How Do I Get Full Gigabit Speed?

how do i get full gigabit speed

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The world of the internet is quite vast, and so are the opportunities associated with it. If you are running a business, you need to work on the idea of downloading 1 billion bits of data per second. But achieving that gigabit service and adjusting the servers to gain top speeds is not as easy as it seems to be.

I am here with a few tricks to help you achieve the speed you dream of, which is full gigabit speed.

How Fast Is The Gigabit Speed?

The word Gigabit is not a new concept. It is, in fact, among us around the years. A gigabit is considered one of the standard measurements of broadband connections for years.

It is the standard speed on which everyone usually streams online, plays games, and works from home. The range of the gigabits that we usually use on campus varies a lot.

One can conveniently stream in a standard (yet slightly lowest) definition of about 3 Mbps, but if you are willing to speed fast, you need to have a speed of at least about 25 Mbps. Different streaming services usually require different speed recommendations to ensure high-quality access.

If we talk about Gigabit, it is much faster than Megabit. A Gigabit usually equates to about 1,000 Megabits. So, if we go for the exact, it is about 1024 Mbps.

Now, you can easily assume how fast a Gigabit goes in today’s world. The speed of 1Gbps means that you will get a speed of about 1,000 Mbps. You might be well aware of the main difference between the bit and byte.

Let me explain it first! 1 Byte = 8 Bits. Hence if we talk about 1 Gbps transfer, it will ultimately exclaim as 125 Mbps.

In short, a gigabit fiber connection is usually about 50 – 500 times faster than that of the 1Mbps. You can download and upload any file easily at this speed, just within a fraction of the time. And that’s what an organization wants.

An organization is a group of people working consistently in a collaborative model. For running all of the equipment out there, an organization needs to have a faster internet connection.

The speed should be fast enough to fulfill the expectations of all of the employees efficiently. As a result, it can assist them in ensuring faster workability.

7 Ways To Get Full Gigabit Speed

It is regardless of how fast the internet is growing each day. Each day brings new integrations into the internet. And that is even making it faster and quality-assured.

The Internet is being widely used now in a vast range of categories. It has become an integral part of a business organization where one can easily send several emails and upload files quite conveniently.

There is no doubt; that ethernet is currently providing faster transfer rates. Plus, it gives better security options than that WiFi connection for most organizations.

But the main question here is, is it quite efficient to perform different business-related tasks efficiently? Surely not. And that’s where full Gigabit speed helps a lot.

Here are the seven different ways that can help you access full Gigabit speed.

Proper Cabling

Being an entrepreneur, if you are willing to work on the internet speed of your organization, make sure to test all of the cable connections. Besides, try to resolve the associated issues if you have any.

Loose cable connections and poor cables can easily affect the overall speed quality. You can make use of Cat 6 wiring for connecting your devices to your modem or router.

These are usually supposed to be future-proofing investments and ensure higher internet speed. Fixing data cables in parallel to power lines can easily interfere with internet speeds. Therefore, be very careful when making the final settings.

Besides, you might need to consider using PoE switches too. Have doubts? You can check my previous post – 8 Issues You Should Know About PoE Switch Cabling.

Make the CPU and Both the Ports Gigabit Ready

The market is full of various router options and each one comes up with a fine print. It provides you with complete information on whether your router is supporting gigabit speeds over the ports in the back or not.

For faster accessibility, you can opt for x86 processors, ARM, and MIPS. Make sure to check out the manufacturing of your router as well before proceeding further.

It is always preferred to go with the advanced and recent additions available in the market.

Hardwired Connection Is Essential

Hardwired connections, especially those with Cat 6 Ethernet cable, ensure users have better speed quality than those provided through WiFi connectivity.

Use Gigabit Capable Adapter

Not each adapter available in the market comprises higher abilities. You need to select a hardwired connection that supports gigabit connectivity. Adapters like Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 can also provide higher performance at a more accessible end.

Select a Clear Channel and Be Near to the Router

If you are using WiFi connectivity, you need to be very careful about the interferences that can block or lower your internet speed.

The most common things that can create interference in WiFi connectivity are wireless headphones, baby monitors, fluorescent bulbs, etc.

Make sure you are using one channel only at a time. Besides, try to be near your router system. It will help ensure high-end WiFi connectivity.

Use the Latest WiFi Standards

It is always preferable for a business organization to stay connected with the latest WiFi standard cards. It often includes different sections like the user, input, output, channels, streams channel support, etc.

These are the basic standards that usually change as technology improves. Thus, make sure that you are working on the latest certifications. Moreover, check if the router you are using in your organization supports those standards or not.

Update Router Firmware

Router firmware updates are pretty often. These updates usually improve the overall quality, stability, performance, and security of the routers.

So, it is your responsibility that keep the routers of your organization up to date. In the end, it will help keep your organization safe from unwanted issues.

Get Industrial Gigabit Switches for Full Gigabit Speed

The switch is one of the most critical components of a gigabit network connection. The switch of a network connection works for directing the network pockets to the preferable ports.

Moreover, PoE switches work great for improving the overall speed of an internet connection.

You have so many options in gigabit Ethernet PoE switches. If your need is to have more connections, go for a 14-port Gigabit PoE switch. Otherwise, there is also an option available in the 12-port Gigabit PoE switch.

You can choose between these two switches, of course, depending on your needs. Here is my post on this topic – How Many Ports Switches Do I Need? If you still can’t figure out which one to choose, you can drop me a message or comment below this post. I will try to solve your query.

Final Thoughts!

So, you now understand the different ways to get full gigabit speed. Data transfer rates matter a lot, especially when you are running a business. Every internet-related activity needs to be relatively quick so that the employees can perform multiple tasks eventually.

Achieving full gigabit speed for an organization is not a big deal. You have to be careful about the different things such as cable connections, network components, clear channels, and much more to enjoy crisp and clear full gigabit speed efficiently.

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