How much power can a PoE switch provide?

how much power can a poe switch provide?

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Are you tired of using a wireless system? A wireless network seems to be more effective. But, in actuality, it is not as it has several risks-for example, sudden cut-down of supply, low data speed, and low range of connections.

So, is there any alternative? I mean a better one. Yes, there is. We have more advanced systems to overcome the power issues and data speed. PoE technology is the perfect option that is even more reliable, safe, and inexpensive. Let’s have a look at different aspects of PoE IEEE 802.3 standards.

What is a PoE?

You might have heard of the term “PoE.” Can you define it, please? Maybe yes or not, but believe me, it doesn’t involve rocket science to understand such technical aspects. Let me help you know what precisely a PoE is.

PoE or Power over Ethernet works on the principles of IEEE 802.3 standards. Through this technology, you can easily approach the data connection and power supply at the same time. It has dominated the world due to its high power, up to 95 watts, and high data speed up to 1 gigabyte.

What is a PoE switch?

PoE switch is a derivative of the PoE technology using different IEEE 802.3 and enabling high power over Ethernet port. Consider the PoE switch as a network switch to which you can connect other PoE-compatible devices and get power and data supply. Based on complexity, power, and ease, here are different types of PoE switches.

  • Unmanaged PoE switch
  • Managed PoE switch
  • Smart or Hybrid Switch

How much power can a PoE switch provide?

A pretty good question. If I were you, I might have asked such questions. This is especially true when you have different devices to connect with the PoE switch. Maybe some of those devices require high power while others work on low power. In such a case, it is worth mentioning the power of the PoE switch.

PoE switch employs advanced technology with different PoE standards of IEEE 802.3. In actuality, these standards ensure different ranges of power supply to the devices. For example, IEEE 802.3bt standard switches offer up to 95W of power over an Ethernet port. So, let me tell you the range of power that a PoE switch can provide with different standards.

PoE 802.3af standard switch:

IEEE developed the earliest technology and implemented the standard 802.3af in 2003. This PoE switch uses two pairs and delivers power to low-powered devices. It offers a maximum capacity of 12.95 watts to all devices with 15.4W(DC) per port. Here are some devices that utilize the 802.3af standard technology.

  • WAP( wireless access points)
  • Fixed IP cameras
  • VoIP phones

PoE+ switch:

A more advanced technology option for the PoE 802.3af users is the PoE+ switch which offers even more power than the PoE switch. With the increasing demands of PoE, IEEE introduced a new standard 802.3at in 2009 to make high-power devices compatible with PoE.

Same as the above, it uses two pairs of copper wires to transmit the power. However, it can deliver up to 25.5 watts of power to all devices with 30 watts per port. Isn’t it a better option for this range of power devices? Yes, it is. Here are some of the most popular applications of the PoE+ switch.

  • Video IP phones
  • 360 degrees moving PTZ cameras
  • Alarm systems

PoE++ switch(Type 3):

If you need to connect high-power devices of 51 watts, the PoE++ type 3 switch is a better option. Developed in 2011, this system utilizes the IEEE 802.3bt standard and is more effective for high-power devices.

It consists of four copper wires to transmit the power and data connection over the Ethernet port. It delivers 51 watts of power to all devices and 60 watts of power per port. Really, cool? Please have a look at its applications to know its importance.

  • Multi-Radio WAPs
  • Video conferencing equipment
  • PTZ IP cameras

High power PoE++ switch(Type 4):

Do you want to implement PoE technology in high-power devices? No longer a problem when you have a Type 4 PoE++ switch.

High power PoE++ switch is a type 4 switch that uses the IEEE 802.3bt standard. With four pairs of copper wire, it delivers up to 95 watts of power per port. If we talk about power to all devices, it can provide 71 watts which is more than enough to connect. This switch is quite suitable for the following devices.

  • Flat screens
  • Laptops

Where do we use the PoE switches?

Being advanced technology, PoE is dominating all over the world. Nowadays, network switches are PoE-compatible and utilize the IEEE 802.3 standards. Here are some practical uses of PoE switches.

IP cameras:

A variety of IP cameras use PoE technology through the Cat5, 5e, and six network cables. Managed PoE switches deliver power up to 95 watts and high-speed data up to the 1-gigabyte connection to the IP cameras for secure management of video recording.

VoIP phone:

Voice-over-Internet Protocol phones are one of the most popular applications of PoE. Different PoE standards of IEEE 802.3 have reduced the cost and improved the quality of business calls.

Wireless systems:

Nowadays, PoE technology is part of wireless systems. Especially if we mention wireless IP cameras, you can understand this concept effectively. To make the wireless system compatible, we use PoE injectors such as AC Input Gigabit IEEE802.3bt POE++ Injector(90W).

What are the benefits of PoE switches?

Do you want to know why PoE technology should be your priority? If yes, have a look at below advantages of the IEEE 802.3 standards.

Dual Connections:

Are you tired of using multiple wiring systems for data connection and power supply? If yes, PoE is the perfect opportunity to employ it for data and power supply. With high-speed data up to 1 gigabyte and power supply up to 95 watts with 802.3bt standard. A single Ethernet port is enough to do all the work for your system.

Reduced Costs:

Most buildings have a built-in PoE system. Moreover, there is no need to purchase multiple wires and hire experts to deploy PoE technology. This way of approach reduces the expenses and provides more ease to work with PoE principles.


Systems other than PoE are vulnerable to catching fires and causing other problems. In our case, PoE uses 48V DC voltage which is a safety voltage as per UL standards. Even if there is damage to the Ethernet cable, the system automatically stops providing power to the devices. Stoppage in power reduces the risks of fires. Therefore, PoE is safe compared to other systems.


Have you lost power in your system? Without a backup generator, it isn’t easy to restore the power supply. In the case of PoE, an Uninterrupted power supply(UPS) continuously delivers power to the system as a backup. It prevents sudden deadlock of the power supply.

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