How do I connect my IP camera without a PoE switch?

how do i connect my ip camera without a poe switch

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Technology in every field of life has made things easier and better. Years ago, we didn’t have a system to detect criminal activities, but now, we can do this task through digital cameras. In the coming days, there are more advanced types of cameras that are dominating the market. IP cameras with moving capabilities have replaced the old simple cameras.

Advanced Technologies like PoE technology with different standards 802.3 are available for data connection in IP cameras. With high-speed data up to 1GB per second, you can get your videos and live recordings miles away from your IP camera. That’s why you can find most IP cameras to be using this technology.

What is an IP camera?

Have you ever observed an IP camera or Internet Protocol Camera in outdoor spaces? Maybe yes or maybe not, but let me define it. IP camera captures the video and transfers it to the computer or device over LAN. Seems difficult to understand? Let me increase the ease for you.

Consider the IP camera as a digital camera that records the video and requires the internet to transfer. It would be better to mix it with the CCTV (closed-circuit television) camera that requires a local recording device. IP camera captures the video, transmits it over the local area network with the help of network switches, and lets you store the video on your laptop or computer. So, it contains two main components— a camera and a laptop. I hope you got what exactly I want to make you understand about it.

How does an IP camera Work?

Are you still confused with the IP camera? No need to worry. Once you understand its working mechanism, it won’t be a problem to comprehend facts about IP cameras.

IP camera captures the images and videos. Then, it transfers them through the Ethernet cable if the wiring system is available or through a WiFi router if wireless. You can save the videos on your device and use them for more extended periods. For surveillance, such cameras are effective.

What are the different types of IP cameras?

When you think about using IP cameras for your video recording, you must know about their different types. Once you appreciate everything about the IP camera, you are good to go with your favorite camera type. Let’s have a look at all the types of IP cameras.

Fixed IP camera:

Around us, we often fixed types of IP cameras that record the video and send it over the IP network to the computer or our device. We call them fixed because if you mounted them, their viewing angle would remain fixed. However, you have the facility to exchange the lenses whenever you want to.

Dome IP camera:

We can divide the dome IP cameras into two types. First fixed and second movable. They have a dome shape and allow the features depending on your requirements. For example, fixed dome cameras remain stable at their place without any movement for viewing angles. Compared to it, movable can tilt to 180 degrees or have a pan of 360 degrees. They are excellent and effective for indoor and outdoor uses.

Wireless IP camera:

As the name indicates, they don’t have a wired system. Wireless IP cameras record the videos, save them to their cloud storage, and transfer them to the computer through WiFi. You might see these cameras in tiny homes for security purposes, but they are less effective than the wired system.

PTZ IP camera:

PTZ IP camera or Pan, tilt, and zoom featuring camera. You have two options to control the movement of PTZ IP cameras.

  • Manual
  • Automatic

Moreover, it empowers the users with 180 degrees of tilt and 360 degrees for pan movements. At events, you can zoom in and out of such a camera quite easily.

The angle of movement offers a wide variety of options for video recording with multiple views. Especially at public outdoor monitoring places, you can discover such types of cameras.

How do I connect my IP camera without a PoE switch?

IP cameras require Network Video Recorder (NVR) for centralized video control and management. In actuality, NVR is a software program that offers the live capturing of images and recording them to a hard disk or USB. With NVR, you have two options to connect your camera. One goes with the PoE switch, while the second refers to the connection without the PoE switch. Here, we will study how you can connect your IP camera without the PoE switch.

PoE NVR already has a PoE switch in its system and doesn’t require a PoE switch for connection. It means you can save some bucks. Enjoy savings. Here’s how exactly you can connect an IP camera without a PoE switch.

  • Connect your Ethernet cable between the NVR and router. Make sure the internet supply is available to the NVR.
  • Now, connect your IP camera with the PoE NVR over the Ethernet port. Make sure PoE technology can deliver power to the IP cameras for better management of video recording.
  • Link your NVR with the monitor. For this purpose, you can use the VGA(video graphics adapter) or HDMI cable.

Once you have followed all the above steps, make sure everything is working fine. This way, you can receive live videos and photos from your camera.

Why should you consider an IP camera as your choice?

IP camera offers multiple benefits to the users. Here are some of those.

Remote Control :

One of the biggest benefits of IP cameras is remote accessibility. You don’t have to be there to get the videos. Instead, hundreds of miles away, you need an internet connection. That’s all you must procure to get the live recording of videos and images.

Better Image Resolution:

IP camera offers high-quality images that help detect suspicious activities happening around your location. Compared to analog cameras, they provide the user with four times better quality of the picture. If you want to identify a criminal, it is no longer a problem with a high-resolution IP camera.

Uses PoE standards:

PoE or Power over Ethernet has different standards like 802.3bt technology. IP camera uses PoE standards and supplies power over Ethernet cable without requiring a dedicated power supply. PoE standards 802.3 enable even better video recording over the Ethernet cable.

Secure Data transmission:

Data transmission is a significant problem for cameras. For example, if you are identifying a suspect, it may be a big mistake if your data leaks. In IP cameras, entirely secure data transmission happens through encryption and authentication like WPA or WPA2. This system offers more secure transferring of video to remote devices.

Two-Way Audio System:

Are you having problems while speaking to your subject in the video? If yes, here is an IP camera that can fix this problem by a two-way audio system. Through this method, you can listen to your video subject and speak to him. For example, in giving instructions to customers, a business entity can use this type of camera.

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