What Is the Difference Between Managed and Unmanaged PoE Switches?

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When you plan a network infrastructure for your organization, a lot goes into thinking about the kind of industrial PoE switch you want to use. These switches build the heart of your network configuration.

There are different industrial PoE switches available, which cater to the varying needs of various industries. While keeping a check on the cost, organizations want a stable network. It becomes easily manageable if you understand the requirements of your business well and invest accordingly.

Not every business needs a highly secured industrial PoE switch. Before jumping to a conclusion, you need to inform yourself about what these switches offer.

The switches are broadly categorized into two segments; managed and unmanaged switches. Both have different functions and capacities.

Let’s discuss these industrial switches so that you will find it easy to choose between the two.

What Are Managed PoE Switches?

A managed PoE switch is a highly secured switch. It gives you the flexibility to set specialized security properties for each port it has. You control the devices connected to it according to your organizational needs.

Also, with these switches, you can monitor and control the data of your network. You can offer specialized access to your employees and other important stakeholders.

Managed switches run on SNMP (Simple network management protocol). With this network setup, you can directly access the statistics of your devices. And with a higher degree of accessibility, you also maximize your ease of use. Troubleshooting becomes a lot easier, as your network admins can directly access port data and errors.

What Are Unmanaged PoE Switches?

An unmanaged PoE switch would offer the same operational functionality, with lesser or no security features.

There are hybrid switches. They are in the category of unmanaged switches, but they offer limited security and data tracking features.

With an entirely unmanaged switch, you only get access to MAC addresses. With this access, you can monitor the changes made to devices corresponding to every port.

Also, you can keep track of collisions on your network. Collision is nothing but a scenario where two devices try to send the data packets at the same domain and at the same time. In such occurrences, the industrial PoE switch denies both the requests.

Significant Differences Between a Managed and Unmanaged PoE Switch

There are many ways you can differentiate the two industrial PoE switches. But the following factors are the ones that truly distinguish the two.

  • Features

The managed switches give you out-and-out control over your network. You can change the configurations to align with the needs of your network security needs. You can set up and monitor all the changes made to your local area network.

Not only that but if you want, you can get all the stats of your LAN traffic. The stats help you get more significant insights into your network, which allows you to prioritize network channels.

Above all, with managed PoE switches, you get redundancy that helps you retrieve all your data in case of a network failure.

The unmanaged switches are simple plug-play devices with a fixed set of functions and configurations. You don’t get any flexibility to change the existing structure. But make sure you do not confuse unmanaged industrial PoE switches with ethernet hubs. Ethernet hubs do not offer any Mac address tracking and collision control mechanisms.

Unmanaged switches are always an excellent addition to any network if you use them in a smaller setup or backup mechanism.

  • Cost

If you compare the two industrial PoE switches’ costs, you will observe a very crucial fact. Well, there is a sufficient gap between the price of a managed and an unmanaged switch.

The difference in cost also depicts the value both products offer individually. The unmanaged switches are cheaper because they provide a limited value.

In the end, all of it will come down to the requirements of your organization. An organization can get everything it wants from an unmanaged industrial PoE switch while the other can’t. Because the other requires more control and security. If you are about to decide between two PoE switches, you should base your judgment on utility rather than cost.

  • Security

Managed industrial PoE switches offer top-notch security configurations. If you perceive any potential threat to your network, you can even wholly or partially halt your network operations. You get the feature to monitor all the activities on your network.

Though all the managed switches do not offer similar security features, they can vary with models, brands, and manufacturers. But the features like access control, network monitoring, control over unauthorized access, and network encryption are ubiquitous. Almost every brand that manufactures industrial PoE switches offers these features.

Likewise, with a managed industrial PoE switch, you get minimal functions in terms of security. If you are using these switches, you have to have a setup to ensure system-to-system security. Additionally, you can opt for fixes like having port covers. So an unknown entity can’t temper your switches.

  • Performance

Due to various security and control features managed industrial PoE switch offers, it need professionals to operate them. So, a lot depends upon the professional, and how optimally he/she is using these switches.

As far as features that boost a network’s performance are concerned, the managed switches have no match. You can prioritize your network channels to diversify resources. It’s significant leverage that you get with industrial PoE switches to enhance performance.

An unmanaged industrial PoE switch offers the smoothest operability. The controller works on the plug-and-play model. You get pre-installed QOS, which is also a big plus in terms of performance.

  • Applications

If you are eyeing a complete industrial PoE switch, the managed switch is the answer. The security, control, and accessibility features discussed above are standard. With managed switches, you get redundancy. It is somewhat like having a backup for contingency. It is crucial because there is hardly any scope for shutdowns in any business.

And when you start to have frequent shutdowns on your network, your peers and clients start attributing it to your brand. That is never a good signal for any organization. The managed switches offer you protection from all these potential problems.

Unmanaged switches are great if you are setting up a small network in your home or two-cabin office. But you should always install them considering their limitations.

Tips to Choose Between a Managed and Unmanaged PoE Switch

No choice is a perfect choice. But one thing that is well within your control is that you can make an informed choice.

Now, you are aware of all the variables that go into an industrial PoE switch. Furthermore, you also need to consider the nature of your business. Even if you operate on a short scale and the cost of data is high, you certainly can’t think about a managed industrial PoE switch’s price. It will be best if you make this investment.

At the same time, let’s say you are in a business where you don’t have partners who need secured access to your network. Most of your data is already in the public domain. Then, you are good to go with unmanaged switches.

Final Thoughts!

Once you have the requisite information at your disposal, it’s your decision-making that will prepare the ground for your future growth. Understanding the variables involved in a solution is good. But if you want to make it excellent, you need to act on it.

Both the industrial PoE switches have their set of applications. Apply where they can offer you maximum value. Make sure you calculate the value keeping net benefit in focus.

Lastly, it is also equally crucial to buy switches from a reliable manufacturer. If you want to set up a real-time, robust network in the organization, you can consider getting PoE switches from HomeVision.

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