What Is a Managed PoE Switch?

what is a managed poe switch?

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Thanks to changes in technology, the telecommunications sector has been growing fast. Currently, people prefer to use different kinds of network switches, including managed and unmanaged switches.

Nowadays, the managed switch is very popular in the market. People choose this switch more than the unmanaged one for various reasons.

Before discussing the managed PoE switch further, let me explain what it entails. So, please read on!

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What Is a Managed Switch?

Managed switches are unique. They differ from unmanaged ones in various ways. Here, you can learn all the differences between managed and unmanaged PoE switches.

For example, you can differentiate them based on their costs, their purpose, and how they perform their functions. A managed switch, however, can perform better functions.

This kind of switch allows access to multiple networks for configuration purposes. It, thus, supports various features such as port speed, VLANs, and Spanning Tree Protocol. It is also helpful in controlling traffic over a network.

A managed switch also controls the data frame that moves through it. This switch also allows the user to change the ports to the settings they want.

In addition, it offers the user better control over how data travels and limits the number of people who can access it.

Through the Simple Network Management Protocol they offer, users can check the switch’s status and examine the individual switch ports. They can do this using the data they collect from network errors and port status.

When using the managed switch, users can access the network switches remotely. This enables administrators to make changes in the system that will be successful regardless of their location. Also, one can configure the managed switch ports as trunks.

What Are the Features of a Managed PoE Switch?

Managed PoE switch plays a crucial role in the functioning of the Local Area Network. Yet, its features may vary depending on the manufacturer and other factors.

I list some of its features to help you better understand this switch. Of course, you will find all these features in most managed PoE switches, whether they are 12-port operated or 14-port managed!


These features help reduce downtime. Moreover, they play a vital role in providing redundancy.

A managed switch also allows the user to focus and organize themselves on the high-speed network present.

Quality of Service

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This feature prioritizes the most critical messages. It also pays greater attention to bandwidth and ensures that IP data travels smoothly without hiccups.

RSTP (Rapid Spanning Tree)

This feature allows you to carry out cabling at different paths. Thus, it helps avoid and prevent any twisting among the cables that may tamper with the network.

SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol)

This feature allows devices with different software and hardware to communicate. It helps monitor the switch port parameter and gives easy access to information from one device to another.

What Can You Expect From a Managed PoE Switch?

The devices connecting to the local area network must incorporate various networking hardware.

As a result, users tend to use the managed PoE switch. It helps secure the devices on a certain Local Area Network without interruptions.

For the managed switch to effectively carry out its function, it will receive the message from the source and then direct it to the device.

By doing this, it transmits data between the devices over LAN. Thus, you should expect many things from the managed PoE switch, including the following.

Freedom of Configuration

Using the managed switch, users can quickly check, manage, configure, and monitor the LAN. This switch gives users a chance to create new LANs. Moreover, users can separate small devices and drive traffic.

The switch also features advanced features that help the user recover data in network failure.

Performance Management

With managed PoE switches, you can control performance. To do this, you just have to prioritize the channels.

In addition, this switch has features such as the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), which helps track the devices’ performance.

This feature also helps examine how the devices perform on the network. It does this through a straightforward graphical interface.

Security Features

Regular switches are prone to attacks and various threats. To help combat this, managed PoE switches have some advanced features to identify possible threats.

Once the switch identifies the dangers, it can shut itself down on time, thus protecting the data.


You cannot expect managed PoE switches to be cheap. On the contrary, their pricing might be higher than other switches available.

Managed industrial PoE switch comes with several advanced features. For this reason, it tends to be a bit costly.

Why Should Every Business Use a Managed PoE Switch?

Now I will explain why managed PoE switches are more beneficial to businesses.

Of course, one can buy this switch for home use. Yet its advanced features make it suitable for large enterprises.

Ease of Operation

A managed PoE switch is pretty easy to operate and even allows you to control the device’s operation.

It has advanced features, such as voice commands, that are convenient for large and small offices.

In addition, a managed switch can turn on the light fixtures and computers in the office, eliminating the need for a different power source.

Offers Protection

Managed switches have a security feature that helps offer protection through the Access Control List.

Office computers and other devices are prone to cyber-attacks and managed switches block unauthorized access. They are essential in protecting office or business data.

Reduces System Downtime

When doing office work on the computer, you must ensure you work with minimal interruptions. However, the system may experience traffic or other technical issues that may bring it down or make the Ethernet network fail.

The managed PoE switch has the RSTP, which helps reduce system downtime by providing an alternative pathway for the data to travel.

Distributes Network Traffic

Managed switches have the VLAN feature, handy when distributing network traffic. It will ensure that you carry on with your business or office work smoothly without any disruptions.

You can work well even when there are different active devices simultaneously.

Distributes Data Load

Managed switches feature the Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP), which helps distribute data load.

Most network devices experience high traffic, which may affect one’s productivity in the office. However, the presence of LACP makes it possible to relieve the data load from the computers.

Easy to Integrate

If you have several devices in the office, you can integrate them to make them work quickly. As a result, you can perform your work much faster, and your network performance will not deteriorate.

Final Thoughts!

Finally, I would say that a managed switch is a must-have for both large and small offices.

It offers many valuable benefits, such as data protection and the ability to do certain things without necessarily moving from one place to another. You can also easily integrate it with the different devices you have at the office.

So, go and get the correct type of switch! Make sure you read the benefits of using a PoE switch to find answers to your doubts.

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