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Industrial Ethernet has accommodated many Internet applications. Before moving on to the industrial Ethernet, we look at several applications in an industrial zone.

An industrial network contains multiple layers, all contributing to networked devices. Moreover, industrial machines have high power and require a high-speed data connection. That’s why Ethernet technology is a suitable solution that enables high industrial switch power supplies and data transmission.

This guide will provide comprehensive knowledge of industrial Ethernet switches and their types.

What is an Industrial Ethernet switch?

An Industrial Ethernet switch is a type of Ethernet switch that can withstand harsh environmental conditions and provide industrial networking solutions. Often, the industrial region has heavy machinery, oil rigs, manufacturing plants, and industrial-grade network equipment. We use industrial Ethernet switches to adapt to noisy conditions and provide data speed and power.

Remember. These are simple Ethernet switches with extended features, such as sustaining harsh industrial environments in hazardous locations, real-time communication, etc.

5 different types of Industrial Ethernet Switches

An industrial Ethernet switch may comprise multiple types. Depending on the preferred choice and Method, you can operate the following industrial switches.

Managed Industrial switch

Do you already have some knowledge of managed switches? If not, no problem! Let me explain the managed switches in detail.

A managed industrial switch allows users to control their features and preferences according to requirements. You have greater control over your traffic, configure your network layer, and extend the latest functionalities of your switches.

Moreover, it has a Simple Network Management Protocol(SNMP) that enables users to:

  • Determine port statuses
  • Network throughput
  • Network errors

You can track data and demonstrate errors instantly with a managed switch. You can schedule effective upgrade plans to level up your traffic in case of errors. They have better network security and a wide operating voltage range.

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Unmanaged Industrial switch

There are no extended facilities or extra features. This is what you get in an unmanaged switch. Even you can expect it to be a small switch with limited facilities.

An unmanaged industrial switch is a plug-and-play controller that copes with environmental conditions in the manufacturing industry and provides anti-vibration resistance.

Here are some fundamental points about unmanaged industrial switches.

  • You can install unmanaged switches in your network and let them work independently.
  • You can’t configure the traffic and monitor its status.
  • Unmanaged switches are suitable for installing and watching your traffic when you don’t have IT experts.

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Industrial PoE switch

Maybe you have heard of PoE technology! If it is true, great!

PoE technology offers network solutions and enables high-security networks to connect devices. The IEEE has provided different standards of 802.3 to run the industrial PoE switches and take measures suitable for your network.

An industrial PoE switch follows IEEE standards and provides networking solutions in the industrial zone. It provides:

  • High-speed data connection
  • Power supply up to 95 watts in the industrial

Since the industrial zone operates high-power devices, Industrial PoE switches are a perfect match with 95 watts to transmit data and power supply.

Depending on the power budget, we divide PoE:

Din rail industrial Ethernet switches are also a popular type of operation in the industrial area. 

These switches maintain their structure and functional operations at extreme temperature conditions, whether cold or hot. A Din rail switch can work effectively in harsh environments, such as from –40°C to 75°C. Moreover, it can absorb vibrations and shocks without getting damaged.

There are two types of din rail switches.

Depending on your requirements, you can try any Industrial Ethernet switch.

Rackmount Industrial switch

Rackmount switches are designed as Industrial Ethernet switches, either managed or unmanaged.

In these industrial switches, multiple Ethernet switches are placed in a metal rack that can endure extreme environmental conditions like an Industrial area. These are usually 19 inches wide, offering effective resilience.

Here are some benefits of using these Ethernet switches.

  • They offer a high degree of modular flexibility and can be used for different network segments.
  • It can protect from harsh conditions and potential damages.
  • High levels of security place them in the industrial zone.

5 Reasons why you need an Industrial Ethernet switch

Are you considering an industrial Ethernet switch? If yes, I have listed some reasons you should consider industrial network switches.

Keep your devices Connected.

An industrial Ethernet network keeps many requirements ahead. Most of them refer to technical aspects. With a single Ethernet port, you get:

  • High power transmission
  • High data connection

A single Ethernet cable can prevent failures at multiple points and keep the connection intact. If there is an error at any moment, it becomes easy to locate. Overall, you get a powerful solution for your industrial networks.

Resists Harsh Environment Conditions

Have you ever visited the industrial zone? If not, you can’t even get to the extreme climate conditions. 

The industrial zone’s temperature ranges from –40°C to +75°C. Vibrations, shocks, and dangerous situations are typical.

In such cases, an industrial Ethernet switch is a solution. It supports:

  • Industry automation systems
  • Electrical applications at the industrial site
  • Intelligent transportation systems(ITSs)
  • Marine installations
  • Oil and Gas Platforms

Ethernet switches reduce electrical noise and interference

We all know one fact. Ethernet cables can reach 100 meters. We need a comprehensive system ranging from meters to miles in industrial areas. No doubt, fiber optics reduces the distance concerns but raises questions about the interference due to electrical noises.

In these cases, Ethernet switches can improve connectivity and reduce noise due to electrical transmittance.

Cheap and Fundamental connectivity

If you have a simple network, why use managed switches? Managed switches are usually expensive and have extensive features. In that case, you may also fall short of the budget. 

For basic requirements, unmanaged Ethernet technology is your companion. Moreover, it is plug-and-play, ensuring hassle-free features without expertise.

Traffic Filtering and Network Security

Network Security and traffic filtration are crucial to attaining high network performance

Managed Ethernet switches use the Internet protocol layer to filter traffic and direct it to a specific device. When data packets transfer from one particular host to the destination device, a more efficient and performing network comes into action. It supports standard industrial applications to a greater extent.

Ethernet has a high protection rating in terms of security. Apart from security protocols, you can configure and monitor the traffic. You can eliminate unauthorized traffic to improve network security.


Have you ever purchased an industrial network switch? If it is your first experience, you need to check the different types of Ethernet switches, compare their features, and determine which industrial network switch would be best for them. For example, if you don’t have an IT expert in your company, it is time to go with unmanaged switches. So, make your choice better.

Visit HoweVision Professional to explore industrial network switches. We have all types of managed and unmanaged switches that facilitate advanced features. Check out our website!

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