800 Meters Long-Distance IEEE802.3af/at PoE+ Extender

  • Model: EXT-101E-T/EXT-101E/R
  • 1*10/100Mbps PD Ethernet Port + 1*10/100Mbps PoE Port ;
  • Comply with IEEE 802.3、IEEE 802.3u、3af/at Standards;
  • Ethernet Port Supports 10/100Mbps adaptive and PoE functions ;
  • Support Port Auto Flip (Auto MDI/MDIX)
  • Panel indicator monitoring status and help failure analysis ;
  • One-button intelligent dial,open long-distance mode;
  • Flow control mode: full-duplex adopts IEEE802.3x standard, half-duplex adopts Back pressure standard.


PoE Standard


Speed Rate


PoE Ports

1*PD Ethernet Port 
1*PoE Port

DIP Switch

 LD100:  100M adaptive for 500 meters;
 LD10: Forced 10M up to 800 meters.

Power Voltage

Input Voltage: DC 44-57 V

HoweVision 800 meters PoE Long-distance Ethernet PoE Extender uses advanced network cable drive technology and power supply technology to break through the limit of Ethernet transmission distance within 100 meters, and can extend the 10BASE-T twisted pair electrical signal to 800-1000 meters, while Provide power to back-end equipment.
The product also supports independent power supply, which is also applicable to non-PoE switches and can be widely used in security PoE network monitoring and PoE network engineering. Using high-quality and high-speed network IC and the most stable PoE chip to ensure the safe and stable operation of your.

  • Metro Optical Broadband Network: Data network operators such as telecommunications, cable TV, and network system integration,etc.
  • Broadband private network: Suitable for financial, government, oil, railway, electric power, public security, transportation, education and other industries
  • Multimedia transmission: Integrated transmission of images, voice and data, suitable for remote teaching, conference TV, videophone and other applications
  • Real-time monitoring: Simultaneous transmission of real-time control signals, images and data
  • ext 101e t:r

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