Is Gigabit Ethernet Better Than Fast Ethernet?

is gigabit ethernet better than fast ethernet

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If you have ever used Ethernet, you might be well aware that not all Ethernet connectivity is the same. Ethernet is coming up today in two different models, i.e., Gigabit Ethernet and Fast Ethernet.

The main difference between the two is their distinct speed interfaces. So you should choose the latest and greatest technology in the lead while making the final selection.

That’s because it will boost up your Ethernet experience and make things a bit easier for you.

In today’s post, I will provide you an absolute solution to your query. Is Gigabit Ethernet better than fast Ethernet? Be with me while I touch on the different viewpoints of this question.

Gigabit Vs. Fast Ethernet: Which Is Better?

The involvement of the Gigabit Ethernet has changed aspects of the Ethernet world to a great extent. It’s made it easier for the users to enjoy about ten times faster Ethernet connectivity than the Fast Ethernet Switches. Moreover, it also tends to be relatively cost-effective and power-efficient as well.

On the other hand, Fast Ethernet can provide you a maximum Ethernet speed of about 100 Mbps. But, you can easily access 1Gbps speed with the help of Gigabit Ethernet switches. And that is something that creates a huge difference.

If you choose Gigabit Ethernet, make sure that you have specifically designed network devices for the same. Your devices should well support the standard 1000 Mbps data rate efficiently. But if you don’t have it yet, make sure to upgrade your network devices first before using it.

Technology has recently added on many updates on the Gigabit Ethernet, making it an even better option now. The best thing that I love about Gigabit Ethernet is that its cost has dropped dramatically in the last few years.

So rather than being just a luxury option to larger businesses, it now has become quite affordable for home users and small businesses, as well.

Whether you use Gigabit Ethernet or Fast Ethernet, it is your choice in the end. But, I will advise you to go through the details of the two Ethernet options before finalizing your decision.

If cost is not your primary concern, and you are willing to get the best, I recommend going with the Gigabit Ethernet. It is an absolute way to boost up speed and performance of your Ethernet.

One more thing that I would like to tell you here is that not every business or home Ethernet usage requires Gigabit Ethernet services.

So, it gets pretty essential for a business entrepreneur to look at their business requirements first before making a final decision.

I know that the Gigabit Ethernet in some regions is a bit more costly than the Fast Ethernet. One of my posts will tell you why gigabit Ethernet is so expensive these days. Thus, unnecessary installation of Gigabit Ethernet will add up more burden to your project.

For small business requirements, you can easily opt for a Fast Ethernet. There are many high-quality switches available, like an Industrial Fast Ethernet switch with 8-Ports.

Gigabit Ethernet is an excellent option for businesses where one has to perform network-intensive tasks such as file hosting on servers, online gaming, etc. If it is the case, you can go for an industrial gigabit switch, like Gigabit Ethernet Switch with 8-Ports.

It works tremendously great for medium and large enterprises that require power-efficient mode along with PoE+ power.

Moreover, the most helpful thing about Gigabit Ethernet is that its switches usually come up in different port configuration options. Thus, users are free to choose from 8 port, 16 port, and even 24 port gigabit switches as per their preferences.

Gigabit Switch and Fast Ethernet Switch: What Are the Main Differences?

Gigabit Switch and Fast Ethernet Switch are the two extreme terms that create a lot of difference.

Whether Gigabit Switch or Fast Ethernet Switch, both devices have been available there in the market for over a decade. Likewise, both play a very significant role in the network edge.

Gigabit Switch is somewhat a better option than that of the Fast Ethernet Switch. It’s not only about the improved transfer speed and performance, but there are many more things.

It includes cost, feature set, power standard, power consumption, and future growth, adding more points to the overall differences. If you want to know these in detail, stay connected with me till the end.


The price gap between the Gigabit and Fast Ethernet Switch is quite huge. Gigabit ports usually tend to be four times more costly than Fast Ethernet ports.

If you are willing to upgrade your network connectivity, the cost will serve to be a significant factor to consider.

Feature Set

Gigabit Switches are more feature-loaded than Fast Ethernet Switches. In addition, it comes with the latest network management features that make it easier for the network administrators to add quality services to the user’s account.

That also makes it further easy for them to create absolute security policies for specific applications.

Such advanced features in Gigabit Switch ensure the users have guaranteed service level agreements and add up some more into the security level.

Whereas if we talk about Fast Ethernet Switch, one has to opt for the premium services to match that level of management and security functions. As a result, it further increases the overall cost as well.

Power Standard

The power standard is another crucial factor that creates a lot of difference between the Gigabit Switch and the Fast Ethernet Switch.

The original PoE technology usually provides about 12.94 watts of power for IP-enabled devices and wireless access points. If you are willing to enjoy high-end services, you need some more power.

Gigabit Switch comes up with advanced PoE+ standards that provide about 30 watts of power efficiently.

But if you want me to talk about Fast Ethernet Switch, most vendors are still lagging somewhere to provide such new and best higher power standards.

Power Consumption

Gigabit Switch is a feature-rich Ethernet switch option that ensures users have higher bandwidth and robust management at a more accessible end.

It is one of the nicest Ethernet switches that has proven to be a more energy-efficient option for Ethernet users. So if you are running a business and currently willing to lower your power consumption, Gigabit Switch is an excellent option I would suggest.

Future Growth

Gigabit Switch is a new edge of technology that brings the possibilities of more advancements along with it.

It is a pillar that helps you prepare your local area network for the upcoming convergence. Besides, it also makes it easy for you to get ensured high-end Ethernet services.

In short, make sure you understand what PoE is and its types. Then, it is something that will help you decide between Gigabit Ethernet and Fast Ethernet.


Ethernet is the most helpful technology to connect multiple systems for a whole local area network. Gigabit Ethernet and Fast Ethernet are the two significant models of Ethernet services. Of course, both are widely popular in the business world.

So, if you are looking forward to Ethernet services, look at your preferences, and your business needs first before finalizing your choice.

Before going further, you need to understand Gigabit Ethernet offers advanced and high-end services than Fast Ethernet. But if we talk about its cost, Fast Ethernet is relatively cost-effective.

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