Does RJ45 Support 10G?

does rj45 support 10g?

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RJ45 supports 10G Ethernet and works efficiently over the network. 10GBase-T is an interoperable technology that provides a data connection over the RJ45 legacy. It is backward compatible with standard legacy networks, providing the ultimate connection over the network.

Whether a Local Area Network(LAN) or a Wide Area Network(WAN), you need to link the computers with the switches. Have you ever imagined how you connect the Ethernet port with the switch or computer? I suppose you don’t know the answer. Am I right? If yes, no problem. I will explain the connector system in this article. Let’s have a look.

What is RJ45, And How does it work?

In PoE networks, you need to link all the devices through the Ethernet port. At the end of the cable, there is a part called a connector. This connector helps connect the devices with an Ethernet cable.

So, what is RJ45, then?

RJ45 is a connector present at the end of the Ethernet cables. RJ45 stands for Registered Jack 45. Wiring patterns determine the type of registered jack instead of the physical characteristics typical of an Ethernet cable.

Sometimes, we call Ethernet ports RJ45 cables because they contain RJ45 connectors at both ends.

The working mechanism is pretty simple. At each end of the Ethernet port is an RJ45 connector. When you need to insert the Ethernet cable into the device, check the socket for the RJ45 connector. If it fits well, that’s great. Insert the connector on both ends. That’s how you can understand how Ethernet switches connect multiple devices simultaneously.

2 Fundamental Standards of RJ45 and its structural components:

Do you know what RJ45 shows? RJ45 is the standard interface number of the connector.

Here are the significant features of RJ45 connectors.

  • RJ45 has eight exhibiting the eight separate wires in the connector.
  • All eight wires have different colors.
  • Four wires have a solid color, while the other four have stripes on the outer covering.

There are different parts of the RJ45. Here are the details of the RJ45.

  • Crimp builds a link between the Ethernet port and RJ45 connector.
  • Clip to firm the connection.
  • Copper pins to link to the copper wires.

And that’s not all you need to know about the structural components of the RJ45. Instead, there are two types of RJ45, each with differences in cable arrangement and function.

Here are two standards of RJ45 connectors.


T568A shows the different arrangements of the eight wires in the RJ45 connector. Even the function is distinct.

Here are the colors of the cables, along with the functions.

  1. White/Green (Receive +)
  2. Green (Receive -)
  3. White/Orange (Transmit +)
  4. Blue
  5. White/Blue
  6. Orange (Transmit -)
  7. White/Brown
  8. Brown


T-568B has different wire colors, arrangements, and functionality. Let’s also examine them.

  1. White/Orange (Transmit +)
  2. Orange (Transmit -)
  3. White/Green (Receive +)
  4. Blue
  5. White/Blue
  6. Green (Receive -)
  7. White/Brown
  8. Brown

Can you guess which standard of RJ45 connectors is common? Maybe you have noticed the colors and arrangements. Simply put, it is Standard T-568B. In some networks, you can also observe the T-568A, but that is not very common.

Some networks have a standard T-568A at one end of the Ethernet port and a T-568B at the other end. This arrangement is usual when there is no switch or router in the network. You can arrange your cables accordingly and understand the anatomy of the RJ45 connectors.

Does RJ45 support 10G Ethernet?

Before laying the foundations of the 10G Ethernet and RJ45 connection, we must understand the 10G Ethernet.

10G Ethernet is an advanced Ethernet technology that facilitates networks’ achieving a maximum data speed of 10 gigabytes per second and a transfer speed of 1.25 gigabytes per second.

So, how do you get the data speed and transfer speed? Simply by operating the Ethernet cable. In 10G Ethernet, Cat6 is a popular wire used for transferring data and enabling a fast Internet connection.

RJ45 connector is present at the end of Cat5 and Cat6 Ethernet ports. Now, focus on the Cat6 port. Since Cat6 is compatible with the 10GBase-T and RJ connector, the RJ connector is synonymous with the 10GBase-T. It supports such a high data speed over the network.

4 Reasons to Employ RJ45 Connector for 10GBase-T

Multiple connectors are part of the Ethernet system to enable the data connection and high power over the Ethernet cable. Usually, BNC, RJ45s, and many other connectors are helpful to connect the computers to the LAN network.

But the question is—Why RJ45?

Here are four reasons to operate the RJ45 connector in the system.

Easy to Operate in the system

RJ45 connectors are easy to plug and remove without requiring the services of IT experts. When plugging them in, a firm connection becomes between the computer and Ethernet. Sometimes, that’s not a problem when you need to remove them. Merely take the plug out. Isn’t it relatively easy to do?

Compatible with different Ethernet technology types

Ethernet has multiple types, such as Fast Ethernet, 1GBase-T, 10GBase-T, and other relevant versions. When designing the RJ45 connector, the ultimate goal was to provide compatibility with a diverse number of devices and technologies. The same is true here; you can expect it to be compatible with Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, and 10 Gigabit Ethernet.

Moreover, you can connect several devices by inserting the plugs, such as computers, printers, scanners, etc. It combines these devices with the LAN.

Extra protection mechanisms

Usually, there are no challenging conditions in Enterprises or offices where you need to manage the data. However, different environments exist when using the RJ45 in Industrial PoE networks. You can use tension-resistant boots to protect the jacks from extra stress. Plastic hoods also protect the lugs and enable patching of the wires as required.

Telephone and data communication

When you connect the telephonic system over the LAN, RJ45 connectors work to provide the connection to the devices. This enhances the uses of RJ45RJ45 and ensures its employment for telephonic and computer devices.


RJ45 connectors have different arrangements in the Ethernet networks and serve compatibility with the other systems. Regarding compatibility with the Ethernet ports, RJ45 applications are most common in Cat5 and Cat6, which are compatible with Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet.

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