Is Power over Ethernet safe?

is power over ethernet safe?

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Yes. Power over Ethernet is relatively safe for use in the networks.

There are numerous technologies out there. What do you use for the internet supply? I suppose Wi-Fi. Do you know why? It is standard and readily available, right? But there are some negative aspects of it. For example, you get access to just 10 meters of the network. The further from the router, the less the speed will be. If more than one device is connected to the Wi-Fi device, its rate slows down.

Why not move to better technology? I mean power over Ethernet. Today, we will discuss it in detail to understand why PoE can be the best choice for your network.

When did PoE originate?

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering invented PoE in 2003. Later, there were many changes regarding power, voltage, and current. But still, you have all you need for your network in the Power over Ethernet technology.

In 2003, innovative technology provided up to 1GB of data speed per second. Just imagine 1GB in 2003. That’s why it was amazing. However, the scenario is even better today because of the 100GB speed per second. Amazing, right?

What is Power over Ethernet technology?

Focus on the word “Power over Ethernet.” Ethernet is a cable that delivers power, so PoE technology refers to data connection and power supply over the Ethernet cable.

Power applications over Ethernet can be observed in data centers and industrial PoE. This technology involves using an Ethernet port, unlike the wireless system in Wi-Fi.

How exactly does it work?

PoE technology relies on an Ethernet port. There are different types of Ethernet ports.

  • Cat3
  • Cat5
  • Cat6
  • Cat7
  • Cat8

These are significant types of Ethernet ports. But it all depends on the kind of standard as well. For example, PoE 802.3bt requires a minimum of cat5 Ethernet port and provides your network up to 1GB per second of data speed. If you use the Cat8 port, the rate increases up to 100GB per second. To understand the mechanism of working, you must know the PoE standards.

What are the different standards of PoE?

You can assume PoE standards are the version of PoE technology. The earliest standard was IEEE 802.3af, introduced in 2003.

To understand precisely the IEEE 802.3af standard, look at the following: What voltage is PoE?

Later, in 2009, you had an upgraded version of it—PoE 802.3at. With time, you also had better versions.

For a detailed guide about 802.3at, go through our directory—What is PoE 802.3at?

The latest version of PoE technology is the Type 3 and Type 4 IEEE 802.3bt standard.

To know more about PoE 802.3bt, check out our article—What wattage is PoE+?

The PoE technology works on the principles of relevant standards. For example, PoE+ allows you to get up to 100 more than sufficient watts.

Is PoE safe?

Good question. You might have many doubts about whether PoE technology is safe for you. Should you use it in your network? Am I right? If so, why worry? I can help you get a detailed analysis of why PoE is safe from every aspect of technology.

Usually, AC voltage is dangerous, while DC is relatively safe. But remember one thing: There is a threshold for AC and DC to be in the safe range. For example, if DC is below 60V while AC is below 35V, both are safe as per IEEE standards.

If I talk about the PoE, IEEE mentions that it is between 44V and 57V DC. Per IEEE safety regulations, DC voltage below 60V is safety extra-low (SELV).

So, PoE voltage falls under the SELV. That’s why it is safe to use.

What maximum distance can you get the PoE?

PoE offers a maximum range of 100 meters. That means if your power device is within 100 meters of the network, you are good to go for the PoE data speed and power supply. If I compare it with Wi-Fi, it is almost ten times the range of Wi-Fi. So, PoE is far better than Wi-Fi.

What if my device is more than 100 meters away? Should I use PoE? Yes, you should, but use PoE extenders. The HoweVision PoE extender can increase the range up to 800 meters. It is eight times the PoE range and 80 times the Wi-Fi range. Is it still insufficient for you?

What maximum power devices can I use with the PoE?

Regarding power supply, we have to focus on different versions of PoE. Because they all provide a diverse range of power supplies. For example,

So, how much power do you expect from the PoE? Isn’t it 95 watts? Yes, the maximum power from PoE is 95 watts. Moreover, you can use this PoE+ standard with low-power devices as well. In simple words, it is backward compatible.

How much data speed can I get from the PoE?

You might be thinking, is PoE suitable for your Industrial Ethernet? Data centers or industrial networks require high-speed data connections to transfer GBs of files within seconds. In this scenario, Wi-Fi fails. Then, there is PoE that can enable this for you.

With PoE+ and Cat8 ports, you can get up to 100G of data speed. Remember, the range may reduce to 40 meters. But if you want the field to be 100 meters, you can get a maximum of 10GB per second data speed over the Cat6 port. Adjust your networks accordingly.

Should I use PoE for my network?

Yes, you can use PoE for your network. It can be an ideal choice if you need a high-speed network or high power. Use PoE switches such as Layer 2, Layer 3, managed, and unmanaged switches.

If you want all the professional PoE tools, ports, and switches, visit HoweVision Professional.

Where do we use the PoE technology?

There are many applications of the PoE. Nowadays, PoE is part of almost all Local area networks(LAN). However, here are some applications of PoE worth mentioning.

  • Surveillance Purposes in IP cameras
  • Flat Screens and Laptops
  • Industrial Ethernet networks
  • Data Centers

There are various other types of networks where you can use PoE technology. The two main goals of using PoE technology are power and data connection.

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