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Speaking of video surveillance systems, many people will think the front-end cameras and back-end displays and other visible equipment, switches, and other intermediate layer transmission equipment are less known.

For a long time, both the traditional switch in the analog transmission era and the PoE switch in the digital network era. Switch in the video surveillance system has always played the role of video data transmission behind the scenes.

But with the advent of the security era, more and more security switch companies began to cut through the intelligent transformation of system operation and maintenance services to enterprise products from behind the scenes to the stage.

Especially in intelligent cities, smart campuses, intelligent transportation, and many other medium and large projects, the function of video surveillance is gradually changed from after-the-fact investigation and evidence collection to beforehand, real-time warning. It is also on the system stability of video surveillance and operation and maintenance services to put forward higher requirements to the security switch and other data transmission companies to bring an excellent opportunity to extend the service.

We understand that to achieve the video surveillance system, cameras, switches, displays, and many other operating status monitoring. Ruijie, Howe, and other security switch companies have developed a corresponding management platform for video surveillance system operation and maintenance management.

Many security switch companies said that from the analog transmission era to the era of intelligent transmission, security switches have also experienced the “communication, power supply, operation, and maintenance management” functional service extension.

The future needs to solve the fundamental communication problems and the system equipment operation and maintenance management to deepen the fit between the enterprise and the user. We are increasing the impact of the enterprise products on the overall video surveillance system.

In this context, hardware and software integration has also become the focus of developing the security switch business at this stage. In the increasingly competitive video surveillance market, the switchboard companies’ operation and maintenance management capabilities will occupy more advantages.

Intelligent switchboard companies to promote the extension of services.

The switch provides more communication, power supply, and other essential functions in the traditional video surveillance system. Product-added value is too low and has been plagued by the development of the pain point where the enterprise is in urgent need of a new service model to enhance.

And with the rapid implementation of artificial intelligence in the field of security and technology iteration. The current intelligent technology is also in the security collection, transmission, ISP, storage, operation, and maintenance of multiple links to promote the switch business towards innovative service extension.

Especially in recent years, the construction of intelligent cities, intelligent transportation, sky network projects, intelligent parks, and other industries in the video surveillance system, its front-end associated with more equipment and access to the network data volume and other features. Make the need for a supporting management platform for real-time operation and maintenance management of these devices.

The service extension of the data transmission enterprise needs to solve the data analysis and management upgrade problems in the scene service through platform-based services.

Under the continuous promotion of projects such as smart cities, the number of devices associated with their systems has risen. Because of the specificity of the application environment, it also makes the system needs to run 24 hours a day, putting forward highly high requirements for the system’s stability and equipment.

The platform-based management of front-end and transmission-end devices enables real-time understanding of various types of equipment and problems. Fundamentally solve the pain points of the operation and maintenance service link, achieve data analysis, management upgrade, and accuracy in place, so that data transmission becomes more stable and efficient.

Artificial intelligence cut into the transmission field, mainly from two aspects to bring improvement. On the one hand, it strengthens communication quality through AI, conveying more stable and reliable data transmission. On the other hand, it is the back-end platform based on the introduction of deep learning algorithms, allowing the platform to transmit service traffic based on the front end. Predict the failure points that will occur in electronic devices and do advanced troubleshooting.

Take the power sector as an example. Every year around the Chinese New Year, due to the return of mobile workers, there are always some overload faults in the power system in rural areas. Through its switch and operation and maintenance box products used in the power system, monitoring line current and voltage changes can achieve the early detection of faults and power wisdom deployment in the case of power shortage.

Product value-added enhancement brings broader application space.

The advent of the security era to the original profit model fixed switchboard companies has brought a more lucrative market growth space.

Driven by intelligence, more and more switch products began to the field of security to the industrial Internet of things in audio and video data transmission extension.

Compared with commercial switches, industrial switches, high and low temperature, lighting levels, electromagnetic interference, body structure, etc., have been substantially improved and can be more adaptable to urban governance, traffic, electricity, and other indoor and outdoor environments of many scenarios.

Under the iteration of intelligent technology, the price of smart industrial switch products continues to reduce simultaneously, and the follow-up operation and maintenance service functions improve significantly.

Industry insiders point out that just as before PoE switch replaced the ordinary switch. In the early days of PoE switch marketing, it was often abandoned by engineering integrators because of the simplicity of PoE technology wiring, reducing manufacturers’ profit points.

However, in the practical application, the convenience of PoE technology can significantly reduce the construction time of engineering integrators, thus reducing their time and expenditure costs and forcing more and more enterprises to choose PoE switches in system transmission.

The same applies to intelligent industrial switch products. The ease of use of AI will impact the profit growth of engineering integrators. Still, the service improvements brought about by its operation and maintenance management will also significantly enhance the user’s product applications.

In solving the system stability and user pain points, security machine companies will also change the past behind the scenes by bringing the user to fit their operations and maintenance services, which deepens the user’s recognition of the enterprise. To do the integrated development of hardware and software, bringing more scenarios in the market value-added space.


At present, Nowhere Intelligent has become an essential label of pan-security and cultivates the switchboard companies to bring service extension of the transformation opportunities.

With the integration of hardware and software development, the switch also towards the “communication – power supply – operation and maintenance management” function extension, the increasing influence of the video surveillance system, bringing more market growth.

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