Is PoE 802.3bt backward compatible?

is poe 802.3bt backward compatible?

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PoE 802.3bt is fully backward compatible. You can use it for your device, whether it’s a low-power or a 100-watt high-power device. You can use PoE 802.3bt in most electrical systems, especially in industrial zones and enterprises.

There are multiple types of devices, including laptops, IP cameras, and voice-over-IP phones. For all these devices, you need two things to operate: a Data connection and a power supply. What if your data speed is very low? Moreover, your data connection is not secure. That means hackers can easily penetrate your system. What will be your plan of action in this scenario?

I suppose high-speed data connection. Power over Ethernet can be an excellent solution in this scenario.

What is backward compatibility?

Just focus on the word “backward compatible.” Something that you can operate with your previous versions, right? Right! Apply this concept to define backward compatibility.

A device or system is backward compatible when it works excellently in its older versions.

Let’s take the example of PoE technology. The first standard, 802.3af, came into action in 2003. In 2009, 802.3at replaced it. Now, which one is the advanced version, PoE 802.3at?

In this case, 802.3at will be backward compatible if you use it with devices that work perfectly with 802.3af. This is great for all old and new appliances!

To get a detailed analysis of PoE 802.3at, look at— What is PoE 802.3at?

Go through the whole guide, and you will understand this concept even better in PoE 802.3bt.

Is PoE 802.3bt backward compatible?

Yes. PoE 802.3bt is backward compatible, offering flexibility to use all the low-power devices.

Here we are at our main question! Let me highlight the past concept of backward compatibility and apply it to this IEEE 802.3bt standard. In actuality, there are three standards of Power over Ethernet.

  • 802.3af
  • 802.3at
  • 802.3bt

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering(IEEE) introduced PoE 802.3bt in 2018. 802.3bt is the latest and upgraded version of IEEE 802.3at.

So, PoE 802.3bt can work well with low-power and high-power devices up to 100 watts. It supports devices working on PoE 802.3af and 802.3at. That’s why I mentioned it being completely “Backward Compatible.”

To understand the PoE standard, follow the guide—What is PoE Standard?

How does PoE 802.3bt work?

It’s a simple mechanism! You need to install the PoE 802.3bt in your network. That’s all. The PoE switches will let you enjoy a high-speed data connection and empower high-power devices with up to 100 watts of power.

In 2018, the PoE 802.3bt revolutionized PoE technology because it was compatible with high-power devices that were not possible with 802.3af and 802.3at. So, all power or data connections over the Ethernet port follow the rules defined by the IEEE 802.3bt standard.

How much maximum wattage can you get from PoE 802.3bt?

You must be wondering how much power a PoE 802.3bt can provide. Am I right? Yes, because I repeatedly mentioned “high-power devices.” These devices require high wattage for charging or other purposes. So, have a look at the maximum wattage of PoE 802.3bt!

  • Power at the power supply is 100 watts
  • Power available to the 71 watts

If your device is powered by 100 watts or less, it can efficiently work with the PoE 802.3bt standard.

In what voltage range does PoE 802.3bt work?

The scenario might be a bit different here. I’ll divide the voltage range into two aspects. The voltage range at the power supply is 52 to 57 volts, while the voltage range at the power device is 41 to 57 volts.

Are there any benefits of using PoE 802.3bt in the system?

Why should you use PoE 802.3bt? Are there any benefits of it? Will it be compatible with my system? These are common questions asked by people. The simple answer is yes. To get a detailed response, understand the advantages of PoE 802.3bt in your network.

You can get a high-speed data connection of up to 100GBs with a Cat8 cable.

  • Is high-speed data your primary concern? If yes, go for PoE 802.3bt for your network. It will provide 100GB per second data speed and transfer or store your file within milliseconds. Isn’t it an efficient strategy for you? It is an essential network component, primarily if you work in data-intensive units. Just go for it!

It can save your deployment cost.

  • The major problem with an electrical system is installing it. More specifically, a network needs proper installation and management from IT experts. In the case of PoE, the scenario is quite contrary. Most networks have preinstalled PoE systems, so you don’t have to hire IT specialists or manage your system. Deployment cost saved! Cool!

PoE 802.3bt is compatible with almost all devices.

  • Whether your device is low-power or high-power, PoE 802.3bt is perfect for it. Remember, the device’s power must not exceed 100 watts—the upper limit for 802.3bt. That’s why you can use it for PTZ IP cameras, laptops, voice-over IP devices, and wireless access points(WAPs).

It provides a more secure connection by employing security protocols.

  • Nowadays, the ratio of cyber-attacks has increased. The reason behind this fact is the conversion of offline systems into online. Hackers can access your private data if you don’t have a secure connection. Need a solution? Consider PoE in this case. It employs security protocols like SSL, SSH, and RADIUS to keep hackers away. Completely secure! Great, right?

You can get the data connection and power supply over the same Ethernet cable.

  • Are you tired of purchasing multiple cables? Keep your network efficient and straightforward. Power over Ethernet can contribute to this fact. Two functions, one cable! It can deliver high power and data speed over the same Ethernet port. Isn’t it productive?

Which devices mainly use the PoE 802.3bt?

PoE 802.3bt is backward compatible and works with almost all low- and high-power devices. It is a full-fledged solution with numerous advantages for your network. Industrial PoE, data centers, and enterprises prefer this technology over others. However, I have listed some devices that work better with PoE 802.3bt.

  • Static Surveillance Security Cameras
  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom(PTZ) cameras
  • Voice Over IP phones
  • Multi-Radio Wireless Access Points
  • Laptops
  • Flat Screens
  • Video Conferencing equipment

Numerous other devices work better with PoE 802.3bt as well. If you have devices with power up to 100 watts, PoE 802.3bt will work for you.

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