How far can I run the PoE IP camera?

how far can i run the poe ip camera?

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PoE technology works within 100 meters of the network, so you can run your PoE IP camera within that range.

Power over Ethernet works based on IEEE 802.3 principles. If there is a concern for power and data supply, this technology can be an excellent option. PoE has applications in broad areas of life. For example, IP cameras. Have you ever imagined the technology in them? Where do they get the power supply?

All this refers to PoE technology. Do you know why? PoE is a readily available, cheap, and reliable option for your IP cameras. Today, we will discuss the PoE IP cameras and the range in which they work.

If you want to know whether all IP cameras are PoE compatible, look at the guide: Are all IP cameras PoE compatible?

Where do we use the IP cameras?

I have a quick task for you. Observe the cameras at the outdoor places. Can you let me know what are those types of cameras exactly? Those are IP cameras.

In reality, outdoor places usually contain IP cameras. Do you know why? We use IP cameras for security purposes. You can observe the applications of IP cameras in the outdoor area and the following aspects.

  • At hotels, we use IP cameras for security purposes.
  • For surveillance purposes in the outdoor places

There are many more applications of IP cameras, depending on the given situation.

How do IP cameras work?

Good question. How exactly do these IP cameras work? No worries. We will crack the code for IP cameras here.

An IP camera is an internet protocol camera that works over the local area network and transfers the recording to the local devices. IEEE 802.3 standard enables power and data connection to the IP camera. That’s how exactly an IP camera works.

PoE enables two significant factors for the IP cameras.

  • High power supply
  • High-speed data connection

A high power supply facilitates the working of the IP camera, while a high-speed data connection transfers the files over the network. That’s as simple as you might expect.

How far can I run the PoE IP camera?

Remember one thing. Every technology has its pros and cons. Cons are simply the limitations of that technology. When it comes to PoE, you can find access to limited distances. For example, using the PoE IP camera can work within a 100-meter range of connection.

Can I increase the PoE IP camera range?

PoE IP cameras work on the principles of IEEE 802.3. The maximum distance is 100 meters, far more significant than a data connection by Wi-Fi and several other technologies.

Sometimes, your IP camera is more than 100 meters away from the location, making the PoE distance insufficient. What will you do? Is there a solution to this situation? Yes, there is. Use PoE extenders.

Let me give you complete knowledge about the PoE extenders and how you can install them.

What is a PoE extender?

What do you understand by the word “Extender?” The device can extend the ability of something, correct? Apply the same concept to this situation as well.

A PoE extender is a device that can increase the range of the PoE network. Usually, the PoE range is 100 meters, but the question is how many meters it can improve. Numerous types of extenders can increase the length to different distances.

For example, the HoweVision PoE extender increases the PoE distance to 800 meters. I suppose this is far greater than what you need at your location. PoE extenders are popular, especially in industrial Ethernet, so you could use them in your industrial PoE networks.

What exactly does it do?

A PoE extender increases the range of the PoE. You might think about how exactly it does this job. No worries. Let me help you understand the concept of a PoE extender in a PoE network.

A PoE network comprises switches, routers, and devices. Ethernet port links all of them. As the distance from the PoE switch to the device is 100 meters, you can enjoy the PoE technology. Otherwise, it would help if you connected the PoE extenders.

Consider them intermediate devices that act in between the device and the switches. They receive the input power from the switch and transfer it to the device.

In this way, they increase the total distance of PoE technology from the switch to the devices.

If you want to know how to use a PoE switch with an IP camera, look at the guide—How Do I Use PoE Switch for IP Cameras

How will you install it to increase the PoE IP camera distance?

During all this, we use the Ethernet ports. Installing PoE extenders is not as complicated as you might expect, but you still must have some knowledge.

Following three steps, you will be good to install the PoE extender to increase the range.

  • Connect your PoE extender with the PoE switch. A specific plug is available to connect them.
  • Link your PoE extender on the second end to the IP camera
  • Check the connection whether it works or not. You have made the right connections; otherwise, check the ports.

You don’t have to hire IT specialists to install the PoE extenders. Instead, you can do this job quite easily.

Is it safe to use the PoE extender?

Yes. The PoE extenders have not been reported to have any problems until now. You can use them without worrying much about them. They work well with the PoE network.

Are there any benefits of using the PoE extenders?

You might wonder why you should choose PoE extenders. That’s no problem. Why not have a look at their advantages? Here is what you can get from them.

You can increase the range of PoE.

Is the PoE range insufficient for you? Especially in Industrial PoE networks, 100 meters seems to be a short distance. So, what should you do in such a case? Use PoE extenders that can increase the range for you. HoweVision PoE extenders can increase the capacity up to 800 meters. Isn’t it still enough?

It can save money for you.

PoE extenders are a cheap option. They don’t cost much, in any case. Instead of using multiple wires or any other alternative to increase the PoE range, a PoE extender can be a good option. Go ahead and avail yourself of it.

PoE extenders are plug-and-play.

Installing PoE extenders does not require hiring technical experts. They are plug-and-play. You connect them with the relevant switch and IP cameras. That’s all you need to do. It will start working.

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