Is 10 gigabit Ethernet good?

is 10 gigabit ethernet good?

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10 gigabit Ethernet is a reliable solution for your internet problems. That’s why we can call it a good fast, reliable, and secure internet connection source. It doesn’t end here only. Ethernet ports have left other technologies behind regarding the power supply. All this is possible due to endless efforts and the number of facilities available to the user. Now, you don’t have to strive hard for megabytes. Instead, 10 gigabit Ethernet facilitates gigabytes of speed.

The world is fast nowadays. Let’s look back to 1980 when the internet was in its earlier stages of development. People have to depend on limited resources. Even there was no satellite mechanism to provide high-speed data. You know, what helped change the technology back then? It is nothing other than Ethernet technology. IEEE(institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering) first introduced the 802.3 standards to define Ethernet technology. The quest continues with 1Gb, 10Gb, and even 100Gb per second of data speed. A quick skim through 10GbE will unwrap into why 10-gigabit technology prevails nowadays.

The origin of Ethernet Technology and 10 Gigabit

Ethernet technology has had a long way to go from 1980 to 2022. There are different methods and struggles, but the goals are high data speed and virtualization.

Ethernet technology was introduced in 1980 to connect computers and devices over the Local Area Networks(LAN). IEEE proposed the base of the Ethernet standard as 802.3. Since then, it has been competing with TokenRing, ARCNET, and FDDI technology.

Here are some versions of Ethernet technology:

Narrowing down the topic to 10 gigabit Ethernet, I would like to highlight the origin of 10GbE.

Remember, 10GbE is not from this decade or the last decade. Instead, its first version was 802.3ae, which was brought into play in 2002. From 2002 to 2022, twenty years of history of 10GbE has incited multiple upgrades and compatibility. Do you know what I like the most about Ethernet technology? It is backward compatible. That means you can use the previous standards and the latest ones.

Five reasons why 10 Gigabit is good

Before jotting down the 10 Gigabit resplendency, I want to ask some questions. For example:

  • What are your requirements for the internet?
  • Is your WiFi still enough to provide you with a secure internet connection?
  • What do you expect from technology?

If you can answer these questions, it is time to employ the 10-gigabit Ethernet for your network problems.

Here are some reasons why 10 gigabit Ethernet is suitable.

10 Gigabit Ethernet provides higher bandwidth to facilitate high bits per second

In technical terms, bandwidth refers to the transmission rate for transferring files from one device to another. Remember, it is different from the internet speed.

A better definition is:

“Bandwidth is the frequency range within the given band that transmits a signal.”

There are multiple parameters to measure the bandwidth. Various technologies, such as WiFi, don’t offer higher bandwidth. What will happen if bandwidth is lower?

Simply put, the total volume of information sent will decrease, and even the signals will weaken. That’s what makes the WiFi provide data connection within 10-15 meters, unlike 100 meters in the case of Ethernet technology.

10GbE contributes to the higher bandwidth that can effectively manage the higher speed of the internet. With data speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second, you can enjoy the internet without interruptions. Moreover, the signals don’t become unstable when connecting multiple computers simultaneously.

Don’t you think it is good? It is what adds positive points in favor of 10GbE.

It can suffice your network requirements for connecting devices over the LAN.

Never compromise on the LAN or WAN when deploying quality technology. Even if it is expensive, you must try a stable system. Before understanding the mechanism of 10GbE, I would like to elaborate on network issues.

Here are some issues a typical network might face.

  • The low speed of the internet is a fundamental problem.
  • Decrease in data speed when connected to multiple devices over the network.
  • Security problems are making the system vulnerable to hackers.
  • Several bottlenecks link the devices over the web.

10GbE has thrived by implementing several security protocols. Security protocols such as OSPF authentication, SSL, TLS, and many more have made it feasible to enjoy secure data. No susceptibility to hackers, no worries at all. Since 10 gigabytes is more than enough for a network without decreasing the speed within the 100 meters of range.

You can transfer files and live-stream videos on social media platforms.

Social media platforms have become an essential component of our lives. We use multiple social channels, such as Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram, daily or weekly. The WiFi seems to be enough for this situation. But this fact becomes null when you need to download movies or live streams without interruptions.

So, how do you manage the live streaming or downloading the 4K videos?

Maybe you want a faster data connection, right? That’s what a 10GbE Ethernet can offer. You can get 10 gigabytes per second when browsing, downloading, or live streaming. You get 1.25 gigabytes per second for file transfer with USB 3.0, which is still reasonable.

Data centers are currently adopting this technology.

Data centers need to transfer files excessively over time. Receiving gigabytes of files, sending them, analyzing them, and finally storing them is crucial work in data centers.

What if you need to transfer the 100 gigabytes of file? Let’s assume the time taken for it:

1.25 gigabytes is the transfer speed for one second. For a 100GB file, the time will be around 80 seconds or one minute and twenty seconds. Great, right?

You can find 10 gigabit switches at data centers that operate this technology in LAN and WAN networks.

If you want to know whether you need a 10GB router, read this: Do I need a 10GB router?

Network virtualization is conceivable with 10 gigabit Ethernet.

Nowadays, everything is becoming virtual. Artificial intelligence can scan a face and apply thousands of effects in real-time AR technology.

Physical network consumes money and multiple operating devices. It is necessary to create a virtual network to reduce the burden of devices or save money. These virtual networks are only possible if you have two things:

  • High-speed data connection to make everything work in a virtual way
  • Fewer or no bottlenecks in the network performance

As far as 10GbE is there, you don’t have to worry about both aspects. With 10 gigabytes of data speed and fewer bottlenecks, 10GbE facilitates the establishment of virtual networks.

To know the applications of 10GbE, look at the following: What is 10 GB Ethernet (10 GBE) usually used for?


10GbE exists in most of the networks. In actuality, the practice of 10GbE relies on Layer 2 or Layer 3 switches along with relevant categories of Ethernet ports. If you want all the products in one place, visit our HoweVision Professional and get quality products immediately.

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