What wattage is PoE+?

what wattage is poe+

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Power over Ethernet has dominated the world of electronics by introducing new mechanisms for power supply. Among the biggest problems is internet speed. 2G, 3G, or even 4G seems insufficient to provide a high-speed data connection. We maximally get 100 MBs per second data speed. That is not enough when you are working on more significant projects that require high-speed internet.

Low-speed internet can cause many problems for you.

  • It reduces the working efficiency if you are dependent on the internet
  • Consumes the time to load webpages or do tasks
  • It seriously affects the surveillance when you want to transfer videos from your IP camera.

It would help if you had a solution. Here we have the solution that can give speed up to 1 gigabyte per second — 1 GIGABYTE PER SECOND. Seriously, it is impressive that technology becoming the future of our Internet of Things.

What is PoE technology?

Before moving ahead to define the term “PoE,” I would recommend knowing the abbreviation of it. PoE refers to power over Ethernet. I hope you can explain this term quite effortlessly.

In PoE, we do transfer the data and supply power to our devices through the Ethernet cables. It gives you a more secure connection and helps us transfer data over longer distances. You might have wireless systems or wifi around your home or in your office. So, there might be several questions about why we should prefer PoE over a wireless connection.

For a better appreciation of PoE, read the guide on PoE— What is PoE?

Why do we prefer PoE over a Wireless system?

The wireless system is also working around the world. But, do you know it is not that efficient? Compared to PoE, it lacks many features and is vulnerable to hackers. In a wireless system, we don’t use wires. Instead, routers supply us with data connections in a limited range. Here are the top differences between the Wireless and Power over Ethernet.

How does Power over Ethernet Work?

Do you know the exact working mechanism of PoE? The answer can be both— Yes and No. If you have some experience with it, you might know how exactly power over Ethernet works. However, let me help you understand the PoE and its working principles.

With the help of the Ethernet port, there is a connection between the PoE switch and the power supply device. Data transfer and power transfer between the switch and the device is carried out via Ethernet cables. The power and data speeds may vary according to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE).

Here are different standards on which PoE works.

  • 802.3af (Type 1)
  • 802.3at (Type 2)
  • 802.3bt (Type 3)
  • 802.3bt (Type 4)

For a detailed guide about PoE standards, read our article — What Are the Different Types of PoE?

What is PoE plus?

Before heading to the wattage of PoE plus, we must understand what precisely the PoE+ is. PoE+ or IEEE 802.3at (Type 2) standard offers power and data supply over the Ethernet cable. In history, IEEE developed this standard in 2009 and upgraded the Type 1 PoE standard with better compatibility and power. Here is the whole discussion about PoE Plus.

What wattage is PoE+?

Power Supply matters a lot. When you need to provide people with an advanced PoE 802.3af, you need to make some changes. However, let’s look at the output power supply and power available to the device from the IEEE 802.3at standard.

PoE plus provides an output power of 30 watts while the power available to the power device is 25.5 watts. I hope you got an answer to your question.

Other points of PoE+:

Power matters and other factors like voltage, current, and many others also matter. Let’s look at them and understand which one is compatible with your Power over Ethernet device.


We usually measure voltage in volts— on the scientist’s name. In PoE+, the voltage from the power supply is 50 to 57 volts while available to the power device is 42.5 to 57 volts. In actuality, voltage determines the range in which a device can work. Such voltage devices will be compatible with the PoE+ supply.


PoE+ technology provides a maximum current of 600 milliamperes higher than the IEEE 802.3af standard’s current.

Ethernet Compatibility:

Ethernet occurs in several different forms. Every PoE standard has added compatibility for Ethernet types. In PoE+, 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, and 1000BASE-T, forms of Ethernet are compatible.

Cable type:

In power over Ethernet technology, we use Ethernet cable. But, there are several types of Ethernet ports such as Category 3, 5, 5e, or 6. So, the type of Ethernet port varies with the different IEEE 802.3 standards. For example, you can not use the Cat3 port with the PoE+ standard. Instead, the minimum port compatibility is Cat5.


PoE range is the same for all the standards— one hundred meters. But, you can increase it by using the PoE extenders. For example, 800 Meters Long-Distance IEEE802.3af/at PoE+ Extender can increase the PoE range up to 800 meters. Isn’t it quite excellent? I suppose it is.

Applications of PoE+:

There are numerous applications of PoE+ technology in our daily lives. In offices or even surveillance, we often use the IEEE 802.3at standard to overcome power supply and data connection issues. Let me list some top applications of PoE plus technology.

IP cameras:

Maybe you have observed IP cameras around your office or home. Especially moving cameras as such PTZ IP cameras use PoE plus technology to transfer the photos and videos over a high-speed data connection.

Alarm systems:

Alarm systems work as a surveillance tool in emergencies. Such systems employ the PoE+ technology and get the power and data connection over a single Ethernet port.

VOIP phones:

Usually, we use Voice Over IP phones to contact others and convey our message. What do you think which type of technology do they use? It is a PoE plus standard that supplies VOIP phones.

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