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ITS Solution

HoweVision Technology is committed to building a real-time, reliable, and robust intelligent network. It has developed a variety of highly reliable, industrial-grade, and smart communication products to meet the traffic industry’s communication needs.

Security Monitoring Transmission Solution

HoweVision’s Ethernet switches provide high reliability, high bandwidth, high security, and high-quality video surveillance service solutions while making the system easy to deploy and convenient to expand.

Smart Power Solution

HoweVision technology industrial switches support ring topology of Ethernet Ring Protection, protection switching time less than 20ms. It can realize a single loop, intersection loop, tangent loop, coupling loop, and so on.

IoT Transmission Solution

Through the innovative technology of IoT products and solutions, HoweVision Technology provides a complete set of IoT infrastructure solutions with reliable transmission for users to finally realize the intelligent interaction between things, things, and people.

Railway System Transmission Solution

With the rapid development of China Rail Transit, HoweVision has accumulated rich communication experience of transmission solutions and laid a solid foundation for better service of Global Rail Transmission Solutions.

Smart City Transmission Solution

The concept of a “smart city” is to consider the city itself as an ecosystem, in which citizens, transportation, energy, commerce, communication, and water resources constitute a subsystem.

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  • Sample confirmation,
  • Request confirmation,
  • sample recommendation,
  • parameter confirmation,
  • sample delivery.



After receiving the samples, please contact us if you encounter any problems in the test function to finish the test verification efficiently.



OEM/ODM Service can be selected for your brand; you can develop customized functions to meet unique industries’ needs or special environment applications.



After confirming the demand, please communicate the product price, delivery time, payment method, shipping method, and other request details after confirming the order. Complete business communication efficiently and quickly.



Sign the purchase contract, send back the scanned copy of the agreement, and pay the advance payment or the full payment as required. And provide a water bill for payment.



We will schedule and produce according to contract requirements, payment bills, and product demand detail sheet. At the same time, we will give the customer the exact delivery date, follow up on the manufacturing progress, and communicate with them when we find any problems.



After the products are manufactured, inspect the goods, pay the balance, arrange the corresponding logistics or courier according to the requirements, and follow up the freight process until the goods are safely delivered to the customer’s hands. The transaction is completed after both parties have verified the correctness.

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