What is a network bypass switch?

What is a network bypass switch?

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What if an appliance fails to work? If there is any hurdle or network interruption, you will get many problems under the given circumstances. Network failure can be problematic when you need to operate the devices with a smooth experience. Still, we handle many aspects with significant effects.

When inline security tools stopped working for the first time, I wondered how I could overcome this issue. Is there anything that can effectively resolve the issue at the given time? Yes, we have the network bypass switches, which can effectively figure out this problem.

In this guide, we will explore the network bypass switches.

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What is a network bypass switch?

A network bypass switch, also called bypass tap, procures the failover capabilities that conserve the connection when a security device fails to perform. It maintains the connection by judging the abilities of the security devices and reroutes the traffic to prevent any stoppage. Therefore, we call it a bypass tap.

A bypass tap is an active tap that connects the inline devices available for specific purposes such as security and monitoring.

Even a signal interruption for a single second could stop the network flow and decrease the network performance. Therefore, we consider the network bypass switches, which remove the hindrances in the network and stave off the potential reduction in network performance.

A bypass switch or tap switch lets traffic flow when the other devices undergo maintenance. Let me illustrate this scenario.

For instance, suppose you have a network connected with devices. You need to check for potential threats so you don’t want to create a single point of failure and interrupt the network. The network bypass switch will reroute the traffic and help you maintain the network flow without creating single points of failure.

How does a network bypass switch work?

A network bypass switch has two wires connected to the network and device simultaneously.

Here is how exactly you can understand the working mechanism of the network bypass switch.

  • The bypass tap connects in line with the network and devices.
  • A link between the security appliance and the bypass tap is essential.
  • You can remove the inline security device without any problem because the switch is in line with the network and helps bypass the network without breaking the line.

That’s how you can maintain the network performance without creating a single point of failure for inline security systems.

Two Types of Bypass Switches

A bypass switch has two fundamental types. These are as follows:

Internal Bypass switch

An internal bypass switch is nothing special but a built-in version. That means a network security appliance has bypass switch features. It fulfills the criteria for bypassing and saves the expenses on your switch.

An internal bypass switch can be a problem when an appliance needs to be removed from the network, breaking the network link. Since the network link must be maintained for smooth flow, an Internal bypass switch would be ineffective.

External Bypass switch

These bypass switches are separate and don’t come in the security appliances. However, they have the same features for bypassing the network. You can purchase them from the suppliers.

External bypass switches are a good option to maintain extra security and protect the network even if a security appliance loses power experiences.

3 Advantages of using an external bypass switch in the network

An external bypass switch can fulfill all the conditions for bypassing a network. It can optimize the network performance, maintain the network flow, and help you keep the devices out of the network for an upgrade.

I have listed three potential benefits of using a network bypass switch for your networking.

It maintains the network flow.

Network flow is quite crucial. If you remove a device from the Ethernet network, it will simply break the line. All your devices will go offline since you have broken the link that completes the circuit.

This scenario is still acceptable when you have a network at home with one to two devices connected. For more extensive networks with multiple layers at the data centers, you have:

  • The core layer contains various layer 3 switches
  • Distribution layer that acts as a relay center
  • Access layer for connecting the device

In such a network, breaking the flow will shut down the whole system without compromise. Don’t you want that? Purchase bypass switches to prevent interruptions.

Upgrading the appliances becomes easier.

Upgrading and testing the devices to detect potential threats is common. The device’s health is not up to mark, even in some cases. Therefore, you have to remove such a device from the network.

Since you will remove the device, the network flow will break. A bypass switch will allow devices such as IPS to leave the network without breaking the line. Overall, you will upgrade the network without any problems.

Network performance remains optimal.

Network performance relies on the health and security of the devices. If these are optimum, the network performance is optimal. So, when you have to build the network and let it work for extended periods, you must maintain the network performance by monitoring the devices and maintaining the network flow.

Bypass switches also handle this issue by preventing any downgrade of performance.

Final Words

Bypass switches are crucial tools for the network. When you need to undergo a network upgrade or want to remove a device physically, it is time to buy a bypass switch and overcome potential issues due to device failures.

However, you might need to purchase Ethernet devices and PoE tools to build a relationship between them. Is that true? If it is, HoweVision Professional Experts are always there to help you choose the best products.

Here is what you can get:

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  7. Industrial Switch Selection and Technical Requirements
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