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When using a Power over Ethernet (PoE) system, ensuring that all integrated tools are PoE compatible is essential. If your switch isn’t PoE-enabled, you won’t be able to connect to the network. Fortunately, there is a solution: using a PoE injector to supply power and data. The PoE system operates based on different protocols.

So, you have to consider the relevant facts when using PoE technology. You should use PoE devices and consider switches that work according to IEEE standards. This guide will elaborate on the PoE injectors and determine how they work.

What is a PoE injector?

To build a Power over Ethernet, you need a PoE switch to enable the power and data supply to the PoE devices.

If your switch is not PoE compatible, but you still want to use it with a PoE device, and in a PoE network, you might need special devices such as PoE injectors. How can you define the PoE injector? Here it is:

A PoE injector is a device that injects the PoE into the non-PoE switch and makes it compatible with power over Ethernet technology.

You might require the PoE injector in the network. However, one more question must be answered.

What standards is the PoE injector using?

It is a good question with prime importance. Since the PoE injector is a Power over Ethernet device, it uses the same PoE standards, such as IEEE 802.3 principles. Based on these principles, it provides the data and power to the IP camera or whatever device you use in your network.

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4 Steps to build PoE network with PoE injectors installation

You must have all the tools to access PoE technology except for the PoE switch. Let’s take an instance of the IP camera.

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So, in a surveillance network, you would need:

Using a PoE injector would need the following connections in the exact steps.

Step 1: Test Tools are working fine

Get your PoE devices and injectors to determine whether they work fine. If they are working perfectly, you can proceed to the connection.

Step 2: Connect your PoE switch with the IP camera

You must remove your Ethernet cable from your system and plug it into one end with the switch and the second with the IP camera. Usually, the Ethernet cable has the RJ45 connector that works with most PoE devices.

Step 3: Install the PoE Injector

If you check the PoE devices, your IP camera might not receive the power and data. Do you know why? It is because your IP camera has PoE functionality but not the switch. That means it is time to install the PoE injector in the system.

You can join the PoE injector between the IP camera and the PoE switch. The PoE injector will also require the Ethernet port to build the links.

Step 4: Check your Connections

Once you have built all your connections, why not test them? Now, your IP camera will receive the PoE power. If this is true, great! You have installed the PoE injector right away! Otherwise, recheck your connections and repeat the same procedure.

How does a PoE injector work?

Do you want to know how exactly a PoE injector works? PoE injectors are specific tools that require compatible PoE devices.

To build a PoE network and PoE injector, you must have the following:

The Ethernet port can be 4-pin or 8-pin. Using a PoE injector will work out in the following mechanisms.

  • The PoE injector will receive the power supply from the power source and data connection from your non-PoE switch.
  • It will integrate them and combine data and power since you must transfer them over a single Ethernet port, not the two ports separately.
  • The PoE injector will feed the power and data to the IP camera as required.

That’s how your PoE injector delivers power and data over a single Ethernet port.

Fundamentally, the system has two ports: one data-in Port and the other data-out or PoE port.

Here is a complete discussion of both of them for better knowledge.

Data In Port

Data In ports completely fit our security camera example. The data in the camera’s port will be connected to the network switch to receive the data.

If a network switch has the data in port, it receives the data. So, you can assume the data in the port to be the source of receiving power.

Data Out Port

You got the power through the Data In port; it is time to deliver them. In the PoE injector, the Data out port is linked to the IP camera and delivers the PoE-enabled power and data supply.

You can expect a better connection over the network switch. Remember, data in and out ports require the cables such as Ethernet cables. However, you can join a router, switch, or any other device.

Two Types of PoE Injectors

Did you know there are two types of PoE injectors? They can be active or passive. Here are details of both.

Active PoE injector

Active PoE injectors have a better system and sustain more than passive injectors. Moreover, you can expect complete safety of your devices.

  • Active PoE injectors work on the IEEE standards of 802.3at PoE, IEEE 802.3af, and PoE 802.3bt.
  • They receive the incoming power, check the PoE device’s power requirements, and proceed to the power supply.
  • If the PoE device requires less than 50 watts, it will provide the relevant power even if the power-sourcing equipment offers 100 watts of AC power.

Do you know the most significant advantage of the active PoE injector? It protects the devices’ high power and voltage sparks from power surges.

Passive PoE injector

A Passive PoE injector works passively. You might be curious about how it works passively. Isn’t it true? Let me help you understand this factor.

The passive injector will receive the power from the power-sourcing equipment and transfer it to the security camera no matter how high the power is. If your device requires 50 watts and the power-sourcing equipment provides 100 watts, an additional 50 watts of supply will permanently damage it. So, the passive PoE injector can cause severe problems on the set.

The Passive PoE injector doesn’t work according to IEEE principles, so you can expect different power and voltage ranges. It works on 18 to 48 Volts of DC power.

3 Reasons why Choose the PoE injector

The PoE injector is of prime importance, but you can not use it unless you need it. The PoE injector can not be your partner if you have a non-PoE device. In that case, you would look for other options, such as a PoE splitter.

So, when do you need a PoE injector?

The specific reasons you should consider are the PoE injector.

It enables high security.

Did you know PoE is a highly secure technology? It enables SSL certificates over data connections and supports many security protocols, such as RADIUS and SSH.

Most people install the PoE device to prevent cyber-attacks and improve network performance. Unfortunately, they also need the PoE switches. If they don’t have one, they consider using PoE injectors.

Power and data can be achieved over one cable.

Most technologies require a separate port for each system. You must employ a separate port for a data connection, and you must purchase another for a power supply. Overall, this causes extra expenditures. In the case of PoE, this issue is not available.

You can send the power and data connection over a single Ethernet port, which simplifies the network and significantly reduces the system’s additional charges.

This is the main reason why people consider PoE. And when they don’t have the PoE switch, the PoE injector helps them achieve their goals.

It converts your Wireless Access Points to PoE-compatible systems.

Wi-Fi in public places or homes is usually used to connect data. However, for power supply, there is a need for a separate system. Do you not want to deploy a different system and improve the data speed and signal strength?

Be on your Wifi and use the PoE injector. It will work with your existing system and provide power over the network.

Final Words

PoE injector is a crucial part of networking. Everyone does not have the PoE switch. Some purchase a new switch, while others search for an alternative link to the non-PoE switch with the PoE device. The injector has been astonishing in doing this job.

Do you need a PoE injector? If yes, Contact HoweVision Professional. We have the PoE injectors, extenders, and relevant PoE switches to suffice your needs. Call us to get a quote for your project.

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