Industrial Switches: Top Picks for Stormy Environments

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How much do you know about industrial poe switches?


Industrial switches for ethernet networks come in different types: managed and unmanaged. Managed switches give more control and customization choices.


These switches often feature rugged construction, designed to withstand harsh industrial environments. They also provide redundant power options for uninterrupted operation.

We’ve made sure that our industrial switches are ready for anything! They’re equipped with Gigabit Ethernet ports for high-speed data transfer, support PoE technology for powering connected devices, and network essentials for bandwidth communications.

Importance of Durability in Thunderstorms

Resilient Design

Industrial switches are important for keeping the power on during thunderstorms. They must be designed to withstand extreme weather and avoid system failures.

Durability is key in industrial switches, especially during thunderstorms, which can cause power surges and outages. Robust construction using high-quality materials enhances the switch’s longevity and performance.

Industrial switches with IPv6 or higher ratings offer superior protection against water ingress, ensuring reliable operation even in heavy rain or flooding conditions.

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Ensuring dual redundant power inputs is crucial for lightning protection systems. This feature provides backup power sources in case one fails during a thunderstorm. By having multiple power inputs, the system remains operational, safeguarding against lightning strikes.

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Features of Thunderstorm-Resistant Nethwork Switches

Lightning Protection

Industrial switches designed to withstand thunderstorms feature built-in lightning protection mechanisms. These safeguards prevent electrical surges caused by lightning strikes, ensuring uninterrupted power supply during storms.

Robust Construction

These switches are constructed using durable materials such as impact-resistant plastics or metals, making them sturdy and resilient against external forces like strong winds or debris during storms.

Enhanced Safety Features

Incorporating enhanced safety features like surge protection and insulation, thunderstorm-resistant switches prioritize user safety by reducing the risk of electrical hazards during stormy weather.

Quick Installation Process

Manufacturers have streamlined the installation process for these grade switches, enabling quick and hassle-free setup for industrial applications requiring reliable performance in thunderstorm-prone areas.



Industrial grade switches are networking devices designed specifically for industrial environments, and they usually have higher durability, stability, and reliability to meet the stringent requirements of networking devices in industrial applications. Here are some of the main roles of industrial grade switches in different industries:

In the field of communication and transport, industrial-grade switches can be used to build stable communication networks, support high-speed data transmission and real-time communication, and ensure the timely delivery of information.
They can also be used to monitor and control traffic signals, traffic cameras and other equipment to improve the efficiency and safety of traffic management.
Power Industry:

In the power industry, industrial-grade switches can be used in the construction of smart grids to achieve remote monitoring and control of power grids.
They also support real-time monitoring of equipment during power generation, transmission and distribution to prevent failures and improve grid stability.

In the manufacturing industry, industrial grade switches can support network connectivity for automated production lines to enable machine-to-machine communication.They can also be used to collect data from production lines for analysis and optimisation of production processes.Oil and Gas.

In the mining industry, industrial grade switches can be used for communication and monitoring systems in underground mines to improve the safety of operations.
They can also be used to monitor environmental conditions in mines, such as gas concentrations and temperatures, to prevent potential hazards.
Building Automation:

In the field of building automation, industrial-grade switches can be used to build the network infrastructure of smart buildings, enabling intelligent control of lighting, air conditioning, security systems and more.
Water and Wastewater Treatment:

In the water treatment industry, industrial grade switches can be used to monitor parameters such as water quality, flow and pressure to ensure an efficient and safe water treatment process.

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Selecting the Best Industrial Ethernet Switch


Industrial Ethernet switches are designed to withstand harsh environments, ensuring uninterrupted operations in challenging conditions. They feature rugged casings and components to endure extreme temperatures and vibrations for us.

When selecting an industrial switch, prioritize durability to guarantee long-term reliability. Look for switches with robust construction and certifications such as IP67 for water and dust resistance.

Network Speed

For efficient data transmission in industrial settings, network speed is crucial. Opt for switches that support Gigabit Ethernet or higher speeds to facilitate quick and seamless communication between devices.

Consider factors like bandwidth requirements and network congestion when choosing a switch with the appropriate speed capabilities. High-speed switches prevent bottlenecks and ensure smooth data flow across the network.

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  7. Industrial Switch Selection and Technical Requirements
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