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The PoE (power over ethernet) technology makes our lives easier in many different ways. The operation of PoE is simple. Its application is even more straightforward. It solves a complex problem quite fast.

If you have to run an internet-enabled device, you need two wires. The first cable will be for the power supply and the other for internet connectivity. The power over ethernet makes sure you don’t have to deal with this duplicity of wires. With a PoE switch, a simple Ethernet cable can carry both power and data.

Things You Should Know About PoE

Traditionally, PoE is used to run “Voice-over-internet-protocol” (VOIP) phones and network routers. But now, when more and more internet-enabled devices (IoTs), also called smart devices, are coming in, the PoE is more relevant than ever before.

To make the most out of this technology, you need a PoE switch. The PoE switch enables you to run multiple internet-enabled devices in the most decluttered way possible.

PoE – How Does It Work?

The application of PoE is minimal without network switches. But when you put these network switches into play, the same technology unlocks its potential. There are different PoE switches available, from unmanaged, and hybrid to managed. And they all have specific applications.

If you want to run a setup, think about a public library with about ten to twenty computers. In this case, you don’t have any security woes. Thus, you can go with unmanaged switches. Likewise, if you want a little more secure setup with limited security features, you can opt for hybrid switches.

Then there are managed switches. These switches are costlier as compared to the former two. But the value that switches offer is priceless. Let’s assume that you run a business where data and information are worth gold. Here, you can go for managed switches, which give full control of your network. Moreover, you can also remotely monitor and fix your network’s issues, all that in a secured setup.

Main Advantages of PoE

More and more industries are now moving to PoE switches to access quality networks with minimal effort. PoE setups bolstered growth in the education, health, and information technology sectors. Let’s have a look at how it managed to do that.

1. Best for Devices Set in Hard-to-Reach Places

At times, it’s not economically viable to put power plugs everywhere. Even if you keep the variable of financial viability out, it’s nearly impossible to get power access at specific locations. If you manage to get power access to run that device, you need a similar mechanism to allow data transmission on that particular device.

PoE solves the problem of accessibility of difficult locations. These days, you can see smart cameras fitted in places where it would otherwise take an engineering mastery to get even power access.

Also, even if you are a big fan of electrical infrastructure, you know how difficult it is to keep the devices running uninterrupted. PoE infrastructure is a lot easier to maintain and less prone to damage.

2. Cost-Effective Option

If you are looking for a reliable alternative to manage electrical infrastructure, nothing comes close to PoE. You don’t need a skilled workforce to replace your existing setup. That’s because PoE is almost plug-and-play. Anyone who knows how to connect two nodes can do it.

Moreover, you don’t need to take out your existing infrastructure completely. You will still need AC power at places, so PoE gives you the flexibility to work around your existing electrical infrastructure and make only necessary changes.

In short, with PoE, you can get an efficient network infrastructure at a very minimal cost. It’s just the cost of Ethernet cables and switches. Also, with controls, you can be extremely flexible. If the security of information is not your concern, you can go with simpler switches.

3. Easy and Neat Setup

The biggest downside of an ordinary electrical infrastructure is its messy wires. And if you are to hide those wires, there is an additional cost to it. But with PoE, you can minimize wiring significantly. Besides, even if you want to have visible cabling, it still looks tidy and classy. All thanks to the neat finish of PoE switch designs.

Whether it is a workplace or a place of learning/training, a clean and decluttered atmosphere always adds value to space. And not to forget, the fewer cables you have, the easier it is for you to solve a potential technical error.

4. Better Network Security

When it comes to network security, it is a fact that wired setups are a lot more secure than wireless networks. Wireless networks will always be prone to a potential hijacking of your server. That’s the reason why traditional office spaces still perceive ethernet cables as a preferred choice.

Now, we have PoE switches designed to meet the unique requirements of different industries. So, we can now get the best of both worlds; a quality wireless network tied with top-notch security.

What Will Be the Future of PoE?

Over the past couple of decades, PoE technology went through a renaissance phase of its kind. The technology found newer applications with smart appliances. It’s the simplicity of this technology that makes it incredibly flexible. Thus, this technology will have a lot more to offer in times to come than what it offers today.

If you want to have a rough idea about PoE’s potential as tomorrow’s technology, you can see the applications of the newly launched PoE type 4. The latest type can even power LED TVs and monitor screens.

It’s quite evident now that PoE will have a role to play with every emerging smart solution.

Final Thoughts!

The power over Ethernet technology indeed can become the power source of the smart home or office space that we imagine now. Looking at the growth of technology over the years, it appears a real possibility now. That proves why PoE is a useful yet promising technology that everyone should embrace.

PoE switches are emerging as a reliable, cost-effective alternative to conventional switches. Considering the value it offers, it looks ready to replace the existing electrical infrastructure. With PoE taking the baton forward, we can imagine a lot more productive workplaces, more secure corporations, and of course, smarter homes.

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  7. Industrial Switch Selection and Technical Requirements
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