How Fast Is Ethernet Over Power?

how fast is ethernet over power?

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Are you suffering from a poor internet connection in your home or office? Then, you may need to opt for an Ethernet. With it, you can easily resolve your internet issues.

Ethernet is much faster than other options. Of course, a power line and Ethernet can both help boost internet speed. They also provide easy-to-use internet connectivity in your place.

Want to know how fast Ethernet over power is? Then keep reading this guide! I will help you understand the differences between these two technologies.

What Is a Power Line?

Powerline is modern technology. It allows you to create a seamless internet connection to other parts of your home. You can achieve this through existing electrical wiring.

The general performance of the powerline can be fast or slow, depending on how robust and up-to-date your electrical wiring is.

Further, you can create a power line network from anywhere. All you need is a functional power outlet.

You will need two powerline networking devices to create a simple network. They can either be wireless or wired. Besides, you must ensure your appliances are powerful enough to stand the speed.

Moreover, it is ideal for people who live in large houses with thick walls. A powerline network can be used by people wishing to experience an easy network setup.

If your house is old, you may not get the powerline network. Why? That’s because the type of cables used at that time may not function well for this purpose.

A powerline network’s main aim is to enhance your devices’ connectivity. If done well, you won’t have to worry about cables dangling all over your home or office.

Advantages of Power line

Let’s look at some top advantages of using the powerline network.

It Frees Up Your Wi-Fi!

Your Wi-Fi network may not be efficient because it bears many loads. Using a Powerline as a Wi-Fi alternative can enhance the performance of your devices.

You may not notice how fast the network is until you stream 4k-resolution videos. Then, you will see a vast improvement in the performance of your wireless network.


Powerlines don’t need a permanent place. That means you can move and use it on your devices without glitches. Connecting takes just a few seconds once you plug the adapter into a power outlet.

Allows a Fully-functional Wired Connection

A powerline can use your building’s electrical wiring without needing an Ethernet. Not everyone can afford to install an Ethernet cable, so a powerline connection can help you save time and money.

Extends Your Wi-Fi

Using a Powerline Wi-Fi range extender is an effective way of increasing the range of Wi-Fi. The wife extender works primarily in areas that aren’t close to your router.

Of course, you can still use a Wi-Fi repeater for this purpose. But, a powerline is a better option if you’re dealing with a farther distance.

Requires Less Wiring

The powerline network operates on a “no new wires” system. You need to buy a kit; this often comes with short Ethernet cables and adapters.

Then, you can make the necessary connections and plug your power line into a power outlet.

It Has an Easy Setup

The significant advantage of using a powerline is its convenience. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to understand the basic setup.

Setting up is simple: pair, plug into a power source, and get through it. Ensure to consult a professional electrician if you face any complications.

What Is Ethernet?

Ethernet is an old, yet my favorite, technology. It allows devices to easily connect to a Wide Area Network (WAN) or Local Area Network (WLAN). Here, you will need Ethernet cables that improve speed, making it faster than Wi-Fi.

Also, Ethernet can control how network devices send data so that other devices on a similar Local Area Network will recognize, receive, and process them into information. The data travels through the Ethernet cable, a physical, thick wire.

Of course, Ethernet alone cannot achieve it. You will need an industrial PoE switch to manage such operations. Thus, many end-users, gamers, and professionals rely on the security of Ethernet connectivity to get things done.

Unlike the Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) technology, Ethernet isn’t prone to disruptions.

Lastly, it has more significant network control and security than other wireless technology. That’s because most of the connections use a physical Ethernet cable. That way, outsiders will find it challenging to access the network data.

Types of Ethernet

Now, let me list some different Ethernet types you can use.

Fast Ethernet

The fast Ethernet connection mainly works on Mbit speed, which is about 100 Mbit/s. The Cat5 cable is the best for this connection, but you can also use optical fiber.

10 Gigabit Ethernet

Ordinary people have yet to use 10 Gigabit Ethernet. Yet it keeps showing signs of improvement, and many professionals are starting to rely on it.

For 10 Gigabit Ethernet, you need at least a Cat6a cable. That’s because it operates at a high speed. However, you can also choose different cables for 10Gb Ethernet.

This Ethernet is ideal for organizations that have to deal with so much distance. That will help them cope better. It can bridge around a 6.2-mile gap, still at a 10,000 Mbps speed.

Switch Ethernet

The switch Ethernet is best for a small or medium-sized company. Modern switches can support around 100 Mbps, 1 Gbps, or more. I can name businesses using a 24-port PoE switch to enjoy seamless device connectivity.

The Switch Ethernet is the oldest Ethernet listed above. It has existed for a long time, making it the most trusted Ethernet.

Advantages of Ethernet

By now, you know how vital Ethernet is in this world. Below are some more benefits of Ethernet.


Ethernet cables such as Cat6 are most efficient because they take up less power.


When using an Ethernet connection with a managed PoE switch, you’re guaranteed high security. A simple 2-port managed PoE switch is sufficient for home use. In addition, it allows you to control who uses the network, making it harder for internet hackers to access your personal information easily.


The Ethernet connection also provides an enormous speed. That’s because of its one-to-one connection feature.

Because of this, you can quickly achieve a high speed of 10Gbps to 100Gbps.

High-quality Data Transfer

An Ethernet connection never degrades the quality of data or information.


One cannot doubt the reliability of Ethernet connections. That’s because the radio frequencies exhibit little to no interruptions. As a result, there’s a minimal slowdown, disconnection, and low bandwidth issues.


The cost of running an Ethernet connection is somewhat low.

Ethernet Speed vs. Powerline Speed: How Fast Is Ethernet Over Power?

A powerline adaptor can have a similar connection speed as an Ethernet adaptor. But that somehow depends on the nature of your building’s construction.

For example, imagine living in a home with a complex electricity structure. It will cause a slower connection speed, even more than an Ethernet.

To find out which is faster, you must try an Ethernet cable and a Powerline adaptor. Then, you can compare and see which works better regarding speed.

In my opinion, Gigabit Ethernet can make a difference with its high-speed performance. It can have a higher speed than a Powerline adaptor. Thus, many people prefer Ethernet because of its ease and comfort.

Final Thoughts!

This article outlined critical points about the two major connectivity networks.

I will say that the evolution of technology encourages simplicity. Thus, I would prefer and suggest Ethernet over power. Be it speed or performance! Ethernet always has an upper side when compared.

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