What Is The Advantage of a PoE Switch?

what is the advantage of a poe switch?

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There is a constant demand for better network access to ensure users save on costs. Also, network access needs to be assured that there is little to no disruption.

For this reason, there has been a high demand for installing Power over Ethernet technology. Still, many users wonder: Do I need a PoE switch?

Remember, the PoE switch gives users plenty of benefits. So today, I will discuss the benefits of having a PoE switch and provide more information about it. Read on!

The Basics of a PoE Switch

A PoE switch is a network switch that incorporates Power over Ethernet technology in its operations. There are various PoE switches, including unmanaged and managed PoE switches.

It usually has the power over Ethernet, which helps it connect the network to other devices. You can fix the switch with multiple network devices, and through this, it can transmit both data and power.

It transmits such information over one Ethernet cable and operates simultaneously. In short, it makes the process much more straightforward, and you need not spend a lot since you only require one line.

9 POE Switch Advantages You Need to Know

The PoE switches are great for network transmission. Thus, we get to see their high demands.

I suggest you learn about the actual benefits of this kind of switch. In most cases, you will realize its advantages depending on the needs you want to satisfy.

But, no matter your needs, there are very many benefits you can derive from using the PoE switch. So, let’s look at them!

Reduced Costs

When using the PoE switch, you only require one Ethernet cable. It helps you run the data network and power the devices.

Consequently, you don’t need to purchase two or extra power cables to connect to the PoE-enabled devices. You will also not need an additional power outlet or any other equipment for installation.

You do not need other tools when using this switch, which means you can save on costs.

Of course, most buildings come with pre-installed Ethernet cables. Therefore, you will not have to be concerned about purchasing or installing them.

But even if such cables are not installed, you can do the remote installation, which is pretty cheap.


If you use a PoE-powered device, you can quickly move it from one place to another.

Such devices will also work well in areas without power outlets, and their adaptability allows them to be used in places that are hard to reach.

It includes the ceilings or places not close to the primary power sources.

For instance, you can place the security cameras in the ceilings, which may not have a power outlet. However, the security camera will still function well here because a PoE device will transmit the power.

Future Proof

Many devices require a Power over Ethernet connection. Due to the rise in the Internet of Things, it has been a demand for better technology. For this specific reason, there is a need to incorporate PoE switches in network technology.

PoE switches can support many devices simultaneously. Hence, most current equipment is compatible with them.

They give a much more competitive advantage relative to other types of switches.

Maximize Power Resources

Working with the PoE switches in your PoE-enabled device can detect how much power specific equipment consumes. This ability is essential for tracking the amount of power you require when using particular tools.

You are also in a better position to know the best way to reduce power consumption and save on costs.

Moreover, since the PoE switch tracks device power consumption, it can supply the power-specific equipment needed to operate.

This allows the business to maximize its power resources and ensure minimal power wastage, which helps to save on such costs.

High Power Budget

PoE switches can provide a high power per port on various advanced Powered devices.

For instance, an industrial PoE switch supports IEEE 802.3af PoE, and it also supports the 802.3at PoE Plus standards, in which both provide close to 30 watts of power per port.

Well, this amount of power is pretty high and works well for high-power devices, such as the 802.11ac Apps. With a high power budget of about 1000 watts, the PoE switch works perfectly well in the PDs that operate over the modern network.

Convenient Power

You can use the PoE switch anywhere, regardless of your device type. However, countries usually have different AC power standards, which may pose a problem when you want to use a product that does not function well in another country.

However, you need not worry about the AC power standards with the PoE switch. This technology requires fewer cables to operate, and you will not need to add an extra line from the AC adapter for your device to run.

Ease of Installation

It is easy to install a PoE-powered device on the PoE switch. All one needs to do is ensure that the device’s location is correct. Then, you will click the Ethernet cable into the PoE switch, and it will instantly connect.

Once you connect, the Ethernet cable will act as the pathway for both power and data. In short, you will not have to worry about finding the main circuit outlet for power transmission.

You can install them even where there are no power cables, as with security cameras.

Reduced Downtime

When using any device, there is always a possibility of a power outage at any time. For example, you may connect your IP cameras to the internet and plug them into a wall outlet. In the case of an unpredicted power outage, the device will lose power.

If you connect such a device to the PoE switch, a power outage may not affect it.

With PoE switches, you can centralize power to an uninterruptible power supply.

Thus, it will provide power backup to the switch so that your device will continue to work in case of a power outage.

Intelligent PoE Technology

Through intelligent PoE technology, the business can increase its returns. PoE ensures that the use of power resources is efficient and helps minimize wastage.

It does this by tracking the power consumption of the PDs so it can know the exact amount to supply each device. When no power is wasted, the business saves some coins.

Also, the business can power more devices by using an industrial PoE switch.

Final Thoughts!

Using the PoE switch has many benefits, including business adaptability, the ability to maximize power resources, and more.

In addition, you can use this switch to connect security cameras, wireless APs, and VoIP phones. I hope this post gave you a clear view of the PoE switch’s entails and benefits. So go ahead and get a suitable industrial PoE switch now!

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