What Is a PoE Passthrough Port?

what is a poe passthrough port?

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Pass-through ports let you connect multiple devices on the PoE switch. It powers all pass-through connections without extra cables and power sources.

Have you struggled to understand PoE pass-through ports and how to use them? It is usually impossible to realize the full potential of technological devices if you don’t understand them.

Thus, it is essential to understand and know how to operate a device before you can benefit from it.

There are RJ45 connections found on a PoE-enabled switch. These connections supply power to that switch and any other connected device.

You do not have to use the standard power adapter to enable power across all the other connections. Instead, you can connect a cable to one of the PoE ports, enabling power across other connections.

Yet, there is more to learn about the PoE pass-through ports. I will explain this port in detail.

What Is the Meaning of Passthrough?

Different electronic devices have pass-through as an option. This option lets signals “pass through” these devices unaltered.

There are different pass-throughs, including HDMI, USB, and network pass-throughs.

Let me explain all these types below.

HDMI Passthrough

Digital receivers usually process the input they receive through HDMI ports. An excellent example of this input is digital audio. And you can use one or more HDMI ports at a time.

Before sending the output to other devices, like the speakers, the digital receivers may use an equalizer and other effects to change the audio signal.

Sometimes, leaving the signal untouched is preferable so other devices can process it in its original state. The “pass-through” option supports this type of new processing.

Some AVRs have a similar yet different HDMI “standby pass-through” option. With this option, digital data can flow via a specified HDMI port. It happens even when your device is in standby mode.

USB Pass-through

This pass-through allows the daisy-chaining of USB peripherals through a single or multiple devices. Keyboards with USB ports are good examples.

Here, one can plug the mouse into the keyboard’s USB port. It then connects to your computer’s back USB port.

USB pass-throughs transmit digital data through devices but don’t always provide USB power.

If the USB device requires a charge or electrical power to function, the pass-through device must supply the wattage necessary.

Network Passthrough

Pass-through is an option found on different electronic devices. It allows a signal to “pass through” the device unaltered.

In networking, a pass-through port may refer to any device’s port that relays data unaltered to another device on the network.

Yet, it may also refer specifically to a PoE switch, modem, or router that passes the IP address to a connected device.

Understanding PoE and PoE Passthrough Ports

Would you like to know what PoE and PoE pass-through ports are? Let me explain them here!


So, what is PoE? PoE is an abbreviation for power over Ethernet. It is a technology that implements electrical power and data transmission to network devices using a single cable. It is also dependent on the ethernet cable’s paired twisted wires.

The cable utilizes four pairs of twisted wires, two of which carry data, and the other two transmit the required voltage for powering specified devices. These groups of paired wires produce a loop that can have power.

PoE is available in different power ratings, ensuring that more devices needing power can be installed on a system.

Today, the most available PoE switches are generally PoE standards. Others are PoE+, which is more powerful.

These switches are available in different ports, like a 14-port PoE switch, a 12-port PoE switch, etc.

There are many PoE devices, some of which demand more wattage than the rest. They include IP cameras, Network switches, VOIP phones, specialized monitors, and Wireless Access Points.

You can use these devices with PoE abilities. You may need to use them with PoE+. Why? Because it supports the devices that consume higher power.

When setting up several devices, you must study the manufacturer’s information for security reasons.

This technology may be worth using if you run several wires for power and data. It will save you all those wires and ultimately prove a worthy investment.

PoE Passthrough Ports

Of course, you may also want to enjoy the convenience of PoE pass-through ports. These ports are convenient because they allow PoE itself to power your device. What does this mean?

You can hook up several devices to your PoE switch. The pass-through connections will power all of them, so you will no longer need an extra cable or an external power source.

But how do these switches work? They work with the help of Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) and a Powered Device (PD), which allows for power transfer via the system.

They will be very helpful when you add them to your system. If your access to power outlets is limited, these PoE pass-through ports will be more helpful.

What Things Should You Know About PoE Switches and PoE Passthrough Ports?

Are you now thinking of adding PoE switches to your system? That’s great. Do it as soon as possible. They are so easy to install, and their benefits are excellent. So, why don’t you read on not to miss a thing?

If you consider adding PoE to your system, you must check the compatibility of the connected devices.

While you must be aware of power limitations, you must also be aware of compatibility issues with tools such as IP cameras. I have a post that explains how to use PoE switches for IP cameras. First and foremost, ensure that you know the kind of power your devices will require.

Some devices, such as VOIP phones’ IP cameras, do not require much power. Fifteen watts of power may be enough for them to function.

PoE+ will be valid for devices requiring up to 30 watts of power, including alarm systems and TV monitors. In short, the PoE++ system can benefit more powerful devices.

Yet, if your consumer setup is standard, you may not require this. That is why it is essential to be aware of the power your devices need.

Moreover, it is essential to be careful while connecting a device to a PoE switch. It will help you avoid damages that may cost you money and time to fix.

As such, understand the power rating of each device that you choose to connect to the PoE switch. Of course, other available products can handle your power over several devices. But as said earlier, you must know the wattage required by your devices.

Likewise, don’t forget to use PoE pass-through ports, as they can help you include additional PoE devices in the system.

Final Thoughts!

Hopefully, you can now tell what a PoE pass-through port is in any network setup. Once you understand that, it is easier to decide whether to add PoE to your system and have informed reasons for your decision.

Remember, pass-through comes in network, USB, and HDMI. Adding PoE to your system is handy, especially when your access to power outlets is limited.

While it remains easy to install, it also remains convenient and worth your system’s investment. Add an industrial PoE switch to your system today and enjoy its convenience!

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