What does PoE mean on a router?

what does poe mean on a router

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Nowadays, we have internet supply at our homes, offices, or even industrial zones. Not only this but also we have smartphones where different networks offer us the Internet supply. Just having the internet is enough. So, what else do we need? I believe in high-speed data connection. A 2G, 3G, or even 4G data supply is insufficient to accomplish the required work on time. So, do we have another option? Yes, there is.

Especially in the office, we have wireless networks such as WiFi that provide us with data supply. But, that data supply is not enough. The maximum speed from a WiFi network is 700 Mbs per second using the 802.11ax standard. Why not have a speed of more than 1 gigabyte? You must consider which system can provide us with more than 1 gigabyte of speed per second. Quite amazing.

Such a system is Power over Ethernet. A perfect solution for data speed and power supply. If you want to know how exactly PoE originated, look at the article — How PoE was born?

What is a router?

Before heading directly to the router, let me give you a task. Do you have a WiFi connection at your home? If yes, go and check the device that helps connect the data and supply you internet. If you have assessed it, you just examined the WiFi router. So, now it is quite possible to understand the router.

The router is a device that receives the data packets from one network, analyzes it, and transfers it to the other network. In simple words, the router provides you with an internet connection and helps you send your emails or accomplish other jobs over a network connection.

What are multiple types of Routers?

Different types of routers can help you transfer the data packets between other networks. Let’s have a look at all those types of routers.

Wired Router:

Evident of its name, this router has a cable to transfer the data. Especially at offices, you can find laptops or computers connected to the router with a cable. We call this router a “Wired Router,” which transfers data packets with the help of a wire.

Wireless Router:

Maybe you have observed WiFi connections. Such connections are possible with a wireless router. Within the range of WiFi, you can get the data supply to your smartphone or laptop without a wire connection. Surprising.

Edge Router:

As the name suggests, edge routers lie at the edge of networks and connect to the internet service providers. They don’t transfer data packets within the networks. Instead, they transmit the data packets between one or more networks. Moreover, they can be either wired or wireless, depending on the requirements. You can connect them to the core routers as well.

Core Router:

Core routers are the backbone of your networks that give high performance. Unlike edge routers, they distribute data packets within the networks, not to the other networks. The heavy lifting of data packets is the job of core routers.

Virtual Router:

As above, I stated routers as hardware devices. But, not here. Virtual routers are nothing, just software that lets computers and services transfer the data packets. More quick and smooth transfer. No need for a physical router. They are more flexible compared to physical routers.

What does PoE mean on a router?

I hope you understand what precisely the router is. Now, we can proceed to PoE mean on a router.

PoE refers to Power over Ethernet. In PoE technology, you can provide your device’s power and data supply with an Ethernet port. PoE works on the principles of IEEE 802.3 standards. If you want a detailed guide on the PoE standards, visit the article — What are the different types of PoE?

On a router, PoE refers to the Power over Ethernet. In a wired router, you can find the use of Ethernet cables that supply the data connection.

Why do we use PoE in a router?

It seems to be a logical question when you need an internet supply in your home. Why should you consider Power over Ethernet when you have other types of routers? Here are many reasons.

Extended Range:

Are you tired of a limited range of internet connections? On a WiFi router, you can get the internet within a range of 10 meters. It is a pretty serious problem when your device is away. So, is there any solution? Yes, use the Ethernet port, and you will get the 10X range up to 100 meters. Are you not satisfied yet? Use the PoE extenders that can give you up to 800 meters of range.

High-Speed data:

You know, why do most systems have PoE? We can crack the code because of the internet speed. 1 gigabyte per second of data speed is enough to make it possible to transfer files within 100 meters. One gigabyte data speed is nothing when we talk about the Cat8 Ethernet port that can provide you up to 10GB per second — 10 GIGABYTES per SECOND.

Highly secure:

Most Wireless routers don’t have high-security systems such as SSL encryption. This approach makes the data transfer vulnerable to hackers. In PoE routers, you have additional encryption options such as SSH, SSL, and RADIUS. These collectively encrypt your data packets and make them safer.


High-speed data connection and complete flexibility over the Internet protocols are only possible with power over Ethernet. Power over Ethernet is reliable in terms of security and stability. Therefore, you can consider PoE routers as more efficient.

Can you convert your Wireless Router to a PoE router?

Are you tired of a limited data range? Internet speed is also low, maximally up to 700 Mbs per second, right? I have a solution for you. Convert your Wireless router to the PoE router and get high-speed data up to 1 Gigabyte in 100 meters distance.

There are two options out there for this purpose.

  • Use an Ethernet port if your router is PoE-compatible
  • PoE injector can act as an intermediate device and make your system PoE compatible.

Depending on your needs, you can go either way. Ethernet ports are of a variety, such as Cat 3, 5, 5e, or 6. These provide you with different data speeds and ranges over the network. So, to be sure you choose the right one for your router if you know how the wired router works, connecting with an Ethernet port will be similar to wired routers.

If your router is not PoE compatible, purchase a PoE injector to get the data speed. The PoE injector will make sure your device works perfectly on the PoE network.

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