Can I use a PoE switch as a regular switch?

can i use a poe switch as a regular switch

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Technology has made things easier for us. Want more electrical power supply? No problem. Need electrical power with a fast data supply? PoE (power over ethernet) is out there as a solution. In simple words, a digital system with effective electrical instruments has figured out many issues.

We commonly operate switches in our homes. Do you know, why? Because we need electrical power from them. What if a switch serves multiple purposes? Honestly, it must be our choice if it fulfills our requirements. In this article, I will help you make informed decisions regarding PoE switches as regular ones.

What is a PoE switch?

PoE switch offers ease to connect multiple devices over the Ethernet cable. A single Ethernet cable can cut down the burden of purchasing multiple switches for data and power transmission.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has developed three standards for PoE switches IEEE 802.3, since 2003. Upon these standards, PoE switches provide power supply along with data as per needs.

It looks incredible, right? I believe it is for all of us.

Types of PoE switches

Here are three main types of PoE switches.

You can find all these types of PoE switches at HoweVision.

How is the PoE switch different from the Regular Switch?

As I already mentioned, the ultimate goal is to connect different devices. It depends on your choice whether you need only an electrical power supply or data or even both. So, we can distinguish both types of switches quite easily.

Regular switches conduct only electrical power. Instead, they have non-PoE features, such as they don’t use Ethernet cables.

PoE switch facilitates the users with a data connection and electrical power over a single Ethernet cable. Different standards like 802.3at or 802.3bt are flexible for high power and data speed.

A quick skim through this topic is enough to learn about the significant differences between PoE and regular switches.

Can I use the PoE switch like a regular switch?

Hold on for a minute. Imagine what comes to your mind first by reading the question. The answer is quite simple but essential to understand since you need to make choices. So, the answer is “yes.”

PoE switch involves transmission through an Ethernet port with IEEE 802.3 standards and provides more benefits than non-PoE regular switches. Even in the upcoming years, it will dominate our systems. Let’s take a look at different aspects of the PoE switch.

What are the advantages of the PoE switch?

Learning the advantages of something is quite crucial to making decisions. Sometimes, you look for special features in a switch. What if it doesn’t contain that? Completely useless, right? That’s why I would like to let you know about the advantages of PoE switches.

Reduced Prices:

Are you tired of paying extra for multiple cables? An actual problem for me when it comes to budget for power supply and data connection. Usually, you need to invest doubly to purchase two power cables— one for data and the second for power. Why not save some money?

IEEE standard PoE switch fulfills both conditions for fast data connection up to 1000 Mbps and high power supply through PoE 802.3bt. Moreover, its overall cost is even less than a regular switch. In buildings, you have a preinstalled Ethernet system most often. Therefore, the PoE switch costs you less than others.

High Data Speed:

Nowadays, the world has moved to advanced systems. Since there is the use of data, the loss of the internet can paralyze the whole world. The same case applies to low-speed connections. In businesses, data speed matters a lot; otherwise, they might lose their revenue gradually. Therefore, you can observe high-speed data connections out there.

Is there any solution for this? Yes, there is.

PoE switch can resolve this issue by overcoming data speed issues. You can get high-speed data up to 1000 MBs per second. What you heard is true—1000Mbps. That’s why the PoE switch is the latest solution for all of your problems.

Minimizes Power Wastage:

PoE switch provides safe power and data connection over a single Ethernet cable. This system delivers up to 100 Watts in support of the PoE 802.3bt standard. Moreover, it eliminates the need for AC outlets and electricians to install multiple wires.

Decreased number of AC outlets and electrical wiring helps you save up to 50% of electrical power. Therefore, the PoE 802.3 standard switch is always great to employ for your buildings.

Safe and Reliable Source:

PoE switch is far better than other types of switches. Do you know, why? It causes a minor problem in transporting and minimizing power loss through the PoE 802.3 standard. Not only this but also it enhances the power resources and ensures a safe system for your devices.

A central and compatible resource provides the power in the case of PoE. Therefore, it is more efficient than the collection of distributed power adapters. Furthermore, you can back up the power supply without interruptions.

What are the drawbacks of the PoE switch?

How do you purchase a product? Physically examine it. What if you need to order it online? Looking at the positive and negative points is the best approach for purchasing the product. The same goes for PoE switches. Here are some limitations of the PoE switch.

  • Typically, a PoE switch can transfer data only in the range of 100 meters. For long-range, you need to purchase IEEE 802.3af/at extender available at HoweVision.
  • It requires PoE compliant device. If the device is non-PoE, you need an injector such as PoE++ or PoE 802.3bt standard injector.
  • A single switch can work for multiple devices. But, a single problem can stop all of your devices at a time.

Applications of PoE switch:

You can use the PoE switch for better data and power supply. Incredibly advanced devices operate PoE switches with 802.3bt standard to connect multiple devices over the same Ethernet cables. However, here are some applications of the PoE switch.

  • IP cameras use PoE technology through network cables like Cat5, Cat5e, and Cat6.
  • VoIP phones employ Cat5, Cat5e, and Cat6 cables along with an Ethernet RJ45 jack.
  • Wireless Access Points utilize PoE cables to enhance the power supply and increase the data speed.

Should I choose the PoE switch as a regular switch?

Did you deduce anything from the above discussion? In my view, a better method is to write down your requirements and compare them with the given switch. PoE switches improve the quality, adaptability, speed, and effectiveness of power through IEEE 802.3 standards. While making the right decisions, keep in mind all the above factors. So, make sure you get the best switch at fair rates.

PoE switches at HoweVision:

Finding a variety of PoE switches helps choose the right one. At HoweVision, you can get at all the types of PoE switches and find all IoT solutions. Quality and customer satisfaction are our priority helping you find solutions for every problem.

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