How to test 10G Ethernet?

How to test 10G Ethernet?

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Enterprises test 10G Ethernet to detect fundamental faults in the system. Sometimes, there is an error in the cable, or your switch is not working correctly; testers can assist you in detecting the error and taking other measures to rectify the whole system. This increases network efficiency and improves the system’s current status. Speed tests are also expected to understand whether or not 10 Gigabytes of data speed is accurate.

10G Ethernet is an emerging technology that is a fundamental network component. Due to the increase in online systems, live streaming, and 4K videos, do you know what a stable network is out there? It is nothing except 10G Ethernet.

Let’s dive into 10G Ethernet and the mechanism to test it.

Background of 10G Ethernet

10 Gigabit Ethernet or 10GBASE-T is a networking technology introduced in 2000 by a consortium of companies to improve the efficiency of the network. Later, in 2002, IEEE introduced the first standard, 802.3ae, to maintain the use of 10G over the network. This technology remains in big enterprises till 2004. This is due to the high deployment cost of 10G Ethernet.

Nowadays, the scenario is slightly different, allowing less deployment cost over the copper wires. Newer microchips provide the ease of use of the 2.5GBase-T and 5GBase-T for networking purposes. The compatible Ethernet cable is Cat6 and above versions; they have become a less expensive resource. Cat6 can provide 10 Gigabytes per second data speed over 55 meters, while the Cat6A can allow 100 meters of range.

Different Test Equipment for the 10G Ethernet

Many different pieces of equipment are used to test the data speed of 10G Ethernet. These tools assist in spotting basic errors or understanding the data speed.

Here are different types of testers that can check the Ethernet speed.

  • Blinky Tester
  • Tester With Toner and Wire Length Measurement Test
  • Quasi Certifier with ANSI/TIA 568 cable
  • Certified with actual ANSI/TIA 568 cable speed.

Before that, maybe you have heard of the Blinky tester already. A simple blinking light can tell you about faulty wiring and shorts in your system. The question is, “Is that enough?” But no. The blinky tester is certainly inexpensive, but it doesn’t give us an idea of the 10G Ethernet speed. However, it is a cheap option for most networks, allowing us to understand the system’s fundamental errors.

Other ANSI/TIA-certified testers are expensive, charging thousands of dollars for typical system error detection, apart from blinking testers.

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How to Test the 10G Ethernet?

Before testing the Ethernet network, we must understand what we want to try. Is it the Ethernet switch or cable? So, it is significant to demonstrate the purpose of the test.

3 Things You can test from a 10G Ethernet system

There are three central systems to evaluate from the 10G Ethernet.

Ethernet Cable

Ethernet cables are crucial components in testing the system. Sometimes, errors in the Ethernet port make it difficult to understand where the error is. This is a suitable time to test the network’s performance and check whether it is providing 10 gigabytes of data speed.

In 10G Ethernet, you can observe the use of Cat6 Ethernet or above versions. When using the tester, determine this aspect also.

Computer Devices

Computer devices, to some extent, show the testing speed. You can try the tester to determine the data speed when downloading the videos. Sometimes, an error in your computer devices leads to inaccurate measurement of the data speed. So, roughly, it can give us an idea of whether the computer devices are working as expected or not.

Ethernet switches

Here is our fundamental part. 10G Ethernet switches provide data networks for systems. Using the RJ45 connectors in the system to link the device makes it easy to detect Ethernet switch problems. Always ensure the data speed is around 10 Gbps when trying the tester. Some testers show the throughput speed, which is about 9.45 Gbps. So, check that also on the tester screen.

How will you test the 10G Ethernet speed?

There are different equipment to test the 10G Ethernet speed. These testers can assist you in understanding the 10G Ethernet speed quite quickly. Here are the steps:

  • Step 1: Take your tester and place it on a suitable site.
  • Step 2: Plug the switch with the tester.
  • Step 3: Check the speed being shown on the tester.

Depending on the system, the speed testers will show the test speed to be around 10 Gbps or 9.4 Gbps.

3 Types of 10G Ethernet speeds you can achieve

10G Ethernet provides you with different features. One of the most important is data speed. It depends on the actual speed or theoretical speed. Usually, the throughput is less than the maximum data speed from the system.

However, there are three types that you can get.

Maximum Speed

Maximum speed is usually theoretical data speed, giving you an idea of the total data speed. In the case of 10GB Ethernet, the top speed is 10 Gbps. It is achievable, but when testing, you might not observe this data speed due to power consumption and data wastage during the transmission.

Actual Throughput

Throughput is a bit different from maximum speed. The full speed refers to theoretical speed, while the throughput is the actual speed you get.

Since the maximum speed is 10 Gbps while the throughput is 9400 Mbps or 9.4 Gbps, you can observe the data speed at the tester screen as 9.4 Gbps instead of 10 Gbps. It is the throughput instead of the maximum data speed.

Transfer Speed

Transfer speed refers to sharing files over the 10G Ethernet ports without using the data connection. RJ45 connectors allow the connection and transmission of these data speeds. In the case of Gigabit Ethernet, the transfer speed is 125 Mbps. When it comes to 10 Gbps, the transfer speed is 1.25 Gbps.

Final Words:

There are different types of testers. You can use them, but the basic tester, “Blinking Tester,” is not sufficient to measure and test all the components of a 10G Ethernet. Sometimes, you can install the system on your computers and test the speed; that also gives an idea of speed.

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