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10Gb Ethernet Switches

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  • 16 Ports Gigabit Layer 3 Managed PoE Switch with 4 Ports 10G SFP+
  • Layer3 Managed PoE Switch 24 Ports with 4 Ports 10G Uplink
  • 48 Ports Layer3 Managed PoE Switch with 4 10Gbps SFP+
  • 8 Ports 10G Unmanaged Ethernet Switch
  • 12 Ports 10G Layer3 Managed Fiber Switch
  • 24 Ports Enterprise Fiber Switch Layer3 with 4 Ports 10G SFP
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What is 10Gbe switch?

A 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) switch is a networking device that enables high-speed data transfer at rates of 10 gigabits per second. It’s designed to swiftly handle large volumes of data within a network, ideal for businesses or setups requiring rapid data transmission. 10GbE switches facilitate faster communication between connected devices, enhancing overall network performance and efficiency. These switches are crucial in modern high-demand environments where speed and bandwidth are critical, such as data centers, enterprise networks, or demanding computing tasks.
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Advantage of 10 Gigabit Switch

10G Switch Categories

10Gb Ethernet Switch Accessories

400w power supply

PoE Power Supply

This is a certified switching power supply that is designed for network switches. It comes with PFC and 300 VAC surge protection.

switches boxs

Ethernet Switch Box

“Switches can be protected with K9K rigid corrugated card made of recycled material.

Ethernet Switch AC Cable

Conductive, fast, and stable transmission with oxygen-free copper wire core with small resistance and anti-oxidation.

switch surfaces

Network Switches Housing

Surface sandblasting powder treatment provides superior anti-rust and salt spray protection.

10gb Switches Manufacturing

Unlock Unmatched Speed and Reliability with HoweVision’s 10Gb Switch Manufacturing. Dive into next-generation networking solutions crafted for superior performance. Explore our innovative technology designed to revolutionize data transfer speeds and network efficiency. Experience seamless connectivity and scalability with HoweVision’s state-of-the-art 10Gb switch solutions tailored to the demands of today’s fast-paced industries.


HoweVision strict assembly process produces only high-quality parts that meet the highest standards of safety and precision.

aging test

Aging Test

After production, each network switch undergoes a 4-hour aging process to ensure quality. Defective switches are returned and qualified products proceed to testing.

RFC2544 Test

Each network switch undergoes an examination after 4 hours of aging, which is identified by its corresponding plate number. The examination, consisting of six parts (Throughput, Delay, Frame loss, back-to-back, system reset, and system recovery), evaluates the performance of the switch. The network switch will proceed to the next step only if it passes all six tests.


Third-party Inspection

We prioritize third-party audits designated by our customers and adhere strictly to approved samples. We only make improvements with customer approval.

Cooperation Overview


“We, at HoweVision, strongly believe in the significance of acquiring certifications from renowned organizations such as CE, FCC, and RoHS. It fills us with immense pride to have our products certified by such well-known bodies. We have complete faith in our products and are equally confident in our ability to assist our customers in obtaining certifications from other reputable certification agencies, such as BV, TUV, SGS, and ITS.”

Basic knowledge of network switches

We are a professional manufacturer with years of experience in the industry. Our expertise lies in a range of products including network switches, Power over Ethernet, industrial switches, fiber optics, SFP modules, power supplies, and other related products. We believe that our extensive experience can be valuable to you.

Pitfalls to avoid when purchasing

Are you choosing a 10Gb switch? Avoid pitfalls: Check compatibility growth plan, prioritize support, consider power needs, opt for robust management, stay updated on tech trends, and research thoroughly. Make an informed decision to match your network’s needs and prevent future issues.

Prioritize compatibility with current servers, cables, and network gear to prevent connectivity issues and performance constraints.

Choose a switch that accommodates future growth. Inadequate port availability or scalability can hinder expansion efforts and lead to costly upgrades later.

Opt for vendors offering reliable support, firmware updates, and warranty options. Ignoring this aspect could complicate troubleshooting and maintenance.

 High-speed switches often require more power and generate heat. Factoring in these requirements avoids issues with inadequate power supply or cooling systems, preserving the switch’s performance.

Look for switches with robust management tools. Neglecting these capabilities can hinder network administration and troubleshooting, impacting stability.

Consider upcoming advancements. Choosing outdated technology might shorten the switch’s lifespan, necessitating premature upgrades.

Take time to compare models, vendors, and user reviews. Rushing the decision may result in a mismatch with specific requirements or missing essential features.

OEM Items for 10G Ethernet Switches

HoweVision has been a steadfast provider of industrial and engineering communication services for over a decade. Specializing in advanced technology and manufacturing expertise, they cater to a diverse clientele locally and globally. HoweVision’s dedication to 10G Ethernet Switches OEM/ODM production reflects its relentless pursuit of crafting top-tier industrial communication products and solutions. Partnering with HoweVision brings forth numerous advantages, including:

Just Provide Us with Your Ideas

  1. Switch Front Panel
  2. Switch Paper Box
  3. Switch Manual
  4. You name it, We have it
  1. Rest assured that their skilled team will deliver innovative communication technology that is tailored to meet your unique requirements and surpass your expectations.
  2. Their Product Technology Knowledge Base is always up-to-date and replenished, ensuring a prompt ODM response and robust product R&D stability.
  3.  HoweVision is capable of delivering high-quality products quickly and affordably with its advanced manufacturing plant and delivery capabilities.

10gbps switch, Why HoweVision Manufacturer

  • Experience peace of mind with our reliable and affordable options that deliver exceptional product quality and performance.
  • Our dedicated and friendly customer support team is always available to address any concerns or questions you may have.
  • Trust us to provide you with the best value for your investment.
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High performance industrial quality

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The international standards we refer to include:

CE (European Safety Standards + EMC standards),

FCC (American EMC standards),

ROHS (European environmental standards), and other strict international certifications.

Years Industry Experience
Quality Control
QC Passed
Years Warranty
Customers Trusted

Meet Our Team

HoweVision is dedicated to delivering outstanding products and services to our customers. We aim to foster an environment that empowers our employees and encourages entrepreneurship, where work is enjoyable. Our primary focus is achieving profitable growth in sales and revenue to maximize stakeholder value. We firmly believe in treating our employees and business partners fairly and equitably while maintaining open communication to strengthen our relationships with them.

Gorden Wang

Factory Director

Peter Liu

Sales Manger

Flora Chen

Marketing Manger

Jessica Li


Successful Projects

At our company, we are proud to specialize in delivering cutting-edge technical solutions for network access layer communication to private network customers across numerous industries. We are confident in our vast range of services, which includes areas such as smart cities, smart grids, intelligent transportation (such as high-speed passenger rail, rail transit, highways, and smart buses), smart oilfields, wise government, banking, education, medical, security, and other related sectors.


A 10G Ethernet switch is a networking device that facilitates data transfer at speeds of 10 gigabits per second, significantly faster than standard Ethernet switches that operate at lower speeds (e.g., 1 gigabit per second). It’s designed for high-speed data-intensive tasks and larger networks requiring increased bandwidth.

10G switches offer faster data transfer rates, reducing latency and enhancing overall network performance. They accommodate bandwidth-intensive applications, enable smoother data flow between connected devices, and support the demands of modern high-speed networks, improving efficiency.

Yes, most 10G switches are backward compatible with devices operating at lower speeds, such as 1G or 100Mbps. However, when connecting slower devices, the switch will adjust its speed to match the slower device’s capabilities, potentially limiting the overall network speed to the lowest common denominator.

Consider factors like current network infrastructure, scalability needs, budget, and the specific requirements of your applications. Ensure compatibility with existing devices and assess the need for increased bandwidth, as well as the potential for future growth.

Yes, to fully utilize the capabilities of a 10G switch, Cat 6a or Cat 7 Ethernet cables are recommended due to their higher bandwidth capacity and ability to handle the increased speeds effectively. Older cables like Cat 5e might not fully support the high data transfer rates of a 10G switch.

Not necessarily. While the 10G switch provides the capability for faster data transfer, the connected devices must also support 10G speeds to fully utilize the switch’s potential. Ensure that network interface cards (NICs) or adapters in the devices are also 10G compatible for optimal performance.

Shenzhen HoweVision Technology Co., Ltd focuses on industrial communication access, dedicated to integrating optical fiber technology, Ethernet technology, PoE technology, and industrial network access technology. Driven by leading technology and high-quality service, the company has developed rapidly for many years. It has become one of the leading manufacturers of industrial access communication equipment and solution providers of video transmission communication equipment. After many years of development, it has performed well in industrial access networks, optical transmission networks, Ethernet-powered access networks, etc. It has become one of the most competitive professional industrial communication enterprises.

We are committed to the technical philosophy of “scientific rigor, quality communication,” and we continue to improve our R&D innovation and resilience to develop products that are close to our customers’ needs. From the earliest fiber optic transceivers to today, we have developed multiple product lines, including industrial switches, industrial data, industrial routers, industrial wireless bridges, 3G/4G wireless routers, industrial PoE switches, intelligent enterprise gateways, carrier-grade Ethernet switches, and integrated network management platforms, forming complete integrated access and fiber optic transmission solutions. Industrial Communication Solutions.

Focus on providing solutions of network access layer communication and technical services for industrial private network customers, covering the smart city, smart grid, intelligent transportation (high-speed passenger rail, rail transit, highway, bright bus), smart oilfield, wise government, banking, education, medical, security and other fields.

The international standards we refer to include: CE (European Safety Standards + EMC standards), FCC (American EMC standards), ROHS (European environmental standards), and other strict international certifications.

High-quality products, stable performance, and perfect service are the basis for the HoweVision brand’s survival.

  • High performance industrial quality
  • 24/7 Online Service
  • 1-1 Specific Team Support
  • OEM/ODM Are Available
  • 1-5 Days Delivery
  • You Win, We Win

Happy Clients


Service not only is good, by the attitude is good-hearted during any situation. Even though the schedule is very urgent, they also can do their best to achieve, and to match the requirements which from customers. When there is trouble, using fast and positive way to resolute until the last time.

Alan, Product Manager


서비스가 좋고 태도가 언제든지 착합니다. 납기 급한 경우, 고객사를 위하여 최선 다하고 납를 맞추기도 합니다. A/S 나 불량문제에 대한 처리는 신속하고 적극적입니다. 오랫동안 함께 일할 수 있는 파트너입니다.

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What You Will Get From This Ebook?

  1. About HoweVision Technology
  2. Industrial Ethernet Switch Technology
  3. G.8032(ERPS) Industrial Ring Technology
  4. Power over Ethernet Technology
  5. Communication Network Lightning Protection Technology
  6. HoweVision Industrial Switching Solutions
  7. Industrial Switch Selection and Technical Requirements
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