamental standards. These are:

PoE 802.3bt is the latest technology and requires high-performance networks.

When it comes to deploying the Ethernet cables in the PoE networks, the first question that comes to mind is —Will the Ethernet cable support the network?

However, Cat 8 Ethernet cable can efficiently support these PoE standards. So, using the Cat 8 Ethernet cable with all the PoE standards is convenient.

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If you have an Ethernet cable, you need the connectors to plug it into the device. You can observe the connectors at the end of each Ethernet port.

Taking a simple example of an iOS smartphone, the charger of an iPhone has a USB connector at one end and a Type C or B port at another. So, when you need to charge your phone, these connectors help you plug in and out.

In the case of Ethernet cable, we have to connect it with:

Cat 8 Ethernet cable has an RJ45 connector at the ends to connect it with your IP camera and PoE switch. When we consider the connector, we also consider its support. RJ45 can support 40 Gbps, which is Cat8’s maximum speed. So, it is a perfect match for this cable system.

6 Scenarios When You Should Employ Cat 8 Ethernet

Do you want to know the same networks where you should consider the Cat 8 cable? No doubt, these must be high-speed-requiring networks.

I have listed several systems that can require the Cat 8 cable for its support and data requirements.

Data Centers for Data Management

Data centers are places where data management occurs. In other words, you can call them data storehouses. The data centers store all the files from offices, enterprises, and big businesses.

In a data center, there are three phases:

  • Receive and transfer the data from one operator to another.
  • Processing— in this phase, different security protocols apply to ensure complete monitoring of data packets.
  • Storage— once the data has been processed, the next step is to store it.

Do you know what you need for each speed? The high speed of data! It is only possible with a Gigabit Ethernet system with a supporting setup such as Gigabit devices and Cat 8 cable.

So, you might require deploying a Cat8 Ethernet port in the data center.

Public VLANs for higher data support

Have you ever observed Wi-Fi in public places? You can use a Wi-Fi system in some outdoor areas, parks, and even shops. The purpose of Wi-Fi is to allow people to get data for free easily. Nowadays, Ethernet technology has replaced the Wi-Fi system to a greater extent.

Do you know why? Ethernet technology can provide you with 1, 10, and 100 Gbps, while Wi-Fi can achieve 750 Mbps at utmost support.

If you invest in Ethernet at public VLANs, you must have the Cat8 Ethernet to support up to 40 Gbps data speed. Therefore, Cat 8 is an absolute necessity at this point.

PoE networks in Industrial Areas

Do you know the industrial PoE? Heavy machinery, Artificial Intelligence, and high data speed networks are requirements in such places. It is why most industrial PoE networks operate the IEEE 802.3bt Type 4 standard that provides:

  • High-speed data up to gigabytes per second
  • High power up to 100 watts

PoE BT requires at least a Cat5 Ethernet port to support the network. What if we have an even better support system with Cat8? With this, we will get a competent network.

Cat 8 Ethernet provides the Industrial PoE with excellent support for high power and data speeds. You can efficiently deploy the Cat 8 Ethernet port in industrial PoE networks.

Office Management Systems in Enterprises

In an office, there is a continued requirement for data. Employees have to transfer the files, download them, and store them. What if the file’s data is in gigabytes? It is where we implement higher speeds like that of 10GbE, 25 Gbps, and 40 Gbps.

To transfer gigabytes of files, we can apply the Cat 8 port. With this, your performance will improve, and you will effectively achieve all your data management goals.

Facilitating employee communication will make the enterprises more integrated and high-performing.

Surveillance systems in a wide area of big businesses

Surveillance systems are security setups that strengthen the safety of an enterprise. A surveillance system may comprise:

  • An indefinite number of IP cameras
  • High data speed networks
  • Ethernet ports if you don’t have wireless access points.

Since an IP camera requires a high data speed to transfer the recorded videos over the network, gigabit Ethernet comes into play.

Cat 8 cable can also play a fundamental role in this system. With 40 Gbps speed, you will get better network support.

Gaming Setup at outdoor places

Some people have businesses in the gaming niche. They organize multiple gaming devices and let people play them and compete. When games like PS4 or PUBG are in operation, you need a high graphics mechanism installed on your computer with a high-speed data connection to let the games run for hours.

Cat 8 Ethernet port can help you play the games fluently. Non-stop gaming would accomplish your business goals and even help you play at home.

Should I buy a Cat 8 Ethernet port?

Absolutely yes. You should purchase the Cat 8 Ethernet, especially when you expect higher network support and better performance. In the case of Industrial PoE networks and Ethernet access points in public places, you can choose the Cat 8 Ethernet and consider it for future upgradation.

The remarkable fact about the Cat 8 port is its ability to work with old technology. Moreover, you can upgrade it in the future and grab the higher efficiency of the network.

5 Advantages of Cat8 Ethernet

Cat 8 Ethernet comes with numerous advantages. These relate to data speed and network performance, improving flexibility, and decreasing future deployment costs.

I have listed some top advantages of Cat8 Ethernet.

Higher Data Speed

Nowadays, the internet is an absolute requirement. 1 Mbps or 100 Mbps with Fast Ethernet is no longer valid when downloading gigabytes of data files or a 4K video. Even playing PUBG requires higher network support.

Cat 8 Ethernet can help in this regard. It has a maximum speed of 40 Gbps. Just imagine 40 Gbps. With such a high speed, you can do 4K live streaming without interruption of signals. Moreover, all your heavy games on your smartphone will work efficiently.

Another critical aspect is that— you can connect multiple users simultaneously without decreasing the data speed, unlike the Wi-Fi system, where you can observe a decrease in rate when numerous users are associated simultaneously.

High Network Performance

Network performance relies on multiple factors, like the number of bottlenecks, your technology’s bandwidth, and your network’s latency.

Higher bandwidth ensures higher support and fewer bottlenecks. Cat 8 Ethernet has around 2 GHz or 2000 MHz bandwidth. Such a high bandwidth will efficiently support the highest data speed of 40 Gbps. There will be no more halts in the network, and you will enjoy a flawless gaming experience.

Backward Compatible

Cat 8 Ethernet is backward compatible. You can use it with Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, and PoE technology.

When considering Cat 8, you cover all the previous standard versions with one port. It significantly reduces the expenses and tensions for the deployment of different settings.


Cat 8 has an RJ45 connector, a universal connector for most laptops, IP cameras, and devices. Most devices have plugin systems that can accommodate the RJ45 connectors.

Moreover, backward compatibility features make it a flexible option with high data speed. So, you can use the Cat 8 with higher speed and lower deployment costs.

Always consider different parameters when choosing Ethernet technology.

Longer Range

The maximum range for the Ethernet is usually 100 meters. But it is not 100% true when you achieve a higher speed.

For example:

  • Cat 5 Ethernet cable can support 1 Gbps up to 100 meters while 10 Gbps up to 55 meters.
  • Cat 5e can support 10 Gbps up to 100 meters, unlike the Cat 5 cable.

So, when you need the 10 Gbps data speed, consider Cat5 and above.

In the case of Cat 8, you get 100 meters, either for 25 Gbps or 40 Gbps. There is no decrease in range.

Final Words

Have you purchased the Cat 8 Ethernet port? If you have more extensive networks or are considering future applications, you must employ the Cat 8 Ethernet. Moreover, PoE networks also require the Cat 8 Ethernet.

Do you want to purchase the Cat 8 cable and relevant products? HoweVision Professional is your ultimate supplier of quality equipment. You can get the PoE extenders, injectors, and cables. Please message us to get all the products shipped to your doorstep.

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