Are All PoE switches the same?

are all poe switches the same

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The time of using old techniques is gone by now. You have hundreds of advanced tools out there. Among all those, PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology is matchless. Do you know, why? Here are some reasons we should operate the PoE technology.

  • Lower Costs
  • Safer
  • Both data and power connection availability.
  • Wire system

A wiring system is more effective compared to wireless. Moreover, the PoE 802.3bt standard has revolutionized the system by providing multiple ways to access power and high-speed data.

What exactly do we need are high power resources, low power dissipation, and high-speed data? PoE 802.3 standard fulfills all these options effectively.

In this article, we will discuss the PoE switch and highlight relevant aspects to improve your knowledge.

What is a PoE switch?

For example

We all know what a switch is, but do you know what a POE switch is? The POE switch is based on the existing switch based on the addition of POE, and the previous switch only transmits data functions and can not power the terminal. POE is not changing the case of wiring power transmission from the switch to the terminal, from saving wiring to ensuring safety

What is a POE switch? First, we have to understand how POE was born. Here’s an article that has what you want.

Which type of regular switch do you use at home? Non-PoE switch, right? You will find it interesting when it comes to the PoE switch—A solution for the power supply and data connection.

A PoE switch is a network switch that connects multiple devices at your home or office through the Ethernet cable. It offers a power supply with high-speed data connections over a single Ethernet port. Being an advanced option, it is a priority for Enterprises to use as a regular switch.

Are all PoE switches the same?

What comes to your mind first? Yes or no? However, the answer is “No” because there are different types of PoE switches.

Just flashed a question through your mind, why different types? Am I right?

PoE 802.3 standard technology offers ease at any point. Depending on your needs, budget, and other factors, you have multiple switches available to make your choice. In actuality, every type of switch is excellent for numerous reasons.

Why should you choose PoE switches?

Regular non-PoE switches are available in the market as competitors. Buy, why should we only land on the PoE switch? Why not a non-PoE switch? These sorts of questions are pretty common to arise in your mind. Putting a solution to it, here are some reasons you should prefer PoE switches.

  • Features power and data connection over a single Ethernet cable
  • Provide power up to 100W with PoE 802.3 bt standard
  • High data speed in gigabytes per second
  • Minimizes power dissipation by releasing the required amount of power to the specific device
  • Connects multiple devices over the same internet connection without any trouble

Not only these benefits but also numerous others can help you make the right choice. However, list down your requirements and make the right decision by choosing the PoE switches.

PoE switches Types

Ah, finally, we are at PoE switch types. PoE switch comes in different types to help you decide on the specific one and choose the best for your home or office. You can differentiate between all the PoE switches in their features and applications. Moreover, this guide will figure out all the questions in your mind regarding PoE switches.

Managed PoE switch:

Does this sound familiar? Maybe yes, if you have managed the PoE switch at your office. A managed switch is a more flexible option when compared to a hybrid or unmanaged PoE switch. Do you know, why? Because it offers the following significant features.

  • Control over the local area network traffic
  • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) support and control
  • Port Mirroring
  • Quality of Service(QoS)
  • Spanning tree protocol support
  • Aggregation Control Protocol for more bandwidth

So, managed PoE switches offer significant adaptable aspects for better configuration by IT specialists. At HoweVision, you can find a different range of PoE-managed switches, such as the Industrial 12-Ports Gigabit L2+ Managed Ethernet switch.


Here are some worth discussing the benefits of managed PoE switches.

  • It helps monitor the traffic and manage it accordingly
  • Reduces the network downtime
  • Provides enhanced security options like port security, private VLANs, and 802.1X authentication.


We often use the PoE switch in the following systems.

  • Big Businesses networks
  • Enterprise systems
  • Thin Clients
  • PoE wireless access points

Hybrid or Smart PoE switch:

Smart PoE switches are another type of PoE 802.3 standard switches. These offer features like the managed PoE switches but lack in some aspects. For example, they don’t provide monitoring which is relatively easy when you install managed switches.

Moreover, PoE switches have a simple and easy-to-use system. There is no need to employ highly trained professionals for this type of switch. Here are some essential features of intelligent PoE switches.

  • Port configuration options
  • Quality of Service(QoS)
  • Virtual LANs facilities


Here are some remarkable benefits of smart PoE switch over the other types.

  • Less cost compared to the managed PoE switch
  • Easy to use and understand that requires trained professionals to operate
  • Effective security features


Since it doesn’t involve complex processes, you can employ it for the following purposes.

  • Best for Smaller networks
  • Works in Voice Over Internet Protocol(VOIP)
  • Smaller VLANs and workgroups

Unmanaged PoE switch:

Unmanaged PoE switches are part of our home and smaller networks. They don’t involve complex systems to operate. It is even simpler than the managed PoE switch. So, you can use it without the need for a professional.

Especially at home, people need a switch that involves plugging in the switch and plugging it off without difficulty. An unmanaged PoE switch is best for such situations and offers plug-and-play features. The use of the PoE 802.3 standard offers great data speed and support for smaller computer networks.

Before jumping into the unmanaged switch, you must determine whether it is better for you. For example, it fails if you have a more extensive system to connect with more than ten computers. So, be wise in making decisions and work as per needs.


It has the following benefits that make it distinctive.

  • Simple interface compared to managed and smart PoE switches
  • Less cost
  • Just plug and play


In actuality, its application includes smaller networks. Here are some of the major applications of unmanaged PoE switches.

  • Home networks with ten or fewer computer systems
  • Small offices involving smaller networks
  • Companies without IT admins

Which switch should be your choice?

Having a look at different types of PoE switches seems to be challenging while making the decision. Be straightforward. Jot down your needs, and that’s all you should do. Let me help you make the right decision regarding PoE switches.

I would recommend “Managed Switch.” So, you might be having questions. Why only managed switch, right?

A managed PoE switch offers you complete flexibility in monitoring your traffic over LAN. Furthermore, it supports SNMP and port mirroring. With advanced security features, it can help you get all that you want.

Are you still confused? Go ahead and purchase the Managed PoE switches from HoweVision. A variety of PoE switches with different ports such as 14 port is available at HoweVision.

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