What Is PoE Switch 24 Port?

what is poe switch 24 ports?

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PoE (Power over Ethernet) switch is becoming popular because of its capacity and flexibility. It is a switch that helps you transmit electric power and data using Power over Ethernet Technology. This technology uses a single Ethernet cable for voice, data, and power.

Well, it is basic information about PoE that we all know. However, the real question comes in when a user thinks about the technical specifications of this switch. Without detailed specifications, at least every user finds it difficult to choose between multiple port PoE switches.

You can find a variety of PoE switches on the market. In addition, the switches are available in multiple port options, with 8-ports, 12-ports, 24-ports, and even 48-ports.

PoE switch 24 port is one of the most famous and economical switches available in the market. This switch helps you to connect 24 power devices to your network.

It provides power to other devices, thereby helping them run via Ethernet cabling. Thus, it supports 24 devices to communicate on the network at the same time.

So, do you have plans to install a new PoE with many ports? Do you want information about the PoE switch with 24 ports? If your answer is yes, then today’s post relates to your needs.

What Are the Main Applications of 24 Port PoE Switch?

A 24-port switch is handy for small or medium enterprises. It is cost-efficient, flexible, and reliable. Thus, it has a high potential to run your operations with ease.

Let’s find out the main applications of this switch.

IP Cameras

Do you want to install IP cameras in your workplaces? If yes, then to power your IP cameras, you need a total power of 30W per port.

If you have a 24 port gigabit managed switch having the power of 360W, you can comfortably connect IP cameras to the network. For more information, you can read my post on how many IP cameras can connect to one switch.

24 port switch provides power supply and data connection to PoE-enabled IP camera system via network cables like Cat5, Cat5e, and Cat6. Besides, it is mandatory to use managed switches for IP security cameras to ensure the safety of people and businesses.

PoE Wireless Access Points (WAPs)

For the smooth functioning of PoE wireless access points, it needs roughly 30 watts per port.

In managed PoE switches, the installation of controllers is quite easy. Moreover, you don’t have to run separate cables or connect plugs near Wi-Fi locations. In addition, it has simplified the access points.

All you need is to move the Cat5e or Cat6 cable from the hotspot to your 24-port switch and enjoy your connections.

Thin Clients

A thin client is a low-performance computer. It is suitable for establishing a connection between a server and a remote location. It relies on server-based computing that allows customers to gain access to desktop applications from a remote place.

Thin clients have no hard drive but can access crucial applications, data, and memory from a data center through a managed PoE switch. The servers perform most of their tasks, so it helps lower the cost to a great extent.

What Are the Benefits of 24 Port PoE Switch?

Now, I will explain why it is better to choose a 24-port PoE switch. First, it provides safe and easy connections to your device. Some of the other key benefits of this switch are as below.

It Saves Your Time and Money

24 Port PoE Switch cuts down the use of extra unnecessary power cables. It doesn’t require an additional electrical power cable to connect your devices to the network. Thus, it reduces your installation time and saves you money.

It Is Flexible

You can place a 24-port PoE switch anywhere in your desired location. For example, you can freely place it on a rack, wall, or even near your desktop.

It doesn’t require local electric wiring, and hence it is flexible. So if you have a small space and want an adjustable switch, upgrading your previous switch to a 24 port PoE switch can be the best choice.

It Has a High Capacity

A 24-port PoE switch has a very high capacity compared to other PoE switches because it can connect 24 PDs to the network simultaneously.

For example, a 14-port PoE switch can be a great option. But if we consider the needs of an enterprise, it may not be as satisfactory as a 24-port switch.

A 24-port PoE switch can easily connect 24 devices via Ethernet cabling to the network, a basic need in almost all medium-scale enterprises.

It Is Reliable

PoE switches are unique on their own. Thus, they differ from those distributed typical wall sockets.

A 24-port PoE switch can comfortably provide a safe connection to other PoE-compatible devices like IP phones. After all, these switches comply with Worldwide PoE standards, IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at.

24 Port PoE Switch Managed vs. Unmanaged

You may already know about the terms – managed and unmanaged PoE switch. But have you ever heard about Managed/Unmanaged 24 port PoE switches? If not, here, I am going to explain these switches.

To analyze both of the options, first, we need to find out the difference between them.

Let’s talk about the control and level of manageability. On a surface level, an unmanaged switch helps you to immediately plug and play devices in your network, whereas a managed switch provides you greater control over it.

Managed 24 port switches provide a good level of control and management. It consists of all the features of an unmanaged switch.

The managed switch can also configure, control, and monitor your LAN. As a result, it can expand your network’s long-range flexibility and adapt to changing properties.

Moreover, managed port switches incorporate an STP (spanning tree protocol) that provides path redundancy in the network. Thus, it helps to prevent loops created by multiple active paths between switches.

Are you still confused between managed and unmanaged PoE switches? Then, you can read all the crucial differences between managed and unmanaged PoE switches.

When to Use a 24-Port Managed PoE Switch?

Managed switches have a lot of benefits compared to unmanaged 24-port switches. First, it can enhance your networking capabilities. Moreover, you can consider using these switches in multiple scenarios.

You can use Managed 24 port switches for the following purposes.

Demand for QoS

Do you want to customize your network traffic for speed, QoS, port, etc.? Maybe, you want more priority and security for your specific computers. If yes, then you can choose a 24-port managed switch.

You can remotely disable the power on the individual port. It seems useful when you want to reboot a single system without getting up from your chair.

Excellent Network Management

With managed switches, you can work and control your network to a great extent. It lets you see what’s happening with the switch and devices connected to each port.

It gives you various management features like port security, port administration, and so on. You can remotely review each port and also mirror ports to monitor traffic.

Support to VLAN and VoIP

VLANs can comfortably make it happen if you want to have Wi-Fi deployment along with a guest network. Also, if you have multiple subnets or wish to manage particular ports, you can go for managed switches.

Managed 24-port PoE switches can help you configure voice-over-internet protocol. You cannot perform VoIP configuration without involving managed switches.

Final Thoughts!

Thus, the PoE switch with 24 ports is a modern technology that allows Ethernet cables to carry electrical power and data to the devices on the network. It provides value for your devices and network that require power and is also involved in data transmission.

It can be the best fit for small and medium-scale enterprises as it has full configuration capabilities, an advanced feature set, and improved security controls. In addition, a managed 24-port switch has more advantages than an unmanaged switch.

But you can choose as per your business needs and requirements. In the end, I would say that it’s time to throw out the traditional distributed wall sockets and choose a PoE switch with 24 ports for the flexible and reliable connection of your devices.

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