Is It Worth Getting Gigabit Internet?

is it worth getting gigabit internet

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Profitable enterprises never regress. They always look forward. The downside of regressing is you need to get back and return if you are to move forward. That’s what you need to figure out while deciding on gigabit internet.

Gigabit internet is slightly more expensive than conventional Fast internet. But it’s undoubtedly worth it today. Also, gigabit internet prepares you for the future when you plan to scale up your business.

What Is Gigabit Internet?

Gigabit internet offers you a speed of about 1 GB per second. You can also upgrade it to 10GBE internet and access the rate of 10GB per second. Gigabit uses DOCSIS 3.1 standard to transmit data over a network.

Gigabit internet refutes popular belief that the speed above 100 MBPS is accessible only through optical fiber cables. With Gigabit Internet, you can access the said 1GBPS speed with conventional coaxial network cables.

If you have an existing infrastructure of network cables, that will also do. The minimum requirement to run Gigabit internet is category five enhanced (Cat5e) cables.

How Much Does the Gigabit Internet Cost?

The high-speed internet is no longer a commodity that is limited to larger enterprises and companies. From industries like SaaS, consulting, and education to the food industry, everyone needs high-speed internet.

Demand for secured internet connection is also rising. No enterprise wants to give a free ride to their competition just because they didn’t have immunity noise interceptions.

There is enough supply in the internet market to meet this demand. Many ISPs are competing in the free market and offer very competitive prices.

So, the total cost would vary from ISP to ISP. But you can have a good idea with a median price. The average monthly bill would be in the ballpark of 80-100 USD for gigabit internet.

That might sound costly, but it’s worth it! You can check out our previous post regarding “Why is 10 Gigabit Ethernet so expensive?” It will help you discern the probable reasons for its expensive nature.

How Can Gigabit Internet Change the Way You Use the Internet?

In an organizational setup, you cannot have a network that keeps crashing and encountering slowdowns. Gigabit internet offers solidity to your network on many fronts.

Let’s look at some of those factors that have the potential to change how your workplace operates.

Create a Network That Offers Equitable Network Access

Everyone in your organization must have equitable access to fast internet in real time. Conventional broadband connections, even those that run on optical fiber, struggle to offer it

That’s when a gigabit Ethernet can be an excellent value addition to your network. You can count on its reliability. As it runs on network cables, you won’t have to struggle with network failures.

Diversify Your Network

With Gigabit Internet, you’ll get a handsome speed of 1GBPS, and an upload rate can rise to about 840 MBPS. You can quickly diversify the 1GBPS speed as multiple fast Ethernet connections within your workplace.

Yes, upload speed can sometimes be an issue. But you can always complement it with optical fiber broadband. This way, you will be able to reduce excessive pressure on your network. Gigabit Ethernet will continue to serve you as the backbone of your network infrastructure.

Experience the Security

As we mentioned earlier, gigabit internet uses Cat5e or Cat6a network cables. These cables are good enough to provide you with a noise-free network. Also, wired networks are always less susceptible to interceptions, unlike wireless networks. It allows you to direct critical channels of data communication over a wired setup.

The security features of Gigabit internet are not limited to the use of a suitable network cable. You can do more if you bring PoE switches to the game. With the help of managed PoE switches, you can control everything on the server. It includes remote access and directing access to employees.

Make Cloud Computing a Reality

Nowadays, most organizations park their digital assets and essential data files on the cloud. They pay good money for those cloud solutions. Cloud storage and access provide excellent leverage. The point is not even debatable.

But are organizations using those solutions to their maximum potential? The answer is no. Because in most organizations (both medium and large), employees cannot access crucial files because of limited data speed. The files are usually huge, and when they can’t access them in real time. It not only reduces productivity but also defeats the purpose of cloud computing solutions.

Gigabit internet allows you to offer your employees real-time access to all files stored in secured cloud servers.

What Makes Gigabit Internet Connection Worth It?

Standard broadband does not offer internet speeds above 120 MBPS. Even those who advertise 120MBPS do not provide the same rate. The maximum download speed you can realize is 80-90% of the advertised rate. In an enterprise-level setup, where you need quick access to the data and files, the speed is not enough. It gets divided with every additional member using it.

Gigabit internet provides you crude 1GBPS download speed. Organizations can use the rate by dividing it according to the number of users on the network. Though, it’s a wired network. But with the routers and switches, it can work as a wireless network. All the Wi-Fi routers that comply with 802.11ac standards can easily handle gigabit speeds

What Are the Significant Benefits of Gigabit Internet?

We discussed the structural benefits the gigabit internet brings to the table. Apart from that, the gigabit internet has multiple applications in daily business operations.

These applications are so prominent that they will make you realize the worth of a gigabit connection every day. Let’s have a look at how these applications can make your operations smoother.

  • High-quality streaming
  • Support to multiple video-conferencing
  • Fast data transfers
  • Stable data support multiple devices on the network
  • High-speed downloads

The above are some famous cases. Business requirements vary with organizations. But they all contain one variable in common. They all want to provide fast network solutions to all their employees. And it remains a challenge for many organizations. Gigabit solves that problem very effectively.

Who Offers Gigabit Ethernet?

If your base is in a metropolitan area and you have access to fiber-based internet, you certainly have access to gigabit internet. All the major internet service providers offer gigabit connections. Moreover, they have separate offerings for commercial usage.

Gigabit internet is already in very high demand. One aspect you need to be careful about before signing a contract with any ISP is the bandwidth guarantee. Most ISPs will offer you a bandwidth guarantee, and they will bring a document for the same. Make sure it aligns with gigabit speeds.

How to Make Gigabit Internet Worth Your Needs?

We discussed the application of PoE switches to boost the security of a network. If you complement these switches to your gigabit internet, you can do a lot more than manage the network’s security.

With the help of PoE switches, you can power all IoT devices in your workplace. PoE switches can help themselves detect if a device is PoE enabled. What’s more, it will provide DC power support to it. It would help if you learn more about PoE and Non-PoE Switches.

With PoE Plus, you can power devices that consume less than or equal to a hundred watts. It includes Smart monitors, projector screens, IP cameras, and virtual assistants.

Final Thoughts!

Network cables are no longer expensive. Setting up infra for gigabit Ethernet is very affordable. The primary cost lies in the gigabit connection.

And equipment like the PoE switches always offers a positive-sum game. If you broadly look at total benefit minus total cost, gigabit internet is worth the investment.

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