How do I use the PoE extender?

how do i use the poe extender?

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Nowadays, Ethernet technology is the leading data network. This is possible due to the infinite applications and advantages available and the project’s complete feasibility. Moreover, network virtualization is also possible with Power over Ethernet, enabling networking to be even better and more feasible. However, some restrictions exist on using power over Ethernet, such as distance limitations. To overcome the distance limits, we use PoE extenders.

Do you want to use PoE extenders in your data network? Before understanding their use, we must know about PoE technology and its different types. Ultimately, we will be able to crack the code of a Power over Ethernet extender. This guide will detail the Power over Ethernet and PoE extenders.

What is power over Ethernet PoE?

Power over Ethernet, also called PoE, is a technology that provides electrical power and data over the Ethernet port. Power over Ethernet(PoE) works on the principles of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering(IEEE). The standard is 802.3 with different versions. These are as follows:

The maximum power from the PoE technology is 100 watts, while the data speed is in gigabytes, making it a potential option for enterprises.

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How does the Power over Ethernet PoE work?

Do you want to know how the power over the Ethernet network at your home will work? No problem. Let me help you understand it.

  • You have to connect the PoE switches with the PoE devices.
  • The PoE switch will transfer the data over the network and provide the connection to your device.
  • It will monitor and deliver the data packets from one computer to another.

IEEE standards are essential for PoE technology to work. The IEEE 802.3bt PoE switch can deliver up to 100 watts of power. Similarly, the power supply decreases for all the other IEEE versions.

3 Steps to establish a Power over Ethernet network

You can install the network if you need power and data from Ethernet technology. Before doing this, you would need the following things:

PoE devices

PoE devices are compatible devices that offer the possibility of a network. Sometimes, you use non-PoE devices and don’t get the power and data supply. Therefore, you must check whether your device supports PoE technology or not. If it does, you are good to go.

PoE switches

A PoE switch is like a bridge that establishes the device’s connection. You can consider it power-sourcing equipment with an adequate power supply.

A PoE switch can be:

The ultimate goal of the switch is to deliver power and data to the device.

Ethernet Ports

Ethernet ports are available in multiple categories. You can get a Cat1 to Cat8 Ethernet port, depending on your technology. For instance, if you are using the IEEE 802.3af, the minimum compatibility for the Ethernet port is Cat3. Similar is valid for all the other versions of the IEEE 802.3 standard.

Remember. An Ethernet cable helps build the connection and transmit the power.


Routers are not special tools. Instead, you can consider them a regular part of your PoE network. A router has the fundamental functionality of monitoring data packets, analyzing them, and passing only good data packets. It reduces network traffic and makes it easy to reduce the potential number of bottlenecks in the network.

However, routers are not an essential component of a network but can significantly improve its performance, so you can consider them additional parts.

Here are three fundamental steps to building the PoE network.

Step 1: Check all equipment is working.

First, you must determine if all the tools are working fine. You can test your power device and ensure it is PoE compatible. Moreover, you can decide if the PoE switch is Layer 2 or Layer 3. Layer 2 switch would need a router to connect to optimize the performance. A layer three switch has built-in functionality for optimal performance and might not require the router.

You can thus test all the tools, learn their properties, and determine their compatibility with the given network.

Step 2: Link your Power device with the PoE switch

It is time to build the links between the switches and powered devices. Remember, all the tools are plug-and-play, a salient feature because you don’t need an IT expert to work with them.

First, connect your PoE switch with the Ethernet connector at one end of the Ethernet cable. You need to join the second end of the Ethernet cable with the PoE device. It will build a link between the PoE device and the PoE switch with the help of the PoE port.

Step 3: Add your Router

You can consider using a router if you use a layer two switch. With the help of Ethernet ports, you can connect your router to the PoE switch to make the connections. The router will monitor whatever data you send from one device to another.

3 Limitations of PoE

Have you learned only about the PoE advantages? If yes, there are some limitations, too, and we have the solution to rectify all the problems.

I have listed some significant limitations of the power over Ethernet technology, and you can correct them with the given solution.

Non-PoE devices can not work.

Power over Ethernet always requires compatible devices. If you use a Non-PoE device in the network, it might not work.

So, what is the solution to this situation?

Simple solution. Use the PoE splitters. PoE splitters will split the power and data supply in separate ports, unlike a single Ethernet port sufficient for the connection.

It is the best possible solution to use.

Distance is limited to 100 meters only.

The maximum range for power over Ethernet is 100 meters. You can’t get the data supply or power connection outside this range. It is a significant problem for enterprises and industrial areas where machines are far from the system.

Your IP cameras are far from the monitoring panels, especially in surveillance systems. In that case, you would need a better solution. What else can it be, except we use the PoE extenders?

PoE extenders are devices that increase the distance of the PoE and improve its connectivity over large distances.

We will discuss it in detail later.

Cable Limitations

Every PoE standard requires different Ethernet port compatibility. Without a PoE-compatible Ethernet cable, this can be a significant problem.

For example, if you are employing the PoE BT, you will need to use Cat 5. If you have a Cat3 Ethernet port, it might not work.

So, what is the solution in this case? The only solution is to buy the relevant Ethernet port.

What is a PoE extender?

Have you ever heard of a PoE extender before? If not, you are good to learn here. A PoE extender is a device that acts as a relay center between the PoE switch and powered devices. In actuality, it increases the overall distance of the PoE technology.

You can explore multiple types of PoE extenders and purchase them depending on your distance requirements.

Distance Limitations and PoE Extender

PoE technology has distance limitations. Do you know the maximum range of PoE technology? It is 100 meters.

The maximum range of the PoE is 100 meters. Still, it can be lower sometimes, primarily when operating the Cat5 Ethernet cable with the Gigabit Ethernet for your powered devices. Industrial production units and enterprises have to transmit data inside the buildings. It would help if you had the data transmitted from one office to another and one room to another. In that case, do you think the 100-meter distance would be sufficient?

Not at all. Moreover, the overall cost would be more than your expectations if you invest in multiple PoE systems. That means your business could lose money. So, we have a solution!

Do you know what that is?

You can use the PoE extenders. PoE extenders are intermediate between the PoE switch and the PoE device. Whether you are distantly using IP cameras or VOIP phones, you can use the PoE extenders.

Distance Consideration and PoE Extender

The PoE extender can support the maximum range, but it all depends on the type of PoE extender you use. Not a single factor is sufficient to determine this scenario. Instead, multiple factors can determine whether the range of connection will be as per your expectations. Here are two primary factors to be considered for this scenario.

Type of PoE extender

Some PoE extenders are daisy chained and draw the high power, while others may not remove the increased power.

If your PoE extender’s power consumption is high, it will have the maximum distance coverage and cascade the signals to longer distances. The opposite will occur in a lower power consumption mode. So, you have to choose accordingly. Moreover, you can keep the power range in your PoE technology.

For example, if you use PoE 802.3af, the PoE extender power must not exceed 20-25 watts to be in the safety range. However, you can use the same scenario with the PoE BT.

Type of PoE device

The type and power of the PoE devices affect them to a greater extent. If the device’s power is high, it would have the opposite impact on the distance of the PoE extenders. However, you can choose your PoE extenders accordingly.

4 Steps to use the PoE extender in your network

Do you want to extend the distance of your PoE network? No problem! Buy an Ethernet extender and go on happily.

It is a plug-and-play powered device that is easy to install. You can connect it to your PoE network using the Ethernet cable. Moreover, its power consumption is less than 4-5 watts, saving you energy greatly.

Here are some steps to use the PoE extender in your network.

Step 1: Set Up Your PoE network

First, you need to set up your PoE network. To complete it, follow the steps mentioned above and then connect the PoE extenders.

Step 2: Link your PoE extender with the PoE switch

If you have your PoE extender, you can use the Ethernet cables to connect it to the PoE switch and device.

An Ethernet port has an RJ45 connector that plugs into the socket in the PoE extender. You can link one end of the Ethernet cable with the PoE extender and the second with the PoE switch.

Step 3: Integrate your extender with the PoE device

It is not sufficient once you have connected your PoE extender with the PoE switch. You have to extend the connection length to your powered devices. That means you have to connect it to your devices as well.

You can connect your IP cameras with the PoE extenders through the Ethernet ports in the Surveillance system. Again, the RJ45 connector would help you do all the jobs for this purpose.

Step 4: Test the working of the device

If you have connected all the tools perfectly, it is time to test whether they are working properly. If your connections are wrong, the PoE extender will not extend the length and range around 100 meters. In a successful relationship, you will observe the accurate connection and proper work.

2 Alternatives to the PoE extender

Don’t you want to use the PoE extender? You have other options, too. Here are two alternatives to the power over Ethernet extender.

Extend Mode PoE switch.

Extend mode PoE switch is also an excellent option to go. You can use these switches to increase the distance from 100 to 200 meters. However, there is one major drawback. The data speed decreases to 10 Mbps. Depending on your data speed requirements, you can consider this alternative for your switch.

PoE Powered switches

These special PoE switches get power from the PoE switch and deliver it to the devices. You can consider them intermediate switches that only play a part in PoE range extension. It is an excellent alternative to the PoE extender.

Final Words

PoE extenders are crucial components in industrial areas. Do you know why? Because they increase the range of signals and help get the power and data from the PoE technology without any problem.

Do you want to buy the PoE extender? We have a PoE extender with a range of up to 800 meters. You can extend your network range and get the best for your Ethernet network. Our Ethernet extender has numerous features that will suffice your needs.

Howevision Professional has all that you need for your PoE technology. Hit us with a message to get the quote for your project.

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