What is the Purpose of a Managed Switch?

what is the purpose of a managed switch?

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When it comes to networking and the bandwidth of a network, we want to be on the safe side. However, we need custom and advanced features related to Ethernet technology. In actuality, we have both aspects. I mean the pros and cons. We might consider the managed switch if you want to manage, configure, and increase networking performance. Again, we have to invest in hiring IT experts. So, network performance costs the prices.

It is just a simple example of networking. However, we can consider other options to route our traffic and improve the Local area network LAN. This article will highlight the managed switch and its applications to customize the network features.

What is a managed switch?

Have you heard of a network switch? A network switch is like a bridge that connects the devices and provides them with a route. It receives the data packets, analyzes them, and channels them from the host device to the destination.

The network switch is of three types:

Most people consider each type depending on their network traffic, quality of service, and data security.

We often compare unmanaged switches with managed ones and determine which is promising for the requirements.

So, what exactly are the managed switches?

Managed switches offer advanced features and complete configuration control to monitor traffic, customize filter options, and optimize data security according to preferences. That means you get everything configured per situation in managed switches.

This case is not possible with the plug-and-play unmanaged switches. We will briefly compare unmanaged switches with managed ones later.

How does a managed switch work?

A managed switch is quite different from different other types of switches. There are different types of managed switches. These can be:

All these have different protocols and working standards. For example, the Power over Ethernet switch follows the IEEE standards of 802.3 as per the given compatibility. The same goes for the Gigabit and Layer 3 switches.

Now, the question is— How does a managed switch work?

Here is how the managed switch works.

  • It lets users prioritize traffic and bandwidth to improve network latency and ensure that important data reaches first.
  • The managed switch connects multiple devices over the network and allows the users to change the settings according to their preferences. So, filtering the data packets and improving the QoS is not a problem.

Managed vs. Unmanaged switches

You may have some previous knowledge of managed and unmanaged switches, which have different features.

Unmanaged switches are specific types of switches. You can install them without the IT expert’s involvement and bridge your networks. No major drawback differentiates these unmanaged switches from the managed ones. Do you know what that is?

Unmanaged switches can not be customized, so you cannot change their settings. Instead, you have to rely on what your unmanaged switch provides.

Managed switches are not plug-and-play switches. Instead, you can expect advanced functionality of the switch. It helps you:

  • Configure the settings of your network
  • Change the traffic options.
  • Apply security protocols
  • Change the protocols according to a given situation.

In this managed vs. unmanaged competition, managed switches are clear-cut winners.

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5 Purposes of using the managed switch

If you are considering a managed switch for your Ethernet network, it is better to measure and deploy the security features in the relevant applications. I have discussed five significant applications of managed switches.

Public Area Networks

Have you seen Ethernet networks in public places? The government implements various network switch layers to configure the features in public areas. Physical layers comprise the core and distribution layers.

Since there is a requirement for traffic control and to improve the network experience, managed switches are an absolute requirement in such places. Therefore, you can observe the layer two and three managed switches at such places.

Industrial Ethernet Systems

If you’ve ever visited a factory, you can observe the continuous working of machines producing the inventory in large stocks. Production on such a large scale requires real-time tracking and monitoring to avoid interruptions and errors. Now, the question is, how do the industries handle real-time tracking?

The answer is Ethernet technology and PoE technology. Both enable a fast data connection. Moreover, the hardened switches make it easy to control the traffic and optimize the performance. These network switches are managed switches with advanced controls and QoS.

Surveillance Applications

No matter whether you are in an office, home, or factory, surveillance is a priority. Even network security is a prime aspect. So, we can not ignore the surveillance system with the most significant managed network switch applications.

To create the network, you need to have Ethernet devices like the IP camera and connect them with the Ethernet switch to facilitate data flow and power. With managed switches, you can alter network configurations and customize the settings for the IP camera. In simple words, the whole system is more efficient.

Smart Applications

Nowadays, there are more intelligent applications than before. You have a smart TV, smartphone, and LED system to get everything at ease. These applications don’t work when offline. Even if they do, you must synchronize the progress by turning on your data connection.

Since innovative applications need a data connection, we prioritize Ethernet technology. High performance, low redundancy, and QoS will improve everything. In that case, we choose managed network switches over unmanaged switches to prevent interruptions due to higher traffic.

Data Centers

Have you heard of data centers? Every enterprise has data management requirements. A simple network management protocol is not sufficient to do all the tasks. So, we can not consider unmanaged switches to handle gigabytes of sites with proper security protocols and data packet filtration.

Managed switches have variable configurations that meet your needs. Since there are gigabytes of files, we need two main requirements.

  • Network Security
  • High Data speed

Managed switches provide both cases to the data centers. That’s why you can observe different physical layers of managed and unmanaged switches according to the given situations. Usually, the core layer has managed switches to configure all the settings.

Final Words

Do you want to purchase the managed or unmanaged switches? If yes, no problem! We have all that you need. HoweVision Professional is a Chinese supplier that contributes to Ethernet switches, PoE ports, and extenders. You can check out our website, determine what you need, and hit us with a message to get the quote for your business.

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