AC Input Gigabit IEEE802.3bt POE++ Injector(90W)

  • Model: PSE-A101G-90
  • Support 1*gigabit POE port+1*gigabit Ethernet port
  • Compatible with IEEE802.3af(4W)、IEEE802.3at(30w)and IEEE802.3bt(90w)
  • Support power monitoring, 30%, 60%, 90% three states
  • Support power supply input AC 100-240 V
  • Metal shell,IP20 protect grade,working temperature -20 ° C ~ + 50 ° C
  • Support port Surge Protection: Common mode 6KV, Differential mode 2KV; ESD 15KV, Contact 8KV, Air 15KV
Speed Rate


PoE Standard


Power Input

AC 100-240V; Working frequency: 50/60 Hz

POE Power

DC 52V/1.85A

POE Polarity

1/2- 3/6+ ;4/5+ 7/8-

HoweVision Gigabit Ethernet POE injector,The max output power of the POE port is upto 90W,the data access port supports 10/100/1000 self-adaption, support power supply input AC 100-240 V , working temperature  -20 ° C ~ + 50 ° C, and the industrial-grade chip is used to enhance the design.

Support port Surge and static protection, and comply with FCC, CE, RoHS standards. Reliable hardware design can ensure your uninterrupted and stable operation of the automation system. The products are widely used in PTZ high-speed dome, compact computer, integrated machine, digital signage display system, etc .

  • Metro Optical Broadband Network: Data network operators such as telecommunications, cable TV, and network system integration,etc.
  • Broadband private network: suitable for financial, government, oil, railway, electric power, public security, transportation, education and other industries
  • Multimedia transmission: integrated transmission of images, voice and data, suitable for remote teaching, conference TV, videophone and other applications
  • Real-time monitoring: simultaneous transmission of real-time control signals, images and data
  • Resistant to harsh environments: suitable for networking in harsh environments with strong electromagnetic interference and long distances
  • pse 101 3

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