What Is an 8 Port PoE Switch?

what is an 8 port poe switch?

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A network switch is necessary networking hardware for connecting devices on a computer with the help of packet switching. As a result, it receives and forwards data to the destined device.

It acts like a multi-port network bridge and utilizes the MAC address for forwarding the data at the data link layer of the OSI model.

The market is full of different types of network switches. And among all of them, 8 Port PoE switch is gaining popularity all around. If you have no idea about it, don’t worry.

That’s because, after this read, there will be clear information available for it. Thus, understanding its application will be easy for you.

I suggest you stay tuned with me until the end because I will unfold all the details. One more thing! Make sure you have read my post What is PoE? to understand the basics beforehand.

What Is the Meaning of Port in PoE Switches?

A switch port in PoE Switch refers to the physical opening used to connect the data cable. These appear to be rectangular on three sides along with the V-shape at the point.

It could be on either the top or the bottom. It is a piece of hardware used for facilitating networking across all computer systems. The physical connectors can support computers and all the nearby devices on the same network.

Thus, as a result, it receives and forwards the available data. Packet switching helps forward the data. When multiple devices get connected to the port on a network switch, it will be easy for devices to connect, and the data transfer takes place within the switch.

Moreover, some of these devices also connect to the internet. So, these devices obtain internet access with the help of these switch ports. Thus, it is wise to conclude that the network switches are convenient to create and manage the VLANs.

What Are the Major Types of Switch Ports?

When it is about understanding the type of switch ports, three basic switch ports are available in total. These are as follows.

Access Port

The access port is suitable for connecting a network responsible for hosting to a single VLAN. In addition, it is sufficient for managing the data traffic available for that virtual network.

Besides, it is highly efficient in managing the untagged unit frames. Such frames occur because of the back and forth movement of data on the designated VLAN.

Majorly, this port is pretty helpful for connecting a laptop, printer, desktop with the help of an access port. Moreover, it discards all other ones which are not part of the accessed VLAN.

Trunk Port

A trunk port is suitable for establishing the connection with another switch. In addition, it is highly sufficient for interacting with several other VLANs.

Trunk port is highly efficient to use over a complex network, and it sufficiently manages data transfer and all the virtual networks available. It recognizes the frame tags and specifies the intended destination for the data. Without analyzing the same, the data transfer cannot take place easily at all.

Hybrid Port

The hybrid port works as an access port and a trunk port. Moreover, it is sufficient for managing the tagged and untagged frames seamlessly.

It only receives data from more than one VLAN. With the help of a hybrid port, one can easily connect the user and network devices.

Managed or Unmanaged – What 8 Port PoE Switch Should You Get?

Apart from understanding the types of ports, the major question users have in mind is whether they go for managed or unmanaged 8-port PoE switches. If the same question is there with you, then I want you to know about it in detail.

If you have read my post, What Are the Different Types of PoE? Things will be quite clear for you. In this post, I have already discussed different types of PoE switches, along with their classification.

Managed Switches

Managed 8-port PoE switch works pretty well. These switches are viral because of their advanced security features. They also feature allowed visibility to administrators only. Thus, the admins can control these switches accordingly.

Moreover, it comes with a higher management level, which means you don’t have to apply rocket science for using it. Instead, each port in managed switches can be programmed accordingly and operated at peak efficiency.

Unmanaged Switches

Understanding the unmanaged switches is also crucial. These switches only allow the user to immediately plug-and-play devices according to the network. Here is an example of an unmanaged 8-port PoE switch.

If we rely on them for the sake of security, then this is not the option to consider. Additionally, visibility is not allowed to the administrators only. Besides, manageability is not up to the mark compared to managed switches.

So, it is wise to conclude that managed switches are best to consider for mediocre performance. I suggest you go for the managed ones because these will cater to all your needs and help you get the results as expected.

If you have switched to unmanaged switches, it will not contribute to the performance you expect.

Using a Managed 8 Port PoE Switch

After choosing the managed 8-port PoE switch, it is also essential to understand how to use it. You can use it for creating VLANs. Besides, you can provide limited access to all the specific devices out there.

With the help of layer three routing capability, it offers great network performance. But before doing so, get an idea about the power consumption of the device and power per port. These are available with a maximum consumption of 30 watts per port.

Where Can You Use an 8 Port PoE Switch?

There is no doubt that people are quite happy with the 8-port PoE switches and their performances. The major applications in which these are suitable are as follows.

Voice Over IP Phones

The enterprises are also installing the PoE VoIP phones. Besides, they also prefer to connect Ethernet and non-Ethernet devices to the central hub. Therefore, we usually have the UPS installed in the central part, contributing to a continuous power system.

Wireless Access Points

WAP installation becomes convenient with the help of an 8-port PoE switch. As we have already discussed, there is no limitation imposed for the usage. Thus, one can do the installation anytime. These are highly preferable in production plants, campuses, airports, tourist hubs, museums, resorts, and many other places.

IP Camera

Whenever there is a need for IP camera installation, users often consider using an 8-port PoE switch. There will be no limits on the location of installation. Moreover, an electrician is also not required for installing the AC sockets. These are suitable in areas including museums, enterprises, hospitals, and even banks.

Final Thoughts!

In short, an 8-Port PoE switch is ruling out the market. So, there is no doubt people are pretty satisfied with the performance. It is totally up to you for which application you want to consider the 8-port PoE switch.

Make sure to invest money in quality products to evade troubles on a long-term basis. Approach the service provider having the best products available out there so that managing things will be easy for you and there will be no such hustle bustle at all.

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