Can PoE Damage Non-PoE Devices

can poe damage non poe devices

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Are you surfing your time to find out if PoE technology can damage your Non-PoE devices? If this is what troubles you, better drop the unnecessary hustle now. Because the answer is NO, Power Over Ethernet uses low voltage that is exceptionally safe for any device to connect to it, irrespective of its PoE nature.

Power Over Ethernet – The Revolution.

The PoE overtook the standard data cable and power cables in 2003. And the world of IoT evolved alongside it. IoT fact-checkers also state that by 2025, the world will change. Almost 75 billion devices worldwide would move to PoE Technology.

PoE enables devices to Power up and transmits data on a single cable. Power Over Ethernet utilizes twisted pair cables to handle both. They manage the work that used to take heavy wiring back in the day. Not just that, additionally you can utilize it likewise for Power. It also saves money on materials, work, establishment time, and continuous heavy maintenance investments.

At the time of its advent, PoE was only able to transmit 15W. Pretty low for the time, but the technology was record-breaking even then. Today, the same functionalities allow transmission of about 90-100W, so PoE brought a great revolution with it.

Despite all the ease of installation, feasibility, and durability features, there are still myths and misconceptions associated with PoE. These misconceptions arise due to the outdated or misinformation available on the subject out there on the internet. They do not even have proofs to second what they state.

Commonly Found Misconception About PoE

Here are a few misconceptions that lead people to foul choices about PoE;

You Need Expert for Installation Okay. It could have been true if it were still the PoE standard that it was back at the time of advent. But, not any longer. At the beginning of POE, many home-prepared plans to control network links. What’s more, it wasn’t feasible for any non-specialized individual to comprehend what it is genuinely intended to introduce these gadgets.

In any case, IEEE 802.3af POE intends to guarantee solid activity in any arrangement that would be conceivable with standard Ethernet. The client needs to wire up the organization, and gear will deal with power conveyance.

PoE Might Raise Compatibility Issues

A major no! I have IEEE 802.3af to confirm what I state. This standard accommodates Power up to 12.95W at the Powered Device. You can use these to access devices that work on lower voltages. PoE enables the instruments to not just merely work but also guarantees the device’s excellent functionality.

Special Cabling Requirement

Power over Ethernet or PoE innovation portrays a framework. A framework securely moves electricity force, alongside information, to remote devices. The mentioned takes event over standard cables in an Ethernet network. These wires are non-other than the standard Cat3, Cat5, Cat5eand Cat6.

Accelerated Power Supply

The Power that the manufacturers quote on the product they have manufactured is not always the boundary. They mention upper limits, which are also fluctuate able.

Knowing that, if you plug a 5W camera into a more excellent watt PoE adapter, it does not mean that the adapter will transfer it completely. The adaptor will not force Power into the devices. The camera attached would only utilize the Power it requires to function.

We have witnessed the standards and misconceptions about PoE getting removed. The fundamental question is if PoE does not damage the non-PoE devices, what does it do to ensure safety?

Before beginning to drive through that part of the article, let’s get into the terms that support the procedure.

The Terminologies

PSE – stands for Power Sourcing Equipment. You can use it for sourcing the Power to any end device at the end of the topology. Those devices that PSE powers are PD, otherwise quoted as Powered Devices. The Power received to the powered device is always less than what it sources from the PSE.

As we know what these terminologies are, let me proceed with how the PoE ensures that the connected devices, whether PoE or Non-PoE, remains undamaged.

PoE Procedure – Ensuring the Safety of Non-PoE Powered devices.

We know that a PoE Injector can make a non-PoE Device compatible for use as PoE to manage its working. These PoE appliances, either switches or injectors, ensure that the connected devices, even if not PoE remain safe.

Long before the Power Sourcing Equipment sends any voltage upon the cable to a device connected to it, it shakes hand. Handshake is a procedure used to inquire about the required Power that the powered device requires. The system under mention uses a low voltage to ensure that it does not harm the PD.

If the answer to the handshake gets a reply in affirmative, the injector providing Power Over Ethernet to the PD begins to send Power. And the PD gets its power-up.

Under any given circumstance, the powering source does not send any power over the cables to the PD if the handshake is not completed. Ensuring the device remains unharmed in the procedure. The mentioned procedure is the built-in function of IEEE 802.3af/at/bt-compliant machines.

The IEEE 802.3af/at/bt standard makes PoE technology inherently safe for powered PoE and Non-PoE devices.

Concluding Thoughts!

This article is well focused and revolves around whether the PoE technology can damage non-PoE devices. It is to inquire if the stated is safe for use as PSE for devices that are not compatible with Power and Data.

We cleared the myths based on customary beliefs that hold no valid grounds to accusations based on PoE being dangerous to non-PoE devices. Furthermore, the article drives to a conclusion what are the standards that the PoE technology follows to ensure that the devices connected are well protected. And the report concludes that PoE does not damage non-PoE devices.


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