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Ethernet technology has wide applications in our daily lives. Nowadays, we are highly dependent on data networks. All of this owes to the use of technology and online systems. In schools, we use online methods, modules, and lectures to deliver knowledge while the students are at home.

Do you know what the benefit is? It increases the ease. Moreover, the professor can deliver the lecture to its full potential. Youtube is full of such reading materials. The scenario is not only about academic work but also relates to the industrial zones. In the industrial zone, situations are quite different, expecting harsh environments with high temperatures. So, we have support for networking in industrial areas too. Let’s dive deep into industrial Ethernet and data network switches.

Overview of industrial PoE switches.

Before heading to the industrial PoE switches, we must know the industrial and commercial environments.

Industrial environments are quite different from commercial ones. You can assume quick temperature changes, voltage fluctuations, etc. In these situations, you need a managed industrial networking setup that can cope with the given conditions and give optimal performance under the given environmental circumstances.

Now, we can understand what industrial switches are.

Industrial Ethernet Switches or PoE switches are network switches that can withstand harsh environments, sustain extreme temperature changes, and overcome the performance battle. You get:

  • High-grade performance of the network
  • Reduced bottlenecks
  • Data speed for your equipment
  • Decreased electromagnetic interference(EMS) and Less susceptibility(EMI)

Usually, we define Industrial switches into various types and forms.

We call industrial PoE switches the hardened switches with different industrial solutions.

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4 Essential Characteristics of Industrial PoE Switches

I have listed the essential features of Industrial switches that play an important role in their automation and compatibility with an industrial environment.

Multiple PoE Standards

PoE technology works on multiple IEEE 802.3 standards. It depends on whether the given PoE switch works with the given PoE standard. When looking at the variety of Industrial Ethernet switches, it is better to determine whether the PoE switch works with PoE 802.3at and bt or not. However, an ideal PoE switch typically works with PoE type 1, type 2, type 3, and Type 4 standards.

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Fast Ring Network and Fast Redundancy

Ethernet Ring Protection Switching integrates multiple networks to reduce redundancy and protection from fail-over situations. Server downtime of milliseconds can contribute to crucial errors and issues in the industrial environment.

A fast Ring network is the best flexible solution in the given situation to protect the equipment and enhance automation facilities. You can use the ring network for:

  • Surveillance
  • Utilities
  • Mining facilities
  • Waste Management

Anti-interference settings

Interference scenarios are pretty common in the industrial environment. Electromagnetic interruptions can stop most industrial applications and cause severe losses in your capacity.

To minimize the loss, your PoE switch must attain the anti-interference settings to operate in different environmental conditions quite efficiently. It must provide:

  • Lightning protection
  • Water Proofing
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Static Electrical Protection
  • Impact Protection

Wide operating temperature range for the industrial sector

We already have been discussing the environmental conditions in industries like:

  • Fluctuating Humidity
  • Extreme weather changes
  • Shock, vibration, rugged, and harsh environment

Since we have all these situations to withstand, your PoE switch must have a wide operating temperature range. It may work from –40°C to +75°C, which a PoE switch typically procures. Moreover, it must adapt to the humidity, shock, vibration, rugged, and harsh weather requirements.

Redundant Power Designs

Power supply failures are pretty crucial. A single power supply failure can cost you the whole network loss. In that case, you must have the backup power supply in the form of a redundant dual power supply design. An ideal PoE switch includes that sort of option to be efficient in every situation.

Long life service

Reliability, support, and long-life service are significant aspects of the switch to concentrate. You can choose the switch that provides us with everything and works for longer periods than you might need.

High safety switch

Equipment needs a specific power and current. If the switch provides more power than required, it will be dissipated. In that situation, you must find a high-safety PoE switch that can add the necessary power to each port and device and stave off power wastage to enhance power safety.

5 Reasons why you should use the Industrial PoE Switches

Here are five reasons to consider the Industrial PoE switch for your industrial region.

High-security protocols

PoE is a secure technology that operates different security protocols and protects companies from cyberattacks. If a hacker tries to attack and steal the data, one out of 100 has the chance of penetration.

So, what are the different security protocols that make the PoE secure and effective from other technologies?

  • IEEE 802.1X: Networking protocol that requires authentication before connecting the equipment to the LAN and WLAN.
  • Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS): It provides users with centralized authentication and account management services.
  • Terminal Access Controller Access-Control System Plus(TACACS+): It provides granular control and encrypts the complete data packets.
  • Secure Sockets Layer(SSL): This protocol safeguards sensitive data from one device to another.
  • Secure Shell(SSH): A software package insulates safe data over an insecure network connection.

Adaptation to the harsh conditions

The industrial zone has a fluctuating temperature may vary from 0-75°C or even more up and down.

Industrial PoE switches are a perfect solution with better support and interface to work in harsh conditions. They have an operating temperature between –40°C to 75°C that can support extreme temperature changes. So, industrial PoE switches are ideal for the following:

  • Industrial and factory automation systems
  • Outdoor electrical applications
  • Rail and intelligent transportation systems (ITSs)
  • Marine installations
  • Oil and gas platforms
  • Mining sites

Smart management features

Innovative management features might include traffic filtering, network topology, device mapping, etc. These features can work individually to:

  • Enhance the network’s performance and support the multicast traffic to divide the pathways and deliver to multiple ports.
  • Device management system (DMS) software helps in the detection of network problems, troubleshooting, and cable diagnostic tasks.
  • You can fully control your switches, improve traffic capabilities, and nurture a better system.

Noise and interferences reductions

Traffic bottlenecks and electromagnetic interferences are crucial problems that can cause severe failures in the network.

Industrial PoE switches are efficient and provide managed options to configure traffic and reduce noise. With higher bandwidth, you can assume higher network performances and better support for your network.

Access to High power

The industrial system has multiple devices requiring different powers over the electricity issues. Some devices might require 50 watts and above power. Industrial PoE switches have a maximum capacity of 100 watts which is more than enough to enable most industrial machines to reach their total capacity.

The PoE might contribute depending on its standard like:

Final Words

Do you have the Industrial switch? In the industrial sector, you must develop a better idea and follow the instructions and protocols according to industrial environments. If you want to purchase industrial PoE switches, HoweVision Professional is there.

We have almost all Ethernet, ports, and PoE switches to fulfill your electrical requirements. Visit our website or contact us to get a quote for your setting.

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