What is a 1GB 10GB Ethernet switch?

what is a 1gb 10gb ethernet switch

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Whether at home or office, you need power and a data supply. It is not about 2G or 3G speed, which is roughly 1MB per second. Instead, we are talking about advanced solutions that can give you speed up to 1 gigabyte. Quite impressive. Usually, you have come across many routers or WiFi that offer data speed only up to 100 or more per second. Is it sufficient? I suppose it’s not. Especially at data centers, there is a need for continuous data backups and controls.

If you replace your WiFi with a better option like Ethernet, you can get more. Data speed up to 10GB per second. Isn’t it fantastic internet speed? More secure in every aspect providing you high-quality traffic over the network.

Want to know a detailed guide about data speed? Have a look at—Is It Worth Getting Gigabit Internet?

What is a 1GB 10GB Ethernet switch?

Quite a different scenario. 1GB and 10GB Ethernet switches vary from each other in multiple aspects. Not only because of data speed but also because several parameters can be helpful in this respect. However, let me define them and illustrate them to understand what exactly they are.

What is a 1GB Ethernet switch?

I suppose you already know what an Ethernet switch does. However, let me define it again. An ethernet switch helps you connect your multiple computers or devices over a network and allows them to work synchronously. In simple words, it is a bridge between various computers.

1GB Ethernet switch is a type of Ethernet switch that offers data speed up to 1 gigabyte per second. IEEE developed a 1GB Ethernet switch in 1999 that replaced fast Ethernet switches and works based on the principles of the 802.3ab standard.

What is a 10GB Ethernet switch?

Same as above but different data speed. 10GB Ethernet switch, also called 10GE, 10GbE, or 10 GigE, is an Ethernet switch that operates and provides data speed up to 10 gigabytes per second. Just imagine 10 gigabytes of rate per second. Don’t you think it is far better for data centers? Yes, it is. You can find its applications at such places as well.

It uses a bit different standard than the 1GB Ethernet which is IEEE 802.3ae—2002. The earliest working mechanism is the 802.3ae standard. Later on, you can find multiple other means upon which it works. Cool.

How is the 1GB Ethernet switch different from the 10GB Ethernet switch?

Many factors can play a role in differentiating between 1GB and 10GB Ethernet. I have listed the top differences among both types of Ethernet switches.

Data Speed:

Data speed matters a lot when you have more than ten computers at a time running in your office. High-speed internet would be amazing to let your computers run smoothly at a given internet speed.

1GB Ethernet switch offers you data speed only up to 1 gigabyte per second. Compared to it, 10GB Ethernet offers 10 gigabytes per second—10X speed of 1 gigabyte Ethernet.

Use of Standards:

There are different types of standards that both 1GB and 10GBE employ. But, we can differentiate them based on their first IEEE standard.

IEEE introduced 1GB Ethernet in 1999 based on the 802.3ab standard. In 2002, they introduced another upgrade 10GB Ethernet, that works based on 802.3ae standard.


1GB Ethernet doesn’t have a more extended range for the data connection. You can expect up to 5 kilometers of range in which you can get the speed. In the case of 10GB Ethernet, this range increases to 40 kilometers eight times of 1GB Ethernet.


Cost is also significant because you need to make choices. Depending on your budget, you can purchase any of the Ethernet switch types. 10GB Ethernet switch provides unlimited bandwidth. That means, more expenses compared to 1GB Ethernet. So, 10GB Ethernet is two to three times more expensive than the 1GB Ethernet.


In the following areas, you can use the 1GB Ethernet.

  • Small to medium businesses where there is not much need for data speed.
  • Small computer networks that require low-speed internet.
  • Offices with two to four computers.

In the case of 10GB Ethernet, we can use it in the following applications.

  • Data centers where there is a need for continuous data management and storage.
  • Big enterprises with substantial computer networks to make them run smoothly.
  • High-end gaming centers for better speed.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a 1GB Ethernet Switch?

Do you want to make an informed decision? Why not have a look at the pros and cons of the 1GB Ethernet to make sure whether it can be your choice or not? I have listed some of the top advantages and disadvantages of a 1GB Ethernet switch.


  • Cheap. Compared to other types like the 10GB Ethernet switch, the 1GB Ethernet switch is inexpensive.
  • Easy to install and manage the traffic over the network. It could connect multiple devices at a time and provide data speed without interruptions.
  • Offers support for multicast and broadcast
  • Commonly known all around the world.
  • Secure data connection over the SSL and SSH protocols


  • No bandwidth guarantees.
  • Limited management capabilities
  • Low speed compared to its competitors like 10GBE.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of 10GB Ethernet?

10GB Ethernet is an upgrade of a 1GB Ethernet switch offering more flexible features. To be a better solution, it has the following significant pros and cons.


  • 10 gigabytes of speed per second. Astonishing. No need to employ multiple systems to maintain the performance of the traffic.
  • Unlimited bandwidth usage with flexible features
  • Different security protocols like SSL, SSH, or RADIUS make the data connection more secure than wireless connections.
  • Increases the capabilities of your computers to come up with practical solutions for network traffic.


  • Why is 10G so Expensive? Two to three times higher than the cost of a 1GB Ethernet switch.
  • Requires IT experts, to install the system and operate it.

Which one should you choose? 1GB or 10GB Ethernet?

Are you confused? You must be. It is not easy to make an informed decision while having a look at the Ethernet switches. Unless you operate them manually, you might not understand which can be better for you. Let me help you.

If you have one or more computers at your home or office, you can go for 1GB Ethernet. Do you know, why? Because it is an inexpensive solution along with simple techniques to install it. It would not cause many problems for you.

For big enterprises or data centers, 10GB Ethernet must be your choice. You might be thinking, why? Same answer. There is a need for a high-speed data connection to make the computers work smoothly and do all the tasks on time.

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